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How to Add Cushions to Bar Stools?

Hard surfaces can make you uncomfortable, especially when you sit on them for a long time. This is because it can cause squirming and soreness, which might make you feel uncomfortable. Moreover, bar stool cushions build padding that is likely to offer you extra support while maximizing your seating and boosting your home décor. It is appropriate that you bar stool cushioning from several designs and materials to optimize your bar stool’s style and luxury. You must be wondering how you can add cushions to your bar stool; you need to worry less because this article will make you more informed on adding cushioning to both metal and wood bar seats.

methods on adding cusioned bar stools

How to Add Cushions on a Metal Bar Stool?

When you add cushioning to your stool, you will likely protect your bar stool frame and boost some style. Note that whether your barstool has a back or is backless, cutting your fabric and sewing is relatively easy, and it is achievable in minimal duration. Therefore, below are some steps of how you can add cushions to your metal bar stool. They include.

Step 1

Decide on the kind of fabric you want to settle on; if you have a busy color scheme, plain color can suit you perfectly. In case you want your room to have an impressive look, print can offer you a good kick. Once you have settled on the fabric, ensure that your purchase enough until you have the extras so that if you add cushioning and it does emerge the way you would like, you can easily repeat to get excellent results.

On the other hand, for cushioning, you can opt for foam or any given stuffing you might desire. Most people use cotton, plastic bags, and feathers; this means you also have several options to choose from to end up with a perfect cushioned bar stool.

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Step 2

After deciding on which fabric you want to use, it is time to measure and trace. Position your entire fabric on your floor with the suitable side facing on the ground, then flip the barstool over your fabric as you trace around it. Ensure that you add some extra inches for the seam and sides.

Step 3

When you are through measuring and tracing, place your bar stool in an upright position and carefully cut your fabric, giving an extra allowance for the seam and sides.

Step 4

In this step, you are supposed to add elastic and pin edges. Turn up the edge ½ an inch, add another inch, then pin it into position. Pick the elastic and position it around your bar stool, right where your cushion will settle.

Step 5

In case your bar stool came with a back, you should make sure you cut four cords that are extended to enable you to tie them to your back attachments. If your bar stool is backless, pick your fabric and hem the edges, giving it an allowance of two inches at least at the edge since that is where the elastic cord will be positioned.

Step 6

After that, run the elastic through your fabric and give it a try on your bar stool. If it fits appropriately, you can confidently sew your elastic together.

Step 7

In case you need to tie the cushion to the barstool, sew the cords at this particular duration and tie them on your backing of the bar stool.

Step 8

Once you are through fitting your cushion over your bar stool using the elastic, it means you are more than ready to position your cushioning. Place your cushion on top of your bar stool as you fit your fabric over it. Snap it into position, ensuring that that your elastic is tight to hold. However, it should not be too tight since it might lead to your fabric tearing.

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How to Add Cushions to Your Wood Stool?

Opt to turn your basic wooden stool into a padded seat that is stylish with printed fabric as well as foam. You require a basic staple gun to complete your entire project in an hour. Note that engaging in this kind of DIY is the simple way to add your favorite style to your whole room. Thus below are some steps that will help you to add cushions to your wood stool. These include:

adding cushions on bar stools

Step 1

Ensure you have the measurement of the width and length of your square or rectangular stool. If it is a circular one, ensure you measure the diameter using a tape measure. Furthermore, measure the distance ranging from the seat of your stool to your table or bar.

Step 2

Select the thickness of your cushioning depending on the quantity of padding you require and your table’s height. Note that the table should be approximately 10 inches higher compared to your bar stool. On the other hand, bar stools are usually 30 inches high while counter stools settle 24-26 inches high.

Step 3

Choose a durable fabric, such as polyester or cotton, and select a cushioning pattern that is likely to match the décor as well as the color scheme of your entire room. Additionally, bold or colored cushion build a focal point as light or neutral colored cushion, usually blend in with your bar stool.

Step 4

Position your cushion on the seat of your wood bar stool. Link the ties that usually hang down from your cushion around your stool legs, especially where your legs meet your seat. Tightly pull the ties around the bar stool legs and make a knot and bow to safeguard the cushion in position to prevent it from sliding on your wood bar stool.

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From the above review, you are now well familiarized with adding cushions on both metal and wood bar stools. Note that if you achieve this effectively, you are likely to end up with a very much comfortable bar stool at your commercial or residential area. Even though many people like purchasing bar stools that already have to cushion.

It is appropriate that you make them by yourself since it is a simple DIY project. Building a bar stool that has the potential to flip off and on enables you to wash them and even replace your stuffing quickly. Therefore, you must implement the above steps to add your cushion to your bar stools comfortably.

When you do this effectively, you are likely to experience a remarkable performance. I hope this article will be beneficial to you in your quest to understand how to add cushions to bar stools.

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