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How Far Do You Space Floor Mounted Bar Stools?

When it comes to spacing floor mounted bar stools, it is necessary to space them properly to keep your guests comfortably seated. However, when mounting your bar stools on the floor, you should be extra careful since a single mistake would result in repositioning all the bar stools. Therefore, spacing the floor mounted bar stools might not be the same as when dealing with the other bar stools. We have researched and came up with an appropriate way regardless of the bar stool design.

how far apart of bar stools

Why is the Proper Spacing of the Floor Mounted Bar Stools Important?

When spacing the floor mounted bar stools, there are noticeable benefits of proper spacing you’d be proud of. However, there are a variety of gains that you should expect from the good spacing of floor mounted bar stools. These are:

1. Reduces the jam

Our guide will expound the spacing process, facilitating people’s easy movement regardless of the number as the spacing between two bar stools will accommodate two moving people. Therefore, the improper spacing will result in unnecessary overcrowding and will probably make the seated people uncomfortable. Good spacing should keep a large number of people moving compared to when you squeeze your bar stools.

2. Improve the décor

Having a uniform an appropriate spacing will improve the look of your commercial bar or homestead. Improper spacing will make the whole space look disorganized and the worst of all, making it dull. If you are operating a business, you will receive multiple customer complaints concerning poor spacing; hence, proper spacing is the key. Also, know that when it comes to décor, there are other contributing factors, such as the color.

3. Proper space utilization

The good spacing of a floor mounted bar stools will ensure that you make use of all the space you’ve got. If you space it without observing the spacing formula, you will end up overusing or underusing the area. Spacing it far apart from one barstool to another will leave unnecessary space, and if you squeeze on a small space, it becomes a challenge when moving around.

4. Guarantees a relaxing feeling

If you have installed a floor mounted bar stool on your business area, you will realize that your customers’ personal space will be observed. This will allow the customers to relax without unnecessary disturbance from the people moving around the place; therefore, spacing should not be assumed.

5. Safety and bar stool protection

Unmounted bar stools often topple easily, therefore, can result in accidents. Similarly, constant falling of unmounted bar stools will also result in damages and hence shortening their durability. Thus, with floor-mounted bar stools, you won’t experience either, and your bar stools will probably have an extended lifespan. The mounting of stools also minimizes injuries to customers as they move around unmounted bar stools that can fall on them and cause serious injuries.

What Should You Consider Before Spacing Your Floor Mounted Bar Stools?

Spacing your floor mounted bar stools should not be done anyhow since there are factors that you should take into account before embarking on the process. However, these factors will facilitate proper spacing, therefore playing an important role in your interior décor and stool arrangement. Some of these factors might be constant, like the room size, which means you have to adjust your spacing, not your room size. For proper spacing, here are some basic considerations that you should always keep in mind.

how far apart should bar stools be

1 The available space

To come up with the best spacing format, you should note the space available and its shape. The next step should involve dividing each section with an equal amount of bar stools you wish to install in one table. You spacing specification should at least leave an 18″ apart from one stool to the other. You can find more specifications on better spacing ideas and limits online or the design of your bar stool.

2 Type of Stool

Low stools have their specifications and spacing requirements, and when mounting them, you will require a 15″ distance all round from one barstool to the other. Swivel and rotating bar stools with a backrest will require an extra 2″ addition from the low stool type. This shows that you should add 18″ all around from one counter stool to the other.

3 Number of Stools

The amount of stool you have determines the spacing and mounting specifications. If you have many stools and wish to maximize the space, it is then wise to consider using the minimum spacing requirement of 18″. But if you have enough or fewer bar stools, it is wise you consider giving enough spacing to allow easy movement of people in and out of your counter.

How Far Do You Space Floor Mounted Bar Stool?

We will consider the spacing between one stool to another, a stool to the counter, and from the stool to the wall to determine proper spacing. According to the interior bar design, it is recommended that the spacing from one stool to the other to be at least 18″ so that you can have an easy movement of people.

But for high kitchen stool, this spacing might change to 22.5 for both the safety of the stool and customer moving around. The spacing between the stool and the counter should be at least 12.5″.

Lastly, your interior space’s shape plays a role in determining the spacing from a barstool to the wall. No limits and standards are dictating the distance between your wall and the counter.

bar stools spacing


Spacing isn’t a complicated task as it does not require any skills; all you have to do is follow the instructions and achieve an amazing spacing format. You can also follow our guide on minimum spacing required when spacing your commercial bar stools and other ideas on the bar stool space procedure. It is also wise to find specialized personnel to help you bolt down your bar stools and ensure the safety of your customers’ stools. The guide is based on interior bar spacing requirements, and specifications that you should follow to provide all of your spacing and arrangement are up to a point.

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