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How Long Should A Bar Stool Be?

Nothing is exciting, like seeing your customer or guest seated comfortably at your counter or bar. Your bar stools should neither be too tall or too short; you can quickly tell the height of your bar stool whenever you sit on it, and you can tell the difference in inches.

If you have ever shopped for a bar stool, you probably know that they come in varying and many shapes and sizes. For you to purchase the appropriate bar stool, you need to be familiarized with the primary three figures; thigh clearance, counter height, and chair size.

With the combination of all these measurements, you are likely to get the perfect range of water you require. Ensure that you gain a balance between proper distancing and a comfortable seating position from your surface.

In case you do not know how long your barstool should be, worry no more because this article will take you through some determinant factors concerning the appropriate height of the stool. These include:

Factors to Determine How Long Should A Bar Stool Be

The size of the bar stool

bar stools length

It is appropriate that you measure the height from your floor to your chair top. Furthermore, they are the three primary standard sizes of bar stools; the popular ones are counter stools. You are likely to find this at your bar counter or a local bar counter. The counter bar stool height ranges between 60 – 66cm; some even have a maximum height of 73cm.

On the other hand, Goldilocks or bar stools have a height of approximately 76cm. Note that some bar stools differ in size since some might go as high as 91cm. You can also get these models with maximum-tops at your pub. However, the tallest of this model is between 86-91cm. Therefore, the size of your barstool is a determinant factor of the height of your bar stool.

Measure the counter height

Before you go ahead to purchase your bar stools, ensure that you find the appropriate height measurement of your counter or even bar where you intend to use them. You can achieve this perfectly well by measuring from your floor to the top of your counter. Note that most counters and bars range within the standard height.

On the other hand, the standard residential bars counter has 42 inches, while the kitchen counter has a maximum of 36 inches. You must know that standard bar and counter stools come with a design of these similar heights. Note that actual bars and counters have a range of numerous inches shorter or taller.

Thus, before you settle on the height of your bar stool, make sure that you measure the height of your counter; it will enable you to purchase a bar stool that will meet your demands effectively as well as efficiently.

If not knowing what counter bar stools suit the best, here are the top 3 recommended:

Thigh clearance

After getting the measurements, it is a duration of considering the legroom for your entire thighs. The bar stool’s appropriate height ensures that you are much comfortable with sufficient space between the bar table and yourself while you are sitting.

If you get clearance between ranging from 18-32cm, you are safe. However, the ideal thigh clearance is between 20-30cm; this is perfect for most people.

Moreover, it gives you sufficient room to have a seat and even cross your legs if you wish. In this case, you do not necessarily need a lot of space since the thigh clearance of your maximum side is likely to feel overly roomy as well as awkward.

Finalizing the equation

how long should kitchen bar stools be

Finalizing the equation requires you to sum up your figures together. First, ensure that you use the measurement of your bar stools height from the floor. When you are through, measure the distance from your floor to the end of your entire counter, repeat the procedure to end up with correct measurements. Note that this will stand in for your thigh clearance and top bar height; it gives you a range of every bar stool size.

On the other hand, you can opt to measure your floor up to the top of your bar counter. After that, subtract 25cm from the figure you are likely to find. This will vary from the factors mentioned above since it includes the height of the table. It seems small, but this height can seriously impact your comfort on your bar stool.

On the other hand, the counter bar stools work appropriately with the top bar measure ranging from 82-93cm, when you use your first measuring procedure. This offers you a thigh clearance of 84-91cm. Moreover, the bar stool is between 91-103cm, accompanied by an optimal clearance ranging from 93 and 101 cm.

Note that the stadium bar stool is between 97 to 108cm with an excellent thigh clearance ranging from 99 and 101. If you are keen, you will notice a slight overlap between varying sizes. This means it rolls down to your personal choice. You can also opt to examine bar stools with a broader or narrower clearance to find which one seems to be appropriate for you, the followings are top pick:

Other factors to consider

The height of the barstool offers you total comfort when you are seated. Therefore, a counter bar stool may not guarantee you a perfect height when taking your meal at the bar. Additionally, the standard measurements are not functional and practical for either shorter or taller children or even adults. It is appropriate to purchase your bar stool with enough padding to avoid adding cushioning, which is likely to render it useless.

Think of getting an adjustable bar stool. This investment is worth it if you need to purchase a counter or a modern table in the coming feature. Adjustable bar stools give you a variety of heights for any given occasion. However, note that you will require maintenance in the future. It would help if you also considered the space available. It is appropriate to leave approximately 66- 76cm to offer almost everyone sufficient room to drink or eat. Furthermore, it makes it easier for you to maneuver around and converse.

Choosing the best adjustable bar stools to suit both kids and adults to use:


Based on the above information, you now have a clear understanding of how long your bar stool should be. Therefore, you can implement the above information and end up with the best bar stool with an appropriate height that leaves you comfortable whenever you sit on it. I hope that this article will keep you informed to better understand the best height for a bar stool.

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