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How to Build Farmhouse Bar Stools?

Buying a farmhouse stools can be simple but is also a waste of money since you can set up an assembly workshop and come up with the best bar stools. As they say, designing is all about understanding the concept, and our role is to ensure that you understand step by step all the key procedures on how to make your bar stools. The guide will also outline some basic factors that you should consider when building your farmhouse kitchen and bar stool to buy good and better building materials.

Why You Should Build Your Farmhouse Bar Stools?

Building and assembling your bar stools has many benefits as a commercial bar owner, and here are some top benefits as to why you should consider building than buying.

farmhouse bar stools

Economical and Cheaper

In a normal market, a ready-made bar stool will cost you a minimum price of $400, but this depends on the design or the size of the stool. A fully customized and adjustable stool will roughly cost you $800. So, on a normal market price, a good stool fixed by the designer at the ends of the day will cost you a value that ranges from $400 to $800.

On the other hand, buying materials used to build the same stool in the same furniture shop showed a decrease in price to $300, which is somehow cheaper to buy parts and assembly them in your workshop. But building your bar stool from scratch will cost you a maximum price of $50, which is more than 80% lower than the initial price of a fixed bar stool.

You Can Customize your Design

Buying a ready-made bar stool means you imitated the designer’s idea about the stool and its spacing in your bar or kitchen space. But coming up with your style helps you draw and design bar stools compatible with your bar space or kitchen island. You are the only person who understands the size and the shape of your bar space, and building your farmhouse bar stool should reflect your design.

Uniqueness and Originality of the Design

Many ready-made bar stools have one appearance, and buying them means the same spacing requirement and arrangement specifications. But with your idea and style, you can develop something new and appealing to your indoor space and even attract many customers. This also improves your creativity and innovation ability, not only saving you some bar stool buying cash.

If you do not want to build it by yourself, here are picked farmhouse bar stools in premium quality:

How to Build Farmhouse Bar Stools?

Farmhouse bar stools have a unique building and assembly procedure; we went ahead and researched those steps; The guide will explain a wood farmhouse bar stool, but you can use this step in any form of bar stool you wish to build. We also assumed that the piece of wood you are working with is already smooth or designed for this task. You can buy ready-made parts in any furniture store or hire a carpenter to help you prepare the building parts.

what are farmhouse bar stools

Step: 1 Cutting of Building Materials

Cut a 20’’ piece of 2 x 11, two 11’’ piece of 1 x11, and then divide the final piece of 15’’ long by 1 x11’’ into three equal pieces. These dimensions are measured to an accuracy level of + or – 1, and you can adjust them depending on your design.

Step:2 Fixing of legs and the Backrest

Join the 11’’ piece to the 20’’ piece to allow the base and the leg to hold the seat pad strong. Simultaneously, keeping the longer side of 20’’ piece flushing with all the 11’’ portion edges. Make holes using your hand drill machine, these holes depend on the decking screws you intend to use, but they should be at least 2’’. Drill through the top of 20’’ piece and into the sides of 11’’ pieces.

Step: 3 Fix the Brace Bars

Join or glue the brace bars with the 15’’ pieces halfway along with the 11’’ pieces and then use the drilled holes to and 2’’ screws to secure the seat pad in place. It’s also wise to consider using hardwoods to provide enough strength and don’t crack while fixing the screw and having that natural appearance for your bar.

Step:4 Sand the Step Farmhouse bar stool

Sand the stool once the binder or the glue has set to prepare your final farmhouse stool for painting and any other vintage décor. Here you should use a different type of sandpaper to ensure that you get the best finishing. You can also fit some rubber stickers to the stool legs to reduce sliding or scratching the floor.

Step: 5 Painting

Paint your stool, or you can use any wood satin available, but this depends on your style and design of the chair you want. Replace rubber runners if they did not fit well in step 4 and other decorations. At this stage, your stool is ready to use immediately after the paint dries out.

Accessories and Tools Needed. A tape measure, a marker or a pencil, sandpaper, hand drilling machine, at least 2’’ screw, building a wood or any other material depending on your design.

Factors to Consider When Building a Farmhouse Bar Stool

There are factors that you should always consider when building your farmhouse stools. Some of those factors are as follows;

The Size and Design of the Stool

Before making any step towards the building, it is wise to have a rough idea about the design you want, and this should provide your bar space with the best interior décor. And lastly, the size of the stools you wish to in our kitchen island the size is always dictated with the size of the counter and your commercial space’s arrangement. The two factors should allow you to develop a better design when building your bar stool.

Type of Material to Use

Which material do you like as building supports of your bar stools? This is also determined by the type of the floor, your bar or kitchen island has and the amount of money you are willing to spend in building your farmhouse stool. Building a wood bar stool is somehow cheaper than steel or iron options.

Multiple bar stools built with different materials for choosing:


Building your bar stools is a simple way of saving you some cash; it also helps you develop your design and shape. And as a business person, the goal is to minimize spending and maximize returns, and the best way is to reduce bar stool buying costs by building them.


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