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How to Build a Swivel Bar Stools with a Back?

Buying good and quality swivel bar stools for your commercial bar can be expensive, and with their touch and décor addition they introduce to your bar, you can avoid them or replace them with other bar stools. So, what do you do if you don’t have enough money to buy a swivel bar stools? Well, others will recommend you consider buying second hand or vintage types to act as your bar stools. Vintages and second hand do not bring the real experience, and the only way out is to build your swivel stools. The aim is to minimize the cost of buying a new bar stool while maintaining your bar’s general décor.

Why Should You Build Your Swivel Bar Stools with Back?

As a business owner or a bar owner, it is wise to find alternative ways of acquiring your bar stools. And some of the reasons as to why you should build your swivel bar stools are as follows;

swivel bar stools

Reduce Buying Cost

Business is all about saving and minimizing spending while maximizing revenue building your bar stools allow you to save some buying cash. A quick check we did online and in the shops found that buying a fully customized and designed stool will cost you $1500 but building your own will cost you approximately $500.

Customize your Design

When building your own bar stools, you can easily develop a design that fits into your bar space well and your customer’s needs. Buying new and designed bar stools limits you to the designer’s specification and spacing needs. With your dimensions, you can easily customize a design to fit into your kitchen island and your bar space. This is one of the major benefits of designing and building your commercial swivel bar stools.

The Right Size and Shape

When buying bar stools, your bar design or the counter limit you from buying good and quality swivel bar stools, but if you break the process down and build your own, you can easily come up with a flexible option that fits into your space. Also, having your design helps you pick the right size for the counter stools and the lounge. Drafting your plan also enables you to meet the shape specifications that meet your bar and kitchen space. Buying these stools from a carpenter can limit you from picking the right shapes to fit in your counter or under the island space.

Originality and Uniqueness

When it comes to your interior design, your bar stools’ uniqueness and originality should always define your creativity and style. Building your design allows you to have your relation with the swivel bar stool your design. This also plays a huge role in the colors and other interior decors to pick with your new design. Like any other art building, your design improves your bar appearance and even attracts people to your commercial bar space.

How to Build a Swivel Bar Stool with a Back

Building a stool from scratch can be confusing; it is always advanceable to have all of your assembly wood or material dimensions and other fitting done with a professional. The guide will outline some steps to build a swivel wooden bar stool and some fitting supplies and tools required for the task. If you plan to use iron or any other material, then the supplies might vary; what we guarantee is the procedure will always be the same.

high back swivel bar stools with backs

Tools and Accessories Needed

  • Wood glue
  • Clamps
  • Sliding bevel
  • Screws
  • Protector
  • Saw
  • Pencil or a Marker
  • Tape measure
  • Dowelling
  • Plane
  • Clear finish or stain
  • Safety goggles or glasses
  • Sandpaper
  • A rotating swivel plates

The size of wood you need depends on the bar stool’s height and the number of bar stools you wish to make. In general, it is recommended that when building a bar stool with a back, you should at least allow a 30 cm between the seat height and the height of the counter.

Steps 1

Measure your bar kitchen island or the table height and then subtract nine to thirteen inches; this is about 21.9 and 33 centimeters to get your bar stool height. Cut your wood, giving the allows for finishing and other softening practices like planning and sanding. Here you can buy ready-made parts or hire someone to help you cut and customize them to your shapes and designs.

Step 2

Using a marker or a pencil, make some marks on where you should make some holes; these should be your joining centers between the stool legs and the stools’ top. You can use a drilling machine to make holes for easy joining.

Step 3

Screw all of your frame design to your bar stool legs ensure you hold them well you can use a glue first before finalizing with the screws or nails. With everything held in place, you can join the legs and extra supports and a top plane with an extra hole for swivel top plates. When fitting your backrest, ensure the total height is half the additional extension in the backrest and arms.

Step 4

Screw your swivel plate in place, ensure your grease, and reduce friction; some plates come with a self-greasing mechanism when buying ensure you have the right swivel plate for your stool. With everything in place, you can use sandpaper and try to remove extensions while creating a soft surface.

Step 5

Decorate and paint the stool top, plywood base, and the legs; you can also transport your stools from your workshop to your kitchen island.


Making your own swivel bars stools with a backrest can be a wise investment; they not only ensure you have the best stools but also customized options that fit into your commercial bar. The guide has some building steps on how to build a wooden bar stool, and if you wish to make a stool made of something else, ensure you test for the strength of the material before making any step; you can also hire a specialist to help you design the shapes of the parts.

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