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How to Build Songmics Adjustable Bar Stools?

There is something special and unique about a cold beer sliding across a soft and smooth oak surface as you sit perched at a Songmics adjustable leather bar stool. Buying such a cool bar stool can be extremely costly, but with some basic ideas, several appropriate tools, skills, and hard work, you can come up with your own at a lower and economical price. Using the guidelines and supplies in our guide, you can build a custom Songmics adjustable bar stool, and due to its simplicity, the results are guaranteed.

Why do You Need to Build Your Songmics Adjustable Stools?

Building your bar stools has many benefits, and for commercial bar space, it’s even better to have your workshop; here are some benefits of building your bar stools.

songmics adjustable bar stools

1 Economical and Cheaper way of Securing Barstools

In a case study conducted by our guide, we found that on a random basis, a fully customized and fixed bar stool in the market cost up to $1000. This depends on the type/design of the stools you buy; the minimum cost is $400. Buying some parts and assembling it yourself summed up to $300, which is somehow cheaper. But building your bar stools from scratch recorded a minimum figure of $150 to $250. Building your own seats reduces the amount of money spent purchasing up to 65% on a simple business and economical approach.

2 Improved and Compatible Designs

One thing that determines the type of stools you should buy is your space, and most designers have no idea about the shape and the size of your bar space. Thus, designing random bar stools will occupy a larger area and bring something else to your bar space. You are the only person and a better designer who understands your indoor space, and its shape and designing stools that can fit into your space can be easy and simple.

3 The Right Type of Barstools

Different bar stools have additional compatibility when it comes to the counter kitchen islands. With your design, you can draft a better design that will provide you with better décor and compatibility.

How to Build Songmics Adjustable Bar Stools?

Building your bar stools is always simple, and it doesn’t matter which type you are interested in the building and joining process is the same; here are some steps you should use.

songmics adjustable stools

Step: 1 Cutting of Building Pieces

Cut an 18’’ piece of 1.5 x 12, two 11’’ pieces of 1.5 x12’’, then split with a final piece of 15.5’’ long one x11.5 into 3, long equal parts. Disclaimer: These are dimensions for regular Songmics adjustable bar stools, and they can be adjusted depending on your design.

Step: 2 Attach/Join the Adjustable Column

Glue the 11.5’’ piece to the 18 inches piece to form the legs while keeping the longer side of the 11.5’’ pieces flushing with the bar stool edges of the 18 inches piece. Drill pilot or screw holes and then use a 1.5’’ to 2’’ decking wood screw to drill through the seat pad of 18’’ piece through the sides of 11.5 inches piece. In between the seat pad and the base should be your adjustable column to help you lower and raise the bar stool.

Step:3 Attach the Brace Seat Bars

Fix/glue the two 15.5’’ pieces halfway along with the 11.5’’ parts and then use the drilled holes and 1.5’’ decking screws to hold them in place well. You can use any screw size, but the size you choose should be adjacent to the wood or material size you use. Look for more information about the right size of screws to use with the specific material size before moving towards building or joining parts. Here you can include your adjustment plate, or rotational feature buy incorporating it beneath the legs.

Step: 4 Softening the Stool

This is part of finishing your bar stool and depends on how rough your stool or any glue additional in the surface. Sand the whole bar stool once the glue has cured and set your bar stool for painting and other edges finishing.

Step: 5 Finishing

Paint or use any stain, depending on your design and appearances. Here you can add some finishing tricks like adding a rubber runner along the base and at the bottom of the feet to prevent your bar stool from sliding. Allow your stool to dry up in the shade or cool air. Like backrest or footrest, other fittings require a small twist in the process, but the whole process repeats itself.

Factors to Consider when Building Songmics Adjustable Bar Stools

When building Songmics adjustable bar stools, it is wise to understand that these stools have different features, and making one can differ from those in the shop or in the bar you visited. Some of the key considerations when making a good Songmics stool are as follows;

1 The Height of the Stool

When building these types of bar stools, it is wise to consider the height of the chair. Each size has its pros and cons, and to understand it better, it is good if you first assess the shape of your bar space or that of your island. So, when building any bar stools, ensure you understand the height well and its ability to adjust to a maximum height.

2 The Design of the Stool

You should always consider the design and shape of the stool you wish to build. Take your time and try to analyze different market styles, but your final choices should provide a proper fitting into your bar space. The design will also determine the number of bar stools you should build in a specific bar space, so having a full copy of your design will help you better design.

3 Type of Material to Use

The material to use should be one of the key considerations before you set up your fitting workshop. Different stools have different designs and materials to develop a full kitchen or Songmics adjustable. Ensure any material you pick is strong and durable.


Building your bars stools is one of the wisest ways to reduce the amount you spend in equipping your commercial bar. The guide has outlined some of the basic steps you can follow and a good bar stool. You can also find other ideas online on how to do some finishing and painting.

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