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How High Should My Chair Be At My Desk?

I have to acknowledge that this is a straight forward question but with lots of strings attached. For this reason, you are going to help me answer it. One reason why you should consider the height of your chair against your desk is your height. We adjust our chairs according to our heights or the heights or our desks or even the kind of computer we are using. Also, just how comfortable will you be sitting at a given height matters. You should agree with me that comfort is everything when posing this question as well.

Many people are suffering from a variety of pain ailments. The pain is most experienced on the upper body i.e. arms, shoulders, neck, and the lower body that entails the lower back, hips, and legs. Research shows that majority of the cases are related to our sitting posture and the type of chair we sit on. Incorporating the wrong chair causes our muscles to stiffen as there is no frequent muscular movement. Furthermore, if the height of the chair is not set correctly, the lower and upper parts of our bodies tend to strain, and this results in muscular tension that causes pain.

getting suitable office chairs

As much as manufactures are trying to come up with alternatives chair solutions to alleviate this problem that is not enough. There is more that we can do on our own to reduce the risks related to causes of back pain. Being that chairs come constructed with different heights, it is important to choose one that comes in a favorable height from floor to seat to fit you. In simple terms, it means a chair that will minimize the pain experienced on both your lower and upper body and at the same time allow you to work with comfort.

I know most of you might not know this. Another thing that is important to consider and goes hand in hand with the chair height is the desk height. Both the desk height and the chair height should be compatible. Your desk should be having the right height to allow you to work without straining. What do I mean when I say this? You should be able to sit with the right posture of between 90 degrees to 100 degrees from your lower to the upper body while at the same time keeping your hands parallel to the floor when working on your computer.

The space between your desk and the floor should be ample. There should be enough room for your legs to move around when need be. Space should be enough to allow you to stretch your legs, especially after working seating for a long time. If you are a tall person, you should be able to be in a position to adjust your chair height comfortably without knocking off your knees. To add on, space should allow your sit to stand movement without causing pain on any part of your lower body.

Factors to Consider In Adjusting Suitable Height

Below are some of the pointers that you can consider when adjusting your chair to a comfortable height.

best height for desk chair


Most of you know the excruciating pain that comes with bend knees and lower body especially after seating for quite a while. This normally happens because your chairs are lowly positioned. Increased muscle stress on the knee joints is what brings about the pain. Its long-term effects can be detrimental. Therefore, it is advised to raise your seat to a height where you can comfortably rest your lower body to prevent these situations from happening.


Your feet hold an important role in the body. Supporting the bodyweight is not an easy task. Furthermore, all the body pressure is exerted on the feet. High positioned chairs will leave them dangling with no support. Too low chairs will leave them to cringe hence muscular pain. While sitting, adjust your chair to a level where your feet can easily rest and have the ground support for a comfortable sitting.


Most of us are familiar with the upper body back pain. It’s not a pain that you would want to endure. Therefore, it is important to avoid anything that would cause a strain on your back. If you are short, adjust your work surface to allow you to work with comfort. If you are tall, the same also applies as it will prevent the need to bend forward. Adjust your chair to a desirable height that will allow you to work with ease.

If you spend a lot of time working on your computer, then you should watch out for this. You should ensure your arms are placed in a parallel position to your computer desk. Why so? Read along. Achieving the perfect working height might be a problem but with this method, you should find it easy. All you need to do is to adjust your seat making your arms type on your keyboard at 90 to 100 degrees. Sitting in this position makes your forearms rise comfortably above your desk in the right way to ease your back from stress. You will be relaxed as your shoulders and hands won’t be strained. Just to be on the safer side, this posture can make your legs swing off the floor. For this reason, you may use a stepping mat or footrest for your feet. This should be relaxing enough giving you time to work for longer hours.

The majority of us take our health very important. Nobody wants to end up in a physiotherapy session to correct a problem that could have been avoided in the first place. Only the pain sufferer can explain the discomfort the pain comes with. It’s not anything you would wish on your worst enemy. The sad thing is in most cases, the pain causes permanent damage leaving you with a condition to manage not forgetting the high expenses these situations come with.

Information is power, from the above, read along and get an insight and understanding on how long your chair should be.

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