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How to Build A Bar Stool? – Step By Step Instructions

Are you looking for a narrow and tall chair that is suitable for your high kitchen counters? A bar stool is a tall chair with a footrest, which you can use on high tables in your homes or bars. This type of chair offers elevated seating and a robust style to the user. Modern types of bar stool often use wrought iron, wood, bamboo, and rattan. A bar stool ideal design comes with several options: a simple design made of wood with no back or a more complex design with a swivel, armrest, backrest, height adjustment, and armrest. This guide will discuss some of the measures you can consider and the step-by-step process on how to build a bar stool.

How to Build a Bar Stool By Yourself?

Making an ideal bar stool for your kitchen can use wood or metal and other few items you can get with ease at the local stores. Depending on how many seats you want, to complete one bar stool will require a couple of your afternoon hours. When you are beginning the task, the following measures will guide you through:

how to build bar stools

1: Building supplies

Building a simple wooden or metal bar stool, it advisable to ensure that all the required supplies and tools are readily available. The amount of metal or wood required depends directly on the quantity and size. It is recommendable that the size difference between your counter and bar stool seat should be within the range of 30cms. Some of the materials that you will require for a simple bar stool are as follow: clamps, wood, screws, drill, wood glue, pencil, plane, saw, sliding level, tape measure, sandpaper, safety clothing, plane, protractor, dowel, stain.

2: Bar-stool size

Your bar stools height depends on the need, its intended use, and your counter’s size. There are three recommended heights that you can consider and use when building your chair.


Counter-height bar stools are best when homeowners use them in the kitchen islands. The ideal and recommended height for your bar stool seat should be within the range of (23 to 28) inches, while the table or your counter should be within the scope of (35 to 37) inches.

Recommended counter height stools


A homeowner with a table or counters with a height of (44 to 47) inches should consider building an extra-tall bar stool within the range of (33 to 36) inches.

Recommended extra-tall stools

Bar- height

If you are building your bar stools for restaurants or eatery joints? It is then recommended that their ideal height is within (29 to 32) inches when the table counter is within 42 inches.

Recommended bar height stools

3: seat width

When making your bar stool, the size of your seat width is very crucial. An excellent bar stool should have a standard seat width that is directly related to its height.


When a bar stool has a standard bar-height size, it should have a seat width of 17 inches to guarantee you the comfort it requires.


It is advisable to have a 15-inch seat for a bar stool with a standard height of counter-height size.


If you’re a have an extra tall counter, ensure that the width of your seat is 21 inches.

4: Measuring

When you are building your bar stool, having the exact measurement will guarantee your comfort. It is advisable to note the following recommendable guidelines; measure your tabletop’s size from the top to the floor then subtract (10 to 12) inches. This procedure gives you an ideal height of your bar stool. Also, the available space is worth a consideration for people who want to maximize interior space.

5: the frame and seat materials

Bar stools require you to use robust materials that can support your weight with ease. Since the stool frame can use several materials like metal and wood, it is advisable to choose the best material that will blend well with your room’s interior décor. Also, ensure that the seating material of your bar stool offers an added aesthetic value to you.

Step by Step on How to Make a Bar Stool

In the following guide, you will learn the step by step process that will help you make a simple wooden bar stool for your extra-tall kitchen counter.

Step 1

how to diy bar stools

Start by measuring and cutting the four legs that your bar stools will use to a standard length of 33 to 36 inches, depending on the height of your extra-tall kitchen counter. Then, to attach the two legs, drilling a 1-1/4 pocket hole, use a 4-inch top brace to join two leg pairs. With the help of wood glue and screws, make sure the top mount is firm. Then repeat the procedure to join the other two legs, and as a result, you will have two frames if you are making one bar stool.

Step 2

Split the two frames further by adding two more braces, one for 5 inches and the other 6-1/2 inches brace. These braces will make your bar stools legs have three thirds.

Step 3

Start by drilling 1-1/4 pockets holes on the top of your two frames and join the four legs together with 4-inch braces. Then add the 5-1/4 and 6-3/4 mounts between the four legs. Then use the wood glue and screws to firm this brace. As a result, you will have a complete frame with the four legs joint together.

Step 4

Prepare the bar-stool seating area with a width of 21 inches, and then attach it to the frame using wood glue and 1-1/4 pocket holes screw. Using wood fillers, ensure that you fill every visible space left while drilling the pocket holes. It is advisable to let the wood fillers dry and then use sandpaper to give your bar stool a subtle finish. Apply your favorite paint or stains and allow it to dry.


Get tired of making a bar stool by yourself? Here are recommended bar stools you can buy directly:


Knowing how to build bar stools is a desire that many homeowners have. When you adhere to the above specifications, you will design and make a bar stool to elevate your body, as your feet rest on the footrest. It is also advisable before you start; the process ensures that you have all the materials and tools to help you accomplish the task with ease. The materials and stains should also blend well with your interior décor.

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