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How to Anchor Bar Stools to the Floor?

You can use bar stools anywhere; the same applies to most furniture. Note that you can use most furniture feet under media cabinet, risers, ottomans, upholstered chair, case pieces, cabinet, and sofas, among many furniture feet. Anchoring a bar stool on the floor may seem tricky, but it is possible to install using anchors and inserts. Therefore, if you want to attach anything, including tables and bar stools on the floor, you have to exercise a few ways to deliver a remarkable performance.

Here is an Outline of Some of the Ways You Can Attach Bar Stools to the Floor.

anchoring bar stools on the floor


  • Position your bar stool at an appropriate location of your desire.
  • Drill down through your bar stool legs at an angle of 30 degrees at a single inch from the bottom of your bar stool legs using ¼ inch masonry. Ensure that you drill into the floor of approximately one and ½ inches as you keep the angle, remember to apply this to your entire legs.
  • When you are through, remove your bar stool and tap your concrete anchors into the floor into the holes you have created on the floor. Note that your anchor’s top will slightly protrude above the floor, but that should not worry you.
  • Using a Forstner bit for countersinking 2 ½ inch holes as well as ¾ inches deep, where the bit usually emerges from the end of your bar stool leg and at the entry point on the leg’s side.
  • Position your bar stool over these holes, ensure that the top of your anchors fit appropriately inside your countersunk holes on the end of your leg.
  • Use a correct length bolt to make your way through the leg’s side into the insert at an appropriate angle.
  • Furthermore, the head of your bolt is likely to disappear into your countersunk hole in your bar stool’s leg.

Threaded inserts

This consumes minimal woodworking skills. Moreover, you can install it straightly into your bar stool’s underside, allowing any given installation of the foot plus a 3/8 wide bolt insert. Note that you can easily unscrew these threaded inserts when you want to store or even transport your bar stool. Consider this as a rugged as an invisible and rugged solution that is robust enough for any given application.

Angled and straight metal plates

You need to attach this to your barstool underside using four screws. Install the bolt part-way into your foot, note that the remaining exposed threads of 5/16 should be screwed into your metal plate. Angled and straight metal plates are advantageous since you can easily unscrew your barstool for transport or storage.

On the other hand, it is an inexpensive, comfortable as well as fast solution. However, it is most suitable for applying lighter duties; you can find it on the market for angled and straight attachments. In case you have been wondering how to attach your bar stool on the floor, worry less and opt for angled and straight metal plates.

Concrete Inserts

These are round cylinders that are small and expand when you screw the bolt into them. Additionally, they come in varying lengths and sizes. Using a concrete anchor and drill a hole first into your floor at your suitable position, for you’re a quarter-inch insert, use a masonry bit of ¼. Furthermore, your bar stool hole depth should be deeper slightly compared to your insert’s length that you plan using.

anchoring bar stools

Dowel screws

Install part of the dowel screw, such as ¼ x 2, into the foot; the remaining exposed threads of 7/8 enables you to screw your foot straight into your bar stool underside. Note that this is an inexpensive, easy and fast solution, just as the barstool you are attaching on the floor.

Wood mounting blocks

The mounting blocks come in 7 wood species and dual sizes. This wood mounting attaches to your bar stool underneath with four screws. You need to install part 3/8 x 2 ½ bolt into the foot, the remaining exposed threads of ¾, screw it into your mounting block. The block comes with beveled edges, which are crispy for a more impressive presentation. Furthermore, you can easily unscrew your bar stool from the wood mounting blocks for transport and storage. In case you are looking for an easy and fast solution to anchor your bar stool on the floor, opt for wood mounting blocks.

Direct attachment

Metal barstools feet need no additional services or parts for attachment. This means you can affix direct attachment straight to your bar stools bottom using the supplied screws. It is effortless and does not require you to go through much hassle to fix on the floor. In if you want the fastest way to anchor your bar stool, opt for direct attachment, and experience a super excellent performance.


You can use an L-shaped bracket metal to attach your barstool on the floor. Note that this model of the bracket is much more visible, convenient, and simple to install. It is appropriate that you commence by installing your bar stool at a suitable location.

Position a single bracket on your floor and flush it against every leg. Note that a single side of your bracket is supposed to be flat on your floor with another side flat against your barstool leg. Additionally, there are dual legs or beyond two on every side of your bracket. Therefore, screw your bracket to your bar stool leg using the correct screw.

In case it is a metal leg, it is appropriate that you drill through your bar stool metal and bolt your bracket to its leg. To drill the bottom hole, just cut a minimal divot on your floor using the masonry bit.

Apply this on both legs and remove your bar stool. Continue drilling your floor with your masonry bit until you reach the required depth for your insert. Place the inserts into your drilled holes, position your bar stool, and bracket s over those holes.

After that, use the correct length bolt to fix the brackets into your inserts.


From the above information, you are now familiar with how to anchor bar stools to your floor. Therefore, it is upon you to implement these ways to anchor your bar stool to your floor appropriately. I hope that this article will keep you informed to better understand how to anchor stools to the floor.

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