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How To Build Kitchen Bar Stools Out Of Trees Wood?

Kitchen bar stools add style to your home. You need these stools to contribute to your magnificent decor. There are many wood choices for you to choose from when you want to make bar stools. Trees like mahogany, oak, bamboo, teak can all be used in the making of kitchen bar stools. Kitchen bar stools are a necessity in your home as they don’t interfere with any of the interior themes you have.

diy bar stools with trees

Things You Will Require

The materials you will need to build your kitchen bar stools depend on the kind of bar stool you want to build. If you wish to build a wooden kitchen bar stool, the following are the items you will require;

Wood, screws, protractor, wood glue, goggles, sandpaper, plane, clamps, pencil, saw, tape measure, square, chisel, nails, and metal shavings.

Types of Kitchen Wooden Bar Stools

Below are the different kinds of wooden bar stools that you will find on the market today.

Backless wooden kitchen bar stools.

These kinds of bar stools are meant for cafes, lunchrooms, bars, and the kitchen. They do not possess an armrest or a backrest.

Backrest wooden Kitchen bar stools.

These are bar stools that have a backrest to help support your back. They bring about a stylish aura in your kitchen. Don’t miss out on having comfort in your kitchen and get these kitchen bar stools.

How to Build Kitchen Backless Bar Stools?

building bar stools in tree

Method 1.

Steps to use:

1. Find the tree you want to use, and make your kitchen backless bar stools. You should have a tree trunk that you can cut three of 18 segments from. A chainsaw will come in handy to help get rid of the exterior of the tree.

2. Using a tape measure, measure the inches of wood you want to get rid of from the tree trunk. After this, go ahead and take your saw to cut through the wood leaving the middle part of the trunk only.

3. Take your square and measure the areas for the inlays. A 12/ 2 width by 2/1 depth is a precise measurement for each side of the tree trunk.

4. Cut the location across the inlays, and you need to make sure your saw is 2/1deep.

5. There will be some wood remnants visible, and they need to be removed. Using a chisel, clean the remnants away and get a clear view of your job so far.

6. Take plywood and create epoxy forms. Go ahead and cut a backer for the inlays. Make sure your measurements align with those of the inlays. Cut 2/1 separator strips and use nails to fasten them.

7. Get a hold of copper shavings to use on the making of your backless kitchen bar stools.

8. Get the same amounts of resin and hardener into separate containers and then pour them in the same bucket whereby you will stir for three to four minutes.

9. Pour this mixture into the inlays and ensure that you don’t overfill the form.

10. Lightly heat the epoxy with a blow torch and stop once you notice the air bubbles have disappeared. Let it get hard for a whole day.

11. Using your sandpaper, scrub the barstool to a fine smooth finish that feels good on your hands.

12. Stain the stool with stain and sealer then take a rag and work the stain to ensure that the stool looks well done.

13. After the epoxy is hard, do a separating activity on the inlays and forms. Remove the 2/1 inches strips using a spackle knife as it will prevent you from scratching the backer.

14. Use silicone to attach the epoxy strips to the inlays. Tape the epoxy into the inlays and install felt pads on each bottom corner of the kitchen stool.

Following the above steps precisely give you a perfect backless wooden bar stool.

How to Build Kitchen Backrest Bar Stools?

Method 2.

Steps to use:

1. Find the tree you want to use, cut the middle part as it is the best part to use. Once you have your tree trunk, use your hand saw to cut the trunk to get rid of the outer part of the tree trunk.

2. Once you have your wood, cut two 44 inches for the back legs and two 26 2/1 inches for the front ones. Measure back, side, front, outside seat, inside seat boards, and seat supports depending on the size of the backrest bar stool you want.

3. Drill holes on the boards except for the seat boards. Attach the front part of the stool with screws and also use some wood glue on the activity.

4. Connect the front with the sideboards that offer you the chance to get the seat support and attach them to the almost done bar stool.

5. Before you attach the seat boards, you can glue them on the top side of the stool and give them time to dry to allow you to attach them without drilling holes that may show up on the top side.

6. Coat your backrest kitchen bar stool with varnish, and give it a glamorous shine. After you have done this, you can enjoy your amazing backrest bar stool.

Maintenance Tips for Your Kitchen Bar Stools

The activity of caring for your kitchen bar stools is one you can master by a snap of a finger. It is not time-consuming for you to ensure your stools look as good as new at all times. These are some of the tips you can use to maintain the quality of your kitchen bar stools;

– Keep the kitchen bar stools away from direct sunlight. Provide shade for your kitchen bar stools.
– Don’t let your kitchen bar stool get into contact with water for long. Let your stool rest in a dry area.
– Varnish mostly starts to wear off after some years of using these stools. Make it a habit of sanding your stool and applying varnish again.
– Prevent your kitchen bar stools from getting stained by wiping any stains immediately using a clean cloth.
– Dusting the stools also allows the kitchen bar stools to last for long and stay in good condition at all times.
– If by any chance your kitchen bar stool is not varnished, use wood oil to prevent them from fading out.
– Avoid using solvents like paint remover, alcohol, or polish remover around your kitchen bar stools as they can easily damage the stain you have used on them.


This article has provided you with the best and simplest methods to build your kitchen wooden barstool. With the above methods, you can save yourself some money by not purchasing ready-made wooden kitchen bar stools.

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