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How Should You Sit in an Office Chair?

Most people focus on their fitness, neglecting the setup of their workstation. In case you engage in Pilates, you probably know, or you are aware of the perfect alignment as well as the posture. Many office workers have a working station that is against their entire bodies. Many office workers exercise risky habits while sitting at their working desk. Therefore, this article will make you more informed and take you through several tips on how you should sit in an office table to deliver positive results without having a healthy complication from your sitting posture. These are:

right positions on office chairs

Appropriate Keyboard height

It would be best if you pushed your chair close to your desk, then sit in a relaxed manner but upright. Afterward, you can rest your entire hands on the keyboard with your wrist flat. Moreover, ensure that your wrists are a bit lower compared to your elbows. Your arms should hang down straight; this should be from your shoulders side to enable your elbow to be straight by your side and neither behind nor in front of you. On the other hand, ensure that you are relaxed as well as your shoulder. In case your keyboard is too high, you can decide to lower the tray of your keyboard or adjust your desk’s height or opt to raise your chair. In case you raise your chair, you will require a footrest to avoid pulling your spine and pelvis beyond the alignment. For the lower keyboard, you mustn’t adjust your lower chair beyond the appropriate height. You only need to raise your keyboard by making a tray adjustment and raise your desk to avoid any straining.

Avoid phone strain

In case you consume maximum time on your phone, you must attempt altering your handset to a headset. Moreover, cradling your phone repeatedly between your shoulders and ears is likely to strain your neck muscles.

Rest your entire feet on the floor

You are supposed to position your entire feet on the floor. If there is nothing, you can confidently ask for a footrest. This will enable you to rest your feet at a comfortable level efficiently. On the other hand, it is appropriate that you dare not to cross your legs since this may result in posture complication that will make your health status to deteriorate.

Back support

When you properly support your back, you minimize the risk of having back pain. Therefore, it means that you will have to make a chair adjustment to ensure that your lower back is 100% supported. If you adjust your chair correctly, you would have minimized the back strain. Ensure that you get a chair that the height can easily get adjusted, tilt, and has a back position. It is appropriate that your knees are a bit lower than your entire hips. If need be, you can always use the footrest.

Position your screen at your eye level

The screen should be straight before you. A perfect guide is to position your monitor approximately arm’s length away with the screen top at the eye level roughly. For you to achieve this perfectly well, you might require the monitor stand. When you screen too low or high, you will have no option but to bend your entire neck, which is quite uncomfortable.

how to sit on office chairs

Avoid screen reflection

It is appropriate to make sure that your screen is glare-free. In case you notice a glare on your entire screen, position a mirror in front of your screen to find out what might be the cause of the glare. Moreover, you can also place the monitors in a position to prevent reflection from sunlight as well as overhead lighting. If need be, push blinds across your entire window. You can also decide to go ahead and make contrast or screen brightness adjustment to make it comfortable and easier for use.

Take breaks regularly

It would help if you did not sit in the same posture for a longer duration. Therefore, make sure that you alter your posture regularly. Bear in mind that frequent short breaks are perfect for your back compared to more extended breaks. This offers your muscles an opportunity to relax as others strain. Furthermore, breaks are valuable because they keep you fit and more relaxed, enhancing your productivity when you set back at your desk. Thus ensure that you make it a habit to take breaks at your workstation.

Sitting posture

Follow the steps of the workstation at the office. This will make you ready to settle on your desk and enhance your productivity. Ensure that your feet get sufficient support from the footrest or floor. Additionally, your knees should be in line with your hips or even slightly lower to the hips. Furthermore, make sure you also sit considerably on the sit bone front; after that, rest your back on your chair’s backrest to enhance the lumbar spine support. Note that nothing is comfortable, like sitting in an upright posture and near the edge of your desk. You should also check whether your upper arms side parallel and your shoulders are relaxing. Your wrist should be even with your elbow.

Similarly, your gaze level should be recommendable a bit lower to your center screen. Additionally, you should avoid crossing your legs. Ensure that the things you will require, such as water, reading material, and mouse, are within your reach to prevent leaning out of the perfect alignment and twisting to reach them out. You need to be engaged as well as alert and not rigid, take breaks whenever necessary.


Based on the above information, you are now well familiarized with how you should sit in an office chair. Therefore, you should try and put the above tips into consideration to enhance your productivity level of working and keep your body healthy by avoiding unnecessary sitting posture that will leave you with a lot of back pain. I hope that this article will make you informed enough. Enjoy.

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