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How Tall Should Bar Stools Be?

When working in the kitchen or taking your meal or drink, whether in your domicile or in a bar, you may need to sit down. The stool that you can use to sit down and do your stuff comfortably is by sitting on a barstool. Especially when taking your drinks in a bar or a hotel near the counter, you need to sit to enjoy your drinks.

The stools have been named bar stools because they were invented after it was discovered that many people who visited the bar used to take their drinks while standing. As a solution to the problem, bar stools were invented and they came in a unique design to enhance comfort while taking the drinks.

What Are Bar Stools?

A bar stool is a type of chair that is designed to have a footrest where you place your feet for support while sited on it. The stools are always narrow and taller in height as compared to other stools and chairs. As stated earlier, bar stools are mainly sued in bars and pubs. The stools come in different types with different models and construction materials.

Most of the bar stools are made of metal or wood. There are some bar stools that have armrest, backs, and upholstery but many of them do not have them. You can decide to mount your bar stool to the floor if you are buying it for commercial purposes. This will help you to protect it from being stolen.

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What Is the Height of a Bar Stool?

The normal height of a bar stool is 76cm, which is equivalent to 30 Inches. This is the standard height for bar stools used in Pub and clubs. For the bar stools that are used against the kitchen counters in your home, they are always 66cm heights which is equivalent to 26 inches. There are some bar stools that are extra tall and such stools are used in pubs with high tables. Such seats are always 91 cm tall, equivalent to 36 inches.

Why Are Bar Stools Taller Than Other Stools?

Bar stools are always taller than other stools so that people can comfortably sit on them and be on the same level while enjoying their conversation and drinks. A person who is sitting on a bar stools maintains the same eye level with another person who is in the counter. That way is much more social. Another reason is that a person sitting on a bar stool near the counter is able to have a good view of the various products and drinks available on the counter.

When you are using a bar stool in your kitchen, you do not have to lean and bend your back while working in the kitchen, and thus you will work comfortably. Bar stools also enable you to access your kitchenware easily without the need of standing and moving from one point to the other, therefore increasing your efficiency in the kitchen.

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Are All the Bar Stools the Same Height?

You might have landed here while looking for the best bar stool. Right? Probably you need a bar stool in your home kitchen or bar. Either way, we are here to enlighten you on bar stool matter. Nonetheless, it is hard to identify the right bar stool on the market. This is because of the similar products available. How to choose the right bar stool, comes along with many other factors such as the height and the material used.

Bar Stool Dimension

Typically, bar stools are available in different heights. However, that will be determined by the type of stool you need. Backless stools usually have the lowest height. On the other hand, the full-back stools come with the tallest height. Also, each bar stool height is designed to pair with a different counter height or table height.

Therefore, to determine the one that will meet your needs, then you will have to measure the tabletop height. Moreover, it is prudent to have approximately 10″ to 12″ between the bottom of the table and bar stool seat. Alternatively, you can buy an adjustable stool. They are equipped with hydraulic pumps, which move the stool up and down. They are suitable for any height.

Height Guide on the Bar Stool

Whether you are having a snack at the kitchen counter or having a drink in your home bar, the height of the bar stool should offer you enough comfort. Below are some of the common bar stool heights in the market.

  • Standard counter stool height: Typically, it measures 23 to 28 inches from the seat to the floor.
  • Standard barstool height: It measures 29 to 32 inches from the seat to the floor surface.
  • Extra tall bar stool height: Also known as spectator height stool. It measures approximately 33 to 36 from the seat to the floor.

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Are Bar Stools Good or Bad For You?

We all know that bar stools come in handy for cafes, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants. However, these stools are commonly used in many modern homes, as an important piece of furniture. On the other hand, they will support your back and offer you a comfortable posture. They are also essential in saving space in small rooms. Also, they came with great features that might blend with most decors. On the other hand, you can use them in your dining room, kitchen, or living room.

If you love hosting parties in your house, then having this piece of furniture next to your bar table, might be a great idea. You will achieve that elegant look you have been looking for. Typically, it will offer your guest essay access to the drinks and food items. Moreover, they come in different finishes and colors. So, choosing the right bar stool is not a hard task. They are also lightweight and easy to maintain.

Advantages of Having a Bar Stool to Your Back

Convenient furniture for your back;

If you are looking for great comfort, then consider these products. They are manufactured using lightweight materials for easy portability.

Personality and style;

A bar stool will showcase your personality and style. They will complement most of the home decor. Additionally, they come in different styles, and each style will showcase your unique style to the visitors.

Adjustable height;

Did you know there are bar stools, which are equipped with adjustable height options? Therefore, you can adjust the seat depending on your height. So, it is suitable for both children and adults. Additionally, you can store them under the table when not in use.

Wrapping Up

Bar stools are an important piece of furniture that you should have in your home. They will support your back as well. Choose the right product according to your needs. Happy shopping

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