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How Long of Bar to Fit 10 Stools?

Bars and stools go hand in hand. A bar does accommodate many stools at a time. It is imperative hence to have the dimensions of these stools rhyme or get along consistently. Obviously, you cannot do this through guesswork. This is something you arrive at through careful examinations and mathematics.

We are here to offer you the guidance you need to be able to achieve this end. To do that, we shall take you through the steps you need to follow to be able to fit your ten stools firmly to fit one bar. As we do so, we shall also identify and break down the necessary dimensions.

How Long of Bar to Fit 10 Stools?

This is not a question we can just answer that way. It is something we have to take you through a step by step process to arrive at. We dedicate this main segment of our discussions to examine these steps one at a time. To set the desired length of the bar, you have to follow the steps outlined here below:

factors to consider on measuring bar for 10 stools

Step I: Determine the desired leg rooms

You start by determining the number of leg rooms you desire to have. The legroom no doubt depends largely on the heights of the people who are more likely to patronize the restaurant or the bar. In most cases, you might never be really sure of this metric.

To make a more accurate prediction, we ask you to use the average height of the people who are likely to stay or patronize your restaurant. You want to make the process of embarking and evacuating the stools to be smoother and more cordial overall. That is also great for the matters of evacuation.

Step II: Measure each stool

Next, measure the size of each stool. Stools come in various shapes and sizes. You want to arrive at a length that is likely to handle the needs of your clients exceptionally well. That may demand that you ascertain the sizes of the patrons who may most likely come along.

After arriving at the size of the stool, multiply that width by a factor of 10. This is to give you the sum total length of the stools with no spaces in between. Most barstools measure roughly 15″, 17″, and 21″ wide. That brings the total lengths to around 150″, 170″, and 210″ respectively.

Step III: Care for any other necessities

how long do bar be for 10 stools

Apart from the sizes of the stools, you have to care for other vital necessities. For instance, how will the food be served? How frequently will the patrons get into and out of the chairs? Will there be the need for any evacuations in the course of patronizing the restaurants?

These issues have a bearing on the kind of experiences you are most likely to accrue from the same. You want to make your patrons as comfortable as can be when on your premise. That is why you cannot spare any effort when attempting to meet their needs.

Step IV: Make appropriate arrangements for the swivel and arms

Just in case your seats swivel or have arms, this is the time now to arrange for their care and general handling. As a general rule, you have to leave some space that measures no less than 6 inches between any two successive stools. Stretch this to about 8-10 inches if the stools have arms or are designed to swivel.

Perhaps the best way to go about this is to carry out mock swiveling back and forth the designated location. That will give you a clearer picture of how the stool is more likely to operate or swing in the course of its engagement and proper handling.

Step V: Be mindful of the space available

As you do all these, you should also be mindful of the amount of space you have at your disposal. You have to be sure that all the stools fit neatly within the space you have to prevent any spillovers. That is also necessary to prevent any congestions that may impede evacuations.

Then again, you must also care for the ventilation of the area where you want to fix the stools. Fix them too squeezed and you may block the smooth passage of the air. Set them farther apart and you may allow a sufficient amount of air to trickle in.

Step VI: Care for the regulatory regimes

Each jurisdiction prescribes the rules that their installations and building facilities have to adhere to or uphold to be able to operate safely in the area. You have to be mindful of these issues if and when they exist. That may call for you to pay a visit to the local government offices.

While there, endeavor to find out the laid down rules and what each cover. That will give you a peek into the kinds of steps or special considerations you may have to adhere to. Be sure not to skip them as that may imperil your well-being and comprise your licensure.


Let us do the math now. If you have ten stools and each of them measures 15″, 17″, or 21″ that comes to about 150″, 170″, and 210″. Then, we have said that you leave no less than 6 inches of space in between any two successive stools. That makes 54 inches (9×6 inches). Add all these figures and you find 204″, 225″, and 264″ respectively.

As we have consistently stated above, you need not necessarily tie yourself to these dimensions. You have the leeway to exceed them as need be and in accordance with the unique circumstances, you may have in mind. Kindly share this information as far wide as can probably be.

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