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How Much Should I Spend on an Office Chair?

Every working person likes to feel comfortable in their space. A chair is one of the essential things that one needs in an office. This is because one is likely to spend ¾ of their day sitting in the office either making calls or doing supervisory reports or any other kind of work. A chair should be fit enough to accommodate the size and height of a person as well as maintain a good sitting posture without slouching.

This will ensure that your back is free from pain and your neck is well-positioned with your computer. When thinking about what type of chair to buy we always consider the quality before other factors. Sometimes we are tempted the cheapest in order to save some cash to put in other things. While it is good, it is also very dangerous as we compromise on the quality of what we are buying. We ought to have a well-stretched budget that will enable us to make the best choice without compromising on quality and comfort.

how much should I spend on office chairs

Things to Know On Picking Valuable Office Chair For Money

A good chair should be like a helper in the office. As much as you are sitting down, you want to come back to the same place the next day and continue with your job. This is only possible if you have the right chair. And in order to buy a quality chair, you consider the below before considering the price:

Full back

A good chair should have a full back to reduce lost hours due to injury. It should contain adjustable positions with lumbar support and recliner settings to improve productivity.


The best seats have waterfall fronts to avoid them catching you behind the knee. The seat should also be contoured and soft to accommodate your weight and help you feel comfortable when working.

Joints angle

Your arm joints should rest at a 90° angle. The same goes for your legs and hips. This ensures you have no joint pain or muscle pain while sitting down.


The upholstery of your seat should be soft and not itchy to your skin. This helps your work long hours at the office feeling comfortable and warm.

Easy to move

A good chair should help you to move around the office. You don’t have to keep getting up to grab something further from where you are sitting.


The best chair is one which fits you well so that the backrest fits your height when fitted and supports your head. This way you will not strain your back trying to see the monitor ahead of you.

Shoulder position

The armrests should be comfy ensuring that your shoulders are well relaxed even when typing or surfing.

Quality and long-lasting

The chair should be of high quality and durable. You don’t want to buy a chair which if someone heavier than you sit, it breaks down. Also, a quality office chair should not be hard to adjust and turn.

using cheap office chairs

Why Price Should Not Matter

While we love working, it can be really tiring to work for 12 hours straight sitting on a hard, uncomfortable seat. The norm is to ensure the chair you are using in the office is almost as comfortable as the one you have at home. A good office chair ensures that you achieve your goals easily. It also assists you to focus on the work you are doing rather than on small pains now and then on your body caused by uncomfortable sitting. While asking ourselves how much we are will to spend, it is also good to remember that cheap is expensive. You are prone to buying something because it is cheap but the results are extremely disappointing. To avoid this it is good to look at what a good office chair should offer us in return to spending a good fortune on it.

Benefits of Having A Good Chair

Below are some benefits of having a good chair:

  • When you have a good chair that supports your back comfortable, you are unlikely to keep complaining of back pain and shoulder pain.
  • When you are doing well health-wise, you don’t skip many days away from the office. This is return improves productivity.
  • An employee who performs well at work is always in a happy mood. They don’t complain about bad days and the work environment and can spend long hours working.
  • When one is accustomed to sitting on a good chair, they develop a culture of good sitting. This in return ensures good posture.


While it is important to budget before buying anything, it is also very much important to consider other factors that affect the purchase of the chair. An office chair despite being expensive should be comfortable, warm, and well-positioned according to your height and weight. When you consider the price of the chair before considering other factors you end up losing the quality and assistance it should offer to your employees. Every person should have the principle of “spend money where you spend time”.

Whether you are working from home or at the office, it is important to note that in both cases being comfortable is key. Have you ever been working so hard at the office until you forgot what time it is? And when you finally get up, you feel like you have been seated for five minutes? This is the result of a good chair. A chair that ensures your comfort and happiness. We all want this kind of effect to help us give our jobs our all.

With all the above, it is therefore better to buy an expensive office chair that will help us do the job and focus on our career dreams rather than buy a cheap office chair that will render our backs unworthy for the office environment any more.

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