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How to Assemble Marque Bar Stools?

Of course, there are different types of bar stools, as with any furniture and commercial bar stool products. Sometimes, kitchen stools will come ready-made and require no extra assembly tasks, which good. The majority of the time, these stools will be fixed height options that are assembled in-house workshops. However, if you buy a marque bar lift stool, you will probably need to have ideas on how to assemble it. Well, here’s your trick and step by step guide on how you should go through the whole process. We will also outline some basic considerations required to have a fully customized design in your bar stools.

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Factors to Consider when Assembling Your Marques Bar Stools

When buying or planning for your assembly workshop, it is wise to note a few things on how you should plan and execute your project. Whether you’ve bought your marques bar stool in a typical furniture shop or a random supplier online, these stools contain the same overview of parts and adjustment extensions. Marque bar stools are usually made up of at least five parts; A decorative collar, the base, tubular support, a seat pad, and a lift column. There will be additional screws that you will use to join and assemble your stools. If the parts’ designer did not supply you with a drawing or instructions you can use to assemble your bar stools worry less, we did that for you.

How to Assemble Marque Bar Stools?

Tools and Accessories; Hammer, a wood binder such as wood glue, tape measure, screw provided with the parts, sandpaper, hand drilling machine, and a screwdriver.

Steps on How to Assemble a Marque bar Stools

Step 1: Unpack your Marque bar stool parts.

The first thing you will do as soon as you receive your parts in your workshop is to unpack all the pieces. Counter check if all the details are present, including the base, supporting frame, seat pad, adjustable height, and fitting screws. Layout all the stool’s pieces on the table and try to get some ideas on which part fit together or some ideas on what is needed of you.

Step:2 Start your Assembling Project

To assemble a marque bar stool, you will always need a rough overview of your design. Place the flat or round base on the ground, then try to find a matching piece or the decorative collar over the top of your frame. It is not a must that your marque bar stool should include a decorative collar; if this is your case, you will have to move to the next assembly step to place your base right to the top.

Step:3 Assemble the Support Flame

Once your base is placed, slot the support flame column into a drilled hole for extra support. If your parts have no holes here, you will use your hand drilling machine to make accurate holes in the base and height. If some of your parts are made of plastic caps on one end of the column, it is wise to remove them first before fitting in screws. With the queue secure into the flat base, it is high time to add the stem and seat on the barstool.

Step:4 Add the Seat Pad

Try and turn the bar stool upside down or lay it in a soft or flat surface where you can easily reach or work on the stool properly. Look for the four- or three-hole screw underneath the seat plug. With these in the location, you can turn up your chair and rest it adherent to the screw holes. If your design includes a footrest, try to attach the stem and ensure that the stem is facing with respect to the seating pad. Now, take you three or four included screws and tighten through the seat pad support plate. Adjust the extra footrest while using an Allen key or a screwdriver draw to keep the base and the seat stable and secure.

Step:5 Finishing

Now that your bar stool is secured with the support column, it is time to find a way to attach it to the main base and adjustable lift column. Try to place the steam the one connected with the seat pad over the top of seat lag and secure them well; if possible, you can test the stools for support and any defect during your tightening and bounce them gently adjustable mechanism activates or spring out. The bar stool will lower when the whole process is complete; you can also push and pull the base to test the lever and its supportability. If your chair holds on to these tests, it means you had a successful assembly process.

Why Assemble Your Stools?

assembling backless bar stools

With the market’s ability to deliver fully customized and fixed bar stools, some might ask why you need to assemble your own marques bar stools? Well, there are many benefits of assembling your bar stools, and to explain it better, here are some;

1 Cheaper and Economical

Buying a fully fixed bar stool will cost you a minimum of $800 while buying parts for a single stool will cost you approximately $300. With a normal mathematic approach assembling your bar stools will save you a $500. And on a regular process, the cost of buying a fully designed and fixed bar stool is equal to three chairs if you choose to have your home assembly.

2 You Can Customize and Introduce a New Design

With the right to assemble or alter the design, you can easily develop your bar stool design. Buying a ready-made bar stools limit you from innovating new designs in the market. It is then wise to try always to have your assembly process. Other benefits are you can customize your space and design when having your home assembly designs.


Buying can be an easy but costly option to consider, especially when bar stools are involved. Having your assembly workshop will help you achieve a lower price, which is deemed to be economical. The guide is designed to help you save cash and improve on your interior décor for your commercial bar.

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