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How to Bolt Down Bar Stools?

Buying commercial bar stools can be simple and easy, but spacing and assigning each stool to a specific position requires some interior spacing ideas and design ideas. Some of the things that determine your bar spacing and positioning are the places and bolting of some of your bar stools. To help you bridge the gap between the bar stools and the kitchen island it is wise to find a fixed position to hold your stools in the right place. The guide will outline some specifications and minimum allowable distances you should always consider when bolting your bar stools.

Why Should You Bolt Your Bar Stools?

Bolting your bar stools or mounting them on the floor has many benefits to your commercial space and some of the benefits are as follows;

how to bolt down bar stools

Maintain your Spacing

Bolting your bar stools help you to keep and maintain your initial spacing specifications. Activities like cleaning and people moving in out of the island space don’t affect the stool. Unlike other kitchen stools that will require you to arrange them each time a client walks in or out of the counter. Therefore, having your stools mounted on the floor helps to reduce the time of each day spacing and planning.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning a commercial bar can be hard and tiresome if the stools are not fixed. Carrying them around and trying to move them around consume a lot of time, but this is not the case for fixed bar stools. A bar with mounted bar stools, cleaning is easy since you don’t need to move around stools and arrange them after the cleaning process. Cleaning a stable and bolted stool is a bit easier than a moving and unbolted seat.

Easy Movement of People

With fixed bar stools, people can move in and out of the island space without any hassle or moving the stools around to pave the way. This helps you to retain your initial positioning of the stools and the original design of your bar. Unlike other kitchen stools that are not mounted on the floor, any action or people moving around will move the chair, and its new position will obstruct the next customer in the counter.

Protect Your Stools for Breaking

Bolted bar stools are always safe from breaking or falling if a tremor or any movement in the counter. Interior décor still suggests that fixing your bar stools help you to protect them against falling and breaking. By doing this, you will avoid the falling effect and the injuries caused by any actions that might move the stool.

Factors to Consider When Bolting downs your Barstool

Many factors determine the bolting procedure you should use in your bar; some of the key things you should consider before mounting your bars stools are as follows;

bolt down bar stools for safety

Type of the Floor

Your floor plays a huge role on what to use as bolts or mounting accessories; a concrete floor will require normal size screws to hold the stools. But these screws should be at least 34’ to 45’ pitched to provide enough support to your seats. Wooden floors will require a different approach when it comes to the mounting of bar stools. You can use nails or screws but of smaller size to ensure you don’t damage the floor. A ceramic floor will require a special fitting process like glue fixation or an extra installation process. This is because ceramic tiles can easily break when drilled or making holes on them. It is then wise to consider counter checking your floor specifications before making any move towards mounting.

Type of the Stool

The bar stool type and design also determine the fixing and the bolting method you should use. A low stool has different bolting specifications, and the same applies to kitchen and bar stools. Soft seats are the table type and are designed to bridge the gap between your counter and the stool. Their bolting should be done with a standard screw of 35’ pitch or less. Taller kitchen stools with backrest require larger screws and support systems. Here you will need an 80-pitch threaded screw.

Low bar stools for a short person and kitchen area recommended:

Soft bar stools to bring maximum comfort in use:

Tall kitchen bar stools recommended:

How to Bolt a Bar Stool?

There are many ways in which you can bolt your bar stools. The article has done some research, and here is the best way to mount your kitchen stools;

Tools and Accessories Needed;

Screws, screwdriver, drilling machine, a hammer, nails, glue, or any biding agent and a tape measure.


The first step should involve measuring the distance between the counter and the exact position of your stools; it is recommended that you allow a minimum of 18’’ from the foot of the counter and the stool.

The second step is measuring your stools’ foot and fitting plate while holding the 18’’ mark as your reference or datum point; draw a circle with the radius of your stool base. Fit in the stool in the circle you’ve drawn, then scribble holes adjacent to the one in the stool base.

Step three involves drilling the holes from step two and fitting the stool base while bolting it to the ground. This step might vary depending on your floor type; if you have a wooden floor type, you can use nails and a hammer to fit your stools. The barstools’ type will also determine the screw nails to use short or low stools will require a 35’’ options while high and kitchen stools with a backrest a 75’’ to 80’’.

Step four includes finishing and cleaning the place while ensuring that all the stools have been placed in the right position, keeping in mind the spacing factor and people’s movement in and out of the counter. Any space left due to drilling should be replaced or refilled using wood glue or a binder to restore the floor.


Bolting down your commercial bar stool is one of the wisest ideas when it comes to a busy bar where people move in and out of your counter. This will help you save some spacing and arranging a time for the next event. Our guide has outlined some basic procedures you should use and mount your bar stools in place.

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