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How Tall Should A Bar Stool Be For A 36 inch Counter?

The Right Bar Stool Height For A 36 Inch Counter

The look and comfortability of your bar add sauce to your space and spices the taste of the interiors. However, you might get confused and fail to provide the right chair for your space despite all the vast options the market has. A bar stool should be equipped with the right height, comfortability, features, and style. This is because individuals visit the bar to have fun, relax, and enjoy their drink. Below, we have high listed the below features and factors to help you with picking out the right chair for your 36’ counter.

• Height

A bar stool should provide comfort for the user and provide total ease. For the 36’ counter, the recommended height that a 24”-26” from the seat to the floor of your space. This rise compliments the counter height just as well. It comes in handy if your stools do not or can’t adjust themselves. It is important to adjust a height seat of 12”-18” apart, from the barstool edge to the bar counter. This is called the knee space and ensures the right comfortability too.

Additionally, between the centers of the stools, measure between 24”-30”. As a result, you will get at a 6” difference between the two. This ensures that the people who will use the chairs will not knock on each other as they walk to and from the counter space. If your seats are wider, though, they might be 8”-10” between each other.

bar stool height for counters

The method can also serve to determine the many stools that can fit the counter space at hand. This is in the case of lots of seats in the counter if you intend to put more seats that are. However, if your counter niche is at home, you may want to consider shorter seats for the setting for the dinner settings and comfortabilities of the kids, pregnant women, surgery recovery patients, the elderly, or persons with disabilities if you have some around.

It is also advised that if your bar stools have the armrests, they should be low from the counter space and a little bit higher from the bar stool seat to provide the comfortability desired. An estimate of roughly 6” from the stool seat can be the right choice.

The above factors; knee height, armrest height, and the height of the stool from the chair affect the whole height measurement of the stool. So, it is important to consider measuring the heights and having an idea of each to proportion each height of the particular items. Height is essential to be determined by the expert who makes the stool as many individuals with unspecified height, and all of them need to be comfortable.

• Style and Features of the Stool

The aim of determining the height of a bar stool is to ensure the comfort of the users. That said, the style of your bar stool too can affect the comfort feeling plus the size of the barstool. If you are planning your counter to be used at a restaurant, cabana, or bar, you might consider a normal seat from without the building the stile and the back. However, some of the clients might get tired and venture into leaning across the counter (where maybe there is a lot of food and drinks at the time), standing to stretch or even lean to a neighboring counter seat.

If you choose to invest in a back, consider an adjustable, or if you can’t, try a chair that its back has slanted over a little bit rather than being extremely straight. An 8” difference from the normal body is okay. This measurement is also okay for the household where there are a lot of vulnerable people around can be of great help to kids and lactating mothers. Invest in good chair ears to avoid accidents if the kids are around the counter often.

If your counter is used for businesses purpose and has traffic, investing in this might earn and benefit the customers who would like to stay in for longer. Therefore, a good investment in a barstool can help boost sales, which is the goal of every bar owner. The style affects a lot the comfort.

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