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How Long Should You Sit on An Exercise Ball At Work?

We spend so much time working we forget about the consequences that come with sitting down for long periods. We create a routine that ensures that about ¾ of the time we are working, we are situated giving us little room for stretching as we communicate through emails or phone calls. With this, many people have incorporated the exercise ball as their office seat.

Sitting on an exercise ball at work is good for your back if it can be gradual to help your body adjust to it. With people wanting to strengthen their core muscles and acquire a good posture, an exercise ball replaces the normal chair. This ball sometimes is a direction from the physician for people suffering from back injuries as it helps relieve pain. At work, we want to be productive to prove to our employers that we are worth the job. In regards to this, we sit long hours on the exercise ball which is not advisable as it can end up causing you discomfort and stiff muscles. Below we can define how long we can sit on the exercise ball at work and be productive at the same time.

sitting on exercise ball chairs

  • It strengthens your core muscles reducing back injuries and helps with attaining a good posture.
  • While sitting on it helps you burn calories as you spend the day working and no time for the gym.
  • Exercise balls induce the inspiration to stretch since you get tired of sitting on the same position without slouching, you will likely want to stand and stretch your muscles helping your eyes which have been staring at the computer for long hours.

How to Sit on an Exercise Ball Without Causing Damage to Your Body?

While the stability ball can be a good replacement for your chair, sitting on it for long periods can cause stiff muscles and lower back discomfort. Many individuals like slouching on their seats causing discomfort. Prolonged sitting on the exercise ball is not advisable as our joints are supposed to be at a 90⁰ angle while we are sitting down to avoid any injuries.

If we plan on replacing the chair with the exercise ball, it is good that we have both of them in one place to get alternatives when we are tired. Changing the sitting position could ensure that your muscles relax and position well to handle both the chair and the exercise ball. Our backs are very sensitive and the slightest deviation from normal causes us discomfort. We can be sure to use it at work for as long as we need but to have better results we need the following:

  • Set a timer for when you are sitting on the exercise ball so that you can sit at least for 15 minutes before moving around to stretch or talk to a co-worker’s face to face instead of emailing them.
  • When you have sat on the exercise ball for 30 minutes, ensure that you move to a comfortable chair. This will ensure that your back has had the exercise it requires for the day without causing further damage.
  • Ensure that the ball is well inflated before sitting on to ensure you get a stable and comfortable position.
  • Before buying, it is good to consider the material that makes the ball. It should be made of strong anti-burst technology that ensures the ball lasts longer.
  • Also, consider your height and weight so that you can purchase a ball that is fit for you and can fit well at your desk.

how long should sitting on ball chair

Most of the time, the office we work in is under strict supervision, and replacing the normal seat can be a struggle witty to your employer. Before you can bring in an exercise ball at work, it is good to consider:

  • Creating your own safe space in the office. This is because we gradually get accustomed to sitting on it and it is good to have a wall catch us in case we fall or a mat to stabilize the ball.
  • Building time gradually before making it the permanent choice. Slow pace yourself by increasing the time you are sitting on it daily to help your body adjust comfortably without straining muscles.
  • Engage your employer in getting a desk that fits well with your exercise ball. This is very important to ensure that you don’t go against office standards.

While replacing the chair is good, an exercise ball in the office can cause more damage than good. We sit in the office for more than 12 hours sometimes not wanting to move around due to the workload that is upon us. They are a good company as they help us focus but the longer we sit on them the more tired and uncomfortable we become. We have a tendency of wanting to lean our backs on something especially if we have been sitting for long hours.

If we look at the height of our desks in the office, we see that many of them are tall and we will be struggling to get to keep a comfortable position when we are sitting on exercise balls. While we are sitting on a chair, our elbows fall into a relaxed position while we sit on an exercise ball we straighten our hands to reach the monitor meaning that we are straining our backs, necks, and shoulders.

We can, therefore, use the exercise balls in the office for a minimum period of time. Using them in intervals of a minimum period of time. This way we are comfortable with the sitting position, focusing better on our work. Sitting on one should be determined by how well your body is adjusted. A beginner will find it very uncomfortable sitting on an inflated ball and will struggle to concentrate at work, but a person who is used to sitting on it can sit for long hours and do their work without outside distractions.

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