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How Long Should a Bar Top Be for 3 Stools?

Bar stools are often placed adjacent to the bar tops. That is to allow the same to get to positions that allow for smoother and unparalleled services. For this pairing to happen smoothly, the bar top has to be long enough to cover the desired number of bar stools.

There is also the need to economize the space available to prevent the same from going to waste. For this to happen, you have to know and arrive at the best possible length for the job. We prepare and draft this article to aid with that. It endeavors to shed more light on the space requirements.

bar top size for 3 bar stools

How Long Should a Bar Top Be for 3 Stools?

Several factors combine to determine the precise length of the bar top that may be necessary for the job. We highlight and explain these factors in the subsequent segment of our discussions:

Distance between the stool and wall

This refers to the amount of space that should exist between the stool and the wall. It applies mainly to the situation in which the stools are placed in cramped up spaces. Generally, you need an 18-inch clearance to be able to embark and disembark the stool.

A similar amount of space is necessary between the stool and the edge of the counter. Needless to say, you have to mark and measure these spots by use of a tape measure. You can never gamble at all as that may give rise to some untold ambiguities.

The character of the Foods and Beverages

What kinds of foods and beverages do you plan to serve? Some foods require larger and wider trays. For them, you will need greater clearance. Others though require only narrower and more compact trays to handle. They need only a limited amount of space to handle and accommodate.

You have to conduct an honest assessment of the kinds of recipes you have in mind. That will ensure that you do not set aside less clearance that may imperil the comfort and the smooth movements of the waiters and the patrons. If in doubt, leave the highest amount of space possible.

Intended Frequency of Use

How often are the stools going to be used on the whole? If the stools are going to be used more often, they have to be larger than if they are to be used occasionally. Chances are that they will have to handle and accommodate patrons of all kinds of sizes and statures when used frequently.

On the flip side, the stools are naturally bound to be narrower if they are to be used less frequently. That is given the similarly smaller sizes of the patrons that are likely to frequent the premise at such a time.

Width of the Average Bar Stool

You have also to consider the width of the average bar stool you have in mind. Narrower stools of course demand a shorter bar top whereas wider stools call for the longer bar tops. The precise width of each stool in turn depends on the space available and the size of the patrons.

For the avoidance of doubt, you have no choice but to measure the stools precisely and weigh the same with the space that is available for your consideration. You cannot afford yet again to gamble with your dimensions as the consequences may be far-reaching.

Distance between two Bar Stools

Consider as well the distances between any two consecutive bar stools. The longer the distance, definitely the longer the bar top. Similarly, the shorter this distance is, the shorter again the bar top. As a general rule, there should be no less than 15 cm clearance between any two seats.

The aim of this is to allow for smoother clearance and easier movements in and out of the stools altogether. Feel free though to increase this distance as per your unique requirements and needs. Then again, you have to bear in mind the sum total space that is available at your disposal.

what are the proper size for bar top

Desired Leg Room or Space

Patrons come in various shades and forms. You have to really care for their comfort as you design the kinds of seating arrangements they may have to make use of. One such metric you have to think of is the legroom. This is the amount of space that they have to spread their legs.

Taller patrons will no doubt require larger legroom. That, of course, translates to a greater amount of space and with it, a long bar top. To be on the safe side yet again, you have to use the highest height as your benchmark because you do not know what kinds of clients to anticipate.

Nature of Service

As a last consideration, you should also factor the nature of the services you have to offer. Are they self-service or do they entail the use of the waiters? Self-services are less demanding as each patron orders for what he wants on his own. They hence demand limited spaces and shorter bar tops.

The use of waiters on the other hand demands more extra spaces to create the room for the waiters and the patrons to dialog. For them, you have to set aside a greater length of space and subsequently a long bar top.


From our explanations above, we have noted that there should be no less than 15 cm of space between any two consecutive stools. That means the sum total space adds to 45 cm (15 cm x 3). Then, the average width of a bar stool comes to about 38-54 cm.

Adding all these, we get 83-99 cm as the desired length of a bar top for 3 stools. You need not necessarily be tied to these dimensions though. You are at the liberty to settle for the unique size that meets your own needs specifically. Did you not find out post insightful? Could you please share it far and wide?

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