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How Long Should Vinyl Last on Bar Stools?

A vinyl upholstery fabric is the current most preferred fabric to upholster or reupholster your bar stools due to its multiple benefits. You should also note that this fabric comes in different colors and texture, giving you enough choices; thus, you won’t miss a bar stool of your desire. However, you can also reupholster your bar stools with a vinyl fabric since the process involved is easier and does not require any skills. Generally, our guide will expound more on a vinyl upholstery fabric as the best choice for you.

Why Vinyl Upholstery?

Going for the bar stools padded with a vinyl fabric or reupholstering your bar stools with it will guarantee you with many benefits. Therefore, we find it necessary to equip you with why vinyl padded bar stools should be your choice.

vinyl bar stools

1 Easy to clean

Constant cleaning of bar stools is sometimes tiresome; hence choosing an easy to clean vinyl fabric will make your work easier. This means that getting rid of stains is time saving compared to other materials. Therefore, all you have to do is wet a normal clean cloth and use it to wipe your bar stools. With the vinyl fabric, you won’t use the cleaning agents or chemicals like other fabrics. However, there are different ways of getting rid of the dirt, such as using the baking soda and Murphy’s oil soap.

2 They are affordable

If you compare a bar stools padded with expensive leather and the vinyl fabric, the vinyl cost will be much lower for a bar stool with the same design. This also applies when you are reupholstering your bar stools with it, you won’t spend much looking for this fabric, and you can Do It Yourself the whole reupholstering process. Be sure to shop around or go through the online selling stores so that you can compare their prices.

3 Long lasting fabric

With these vinyl padded bar stools, their coating is made to resist flames making it more unique to be used anywhere than other fabrics such as leather, which cannot resist any effects of flame. Also, the vinyl is often finished with a weather-resistant coating to protect it against the impact of moisture and UV. However, some factors might affect its durability, as we will discuss later on this guide.

4 Multiple choices

As said earlier, the vinyl upholstery comes in different finish designs and the texture to give a wide variety of choices. Similarly, the color also differs, giving you a chance to fit them with your home décor. With this fabric, it will give your place of business or your home an attractive appearance; therefore, choose the appropriate color, texture, and design wisely.

Suitable Vinyl Bar Stools to Choose

Can I Reupholster My Bar Stools with Vinyl?

vinyl bar stools durability

You can easily reupholster your bar stools with vinyl, which is cheaper as it will cost you about 28$, but it will depend on the store you choose. However, some considerations will help you evaluate your bar stools before reupholstering. Identify the material used to make it, their age of use, and the old upholstered design. However, we will guide you on how to upholster your bar stools with vinyl.

Remove the existing cushion.

You need to check what was used to keep the fabric on the bar stool. Use a hammer if it is fixed with nails or a screwdriver if screwed on the bar stool.

Determine the size of the vinyl you require.

Use the old fabric to trace the dimensions on the vinyl. Use a pencil to trace and ensure that you trace it from the back. Similarly, you can also add extra vinyl on each side for proper fitting.

Anchor the vinyl.

After obtaining the right size, lay the vinyl on the flat surface, and place the cushion on it, use a stapler to attach the cushion to the vinyl fabric. Anchor the vinyl on the bar stool using a screwdriver and trim the excess fabric.

Return the gauze to the underside of the bar stool. Ensure that it is well anchored.

How Long Should Vinyl Last on a Bar Stool?

The durability of the vinyl often lands on your hands. But with good care, it can last up to 20 years. The vinyl can resist scratching and flame resistance hence fewer chances of getting damaged easily. Its lifespan is enhanced by the components used, such as ethylene, chlorine, and other agents, making it stronger and sturdy. However, we will take you through the tips on how to make your bar stool upholstered with vinyl to last long;

Conduct regular cleaning

Specks of dust, oil, and other spills such as food should be addressed easily. Use a clean cloth, dip it in warm water, and wipe it thoroughly until no stains are left-back. Similarly, you can use a soft brush to remove the clogged soil. If you fail to get rid of it, it might offer a breeding point for bacteria hence producing bad odors.

Be cautious not to use chemical agents to conduct the cleaning process. However, for the stubborn dirt, sprinkle the baking soda on a clean cloth, rub it on the dirty surface, and rinse it with clean water.

Address any scratches and holes developing on the vinyl fabric as soon as possible

It is necessary to protect the scratches from widening to other parts. Ensure that you have a vinyl repair kit.

Proper bar stools planning

this involves arrangement to avoid them from being knocked down, and exposure to harsh sunlight and your bar stool will last longer than you expected.


The vinyl can be the best fabric to upholster your bar stools with. Similarly, various bar stools are padded with vinyl fabric in the modern market; hence, you won’t miss your preferred style that matches your needs. It is also important to know that you can comfortably reupholster your bar stools with durable vinyl. Similarly, the vinyl fabric often comes at an affordable price; therefore, you should not worry.

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