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How to Baby Proof Bar Stools?

Most people forget about baby proofing bar stools and remember when it is too late for them. Furthermore, the mobility and the growth of a new baby can be cut very short; hence you must take precautions when raising your baby.

This means you should learn to plan as well as act before it is too late. You must be knowing that your child is prone to get injured in several varying ways, either while playing on the bar stools or your furniture.

However, baby proofing a bar stool is a massive job, but it does not have to be time-consuming or costly. Ensure that you find the key areas that are likely to pose a danger to your kids and address these problems efficiently.

When you achieve this, you will not have to dig to your pocket or even alter the living room and kitchen aesthetic.

Therefore, to prevent such incidences, there are several tips useful for babyproofing your bar stool. These are:

But before, just check the recommended bar stools that are safe for families with babies:

The most stable saddle seat with wooden design – Roundhill Coco Upholstered Bar Stool

The cushioned stools with hard wood stool legs for safety – COSTWAY Accent Wood Bar Stool

Kids-friendly soft stools – Leick Upholstered Counter Height Stool


Useful Tips on How to Baby Proof Bar Stools

how to use baby proofing bar stools

Position down a non-flip rug

Rugs guarantee you complete safety, especially on tiles, as well as hardwood floors.

They give you cushioning for both trips and falls as you double your playmat. Ensure that you choose the appropriate rug, which can give your house a beautiful impression. Note that numerous rugs are non-flip this makes them suitable for use by your children.

On the other hand, if you are not interested in a non-flip rug, it is perfect that you opt for a rug pad. In case your budget is tighter, you can choose to purchase rug grips to position them in your house corners and even around your bar stool.

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Eliminate unstable furniture

There are several things that you cannot manage to fix for your baby. However, the good news is that babies will never grow young forever. Therefore, if you have a bar stool or any other given furniture that is not likely to be stable.

It is appropriate that you keep it out of your children’s reach and keep them in the store. In case you want to rearrange your entire furniture, it would be better to position the unstable breakables furniture to space where your baby cannot easily access.

Note that unstable bar stools will cause severe harm to your baby.

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Soften Up

best way to use baby proof bar stools

Your bar stool might be having sharper edges. Ideally, you can soften them up. You can achieve this in several ways through the use of DIY fixes solutions.

Each family kitchen and living room décor uses a varying remedy. Thus, you can implement numerous perfect ways to prevent your baby from hurting on sharp corners.

  • To cover edges, use hollow pool noodles or plumbing foam pipe
  • Purchase the edge guards
  • Purchase corner protectors

You can purchase these softeners either from the hardware or baby store. If you want to gain more knowledge, check out the online tutorials, which will show you the way forward.

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Baby proofing sharp corners is quite effective when your baby commences being mobile. Most parents wait anxiously for their babies to commence moving and get on their knees as they watch them becoming robust enough and stand.

However, you should note that this is a tricky stage where your baby is prone to experiencing accidents. This until the baby gains sufficient strength and become steady enough. Therefore, always make sure you watch over the baby whenever she is moving.

However, you might not manage to watch over your baby all the time since it takes a little time for her to lose control and fall. The baby might end up hitting the head on the ground, table, or even bar stool. Therefore, always make sure that you soften up furniture, especially bar stools, to prevent your baby from ending up with bruises and cuts.

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Get safe alternatives

Nothing can be exciting, like replacing furniture, such as the bar stools in the living room. This goes hand in hand with the safety department. Bear in mind that the most hazardous furniture in your room has stylish and safe alternatives. This means you can replace your bar stools with modern bar stools and coffee tables with ottoman since several ottomans guarantee you extra storage.

Moreover, your kids can rest the feet over it without you having to worry concerning the hard coffee table edges.

On the other hand, the other popular troublesome objects are primarily; table and floor lamps. In case you alter them with floor-length curtains and a table lamp for blinds. You would have eliminated the hazardous zones in your whole house.

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Arrange your bar stools strategically

Use baskets and coaches and any other natural barriers. This means you can create space for your baby to enjoy playing as you keep the danger zones out of limit for your kids. When on the barstool, you can use bar straps to prevent your baby from falling off the barstool.

It is appropriate that you always ensure that the straps are on whenever your baby is on the barstool. You can also opt to go miles away to positioning a bean bag or a large decorative chair on the outlet’s front to give your baby a friendly environment.

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Maintain the surface clear

If there are many things on the surface, there are high chances that kids will want to explore and find out what they are precise. When it comes to bar stools, make sure that you are always around your baby because they may love pushing them around, and accidentally, it can fall on your baby.

This applies to other things, such as accessible electronics and coffee tables, plus open cups, can be quite dangerous for your baby.

Ensure that you always maintain your surface clear and clean to avoid posing a danger to your kids. Ideally, you can also find alternative storage areas for the clutter and place the object you do not need out of reach of children.

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Top Rated Kid Friendly Bar Stools Recommend:

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Based on the above information, you are now familiar with how to babyproof bar stools. Therefore, it calls upon you to implement the above information and keep your baby safe all the time. I hope that this article will be beneficial to you to know how to babyproof bar stools.

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