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How to Choose Backless Bar Stools Size for Bar and Counter

If comfort is your priority, then one of the things that you need to consider when choosing a backless bar stool is the size. Ideally, when you consider the size, there are a lot of components you need to consider. However, it is advisable to research and know some of the elements that will guide you to make an ideal option. Depending on the type of bar stool that you need, ensure that you consider the width and the height when making your purchase. Continue reading this post to find out how to choose backless bar stools size.

How to choose backless bar stools size

Backless Bar Stools of Different Sizes

As mentioned above, there are various components that you need to consider once you decide to look for a backless bar stool. However, size is among the critical elements that you should offer top priority, especially if you like spending a lot of your free time at the bar. The following are the backless bar stools of different sizes that you need to consider.

> 24inch Backless Bar Stools

If you have been visiting different bars, I bet you have noticed that bar stools are designed in various styles. You will realize that some stools have a backrest, and others are backless. Also, they come with different sizes and styles for people to choose their preferred stools, depending on their needs.

A 24-inch backless bar stool is becoming more popular these due to its size and shape. In most incidents, these stools are mainly used in countertops in the kitchen. When using it, ensure that your bar’s countertop is about 36-inch tall from the ground. Apart from using them at the bar, you can also consider installing them in your dining area.

Best Comfortable White Wooden Backless Bar Stools

> 26inch Backless Bar Stool

It is essential to understand that the height of the stool can determine the place and the function of the seat. A 26-inch backless bar stool is suitable with a top that has about 36inches above the ground. With this type of stool, you will notice that the height difference between the sitting and the tabletop is comfortable.

You can use this type of stool in a kitchen island where informal dining or sitting can be done. Due to this reason, it is vital to understand that the kitchen island can be installed with this stool to increase the space.

Best Industrial 26″ Metal Backless Bar Stools

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> 29-inch Backless Bar Stool

The 29-inch bar stool is widely known as the bar height stool. With this type of seat, it is likely to suit various places such as the bar countertops. Since bars are created or designed to have high countertops, this is the right type of stool that will suit any bar. If you want to observe various things as they unfold while drinking your favorite beer, this is the proper sitting equipment you need to use. It will help you to have a relaxed environment.

Best Selling 29-inch Backless Wooden Bar Stool

> 30-inch Backless Bar Stool

As mentioned earlier in this post, bar stools can be divided by different heights. On the same note, the height of the bar stool depends on the height of the tabletops. That is why a 30inch backless bar stool can be comfortably used in bars. With these stools, bar countertops should be higher than the kitchen countertops. So, if you have a 42 inch counter, then these 30inch barstools are the most recommendable.

Best 30 Inch Backless Swivel Bar Stools

How to Choose Backless Bar Stools Size

The following are other factors that you need to consider when looking for the perfect backless bar stool size.

1. Seat Width and Comfort

When you are buying a 24inch bar stool, make sure that you consider measuring the seat width. Ideally, you will find various stools with a diameter of approximately 15, 17, and 21″ wide. If you want a comfortable stool with a wider and comfortable seat, ensure that you measure its width. With a 24inch backless bar stool, it will ensure that you are suitable depending on the table height that you are using.

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2. Bar Stool Width

When you consider the dimensions of your bar stool, you need to take your time and figure out the stool width. In most cases, backless bar stools come with diameters that are 21′, 17′ and 15′. However, it is crucial to understand that a bar stool’s width can directly impact the number of seats that can fit in a given space. When choosing these types of bar stools, make sure that you measure your bar or counter’s width and know the right number of seats that will suit in your bar.

Best 12 x 12 Seat Bar/Counter Height Backless Bar Stools

3. Seat Height

When choosing the right backless bar stool size, another essential factor that you need to consider is the seat height. Ideally, most bar stools come in four standard seat height dimension. You can get extra tall, bar, counter, and short stool. However, each height is meant to be paired with a different and specific table height. To determine the right size that you need, ensure that you measure the height of your tabletop.

Best 22″-33″ Seat Height Adjustable Bar Stool without Back


Backless Bar-Height Stools

As the name suggests, bar stools are chairs that are specifically designed to fit in bars. In most incidents, you will notice that they are tall and narrow to fit or suit the height of tables used in various bars and pubs. Also, for styles and elegance, it is crucial to note that bar stools are made with quality materials such as metal and wood. When you are buying backless bar stools, here are the buying tips you need to consider.

1. Measure Your Counter Height

When buying a backless bar stool, make sure that you start your process by measuring your counter height. One of the general rules that you need to remember is that your bar stool needs to match your bar’s height. However, for a standard bar, you need to choose bar height stools safely. But once you measure your counter height, you will know the right type of backless bar stool that will suit you.

Best for 42″ Counter – 30″ Cushioned Bar Stool with No Backs

2. Consider Looking for Convenient Features

Simple features make a difference when keeping your visitors comfortable. When you buy a backless bar stool, take your time to identify the right tips or factors that you need. For instance, you can decide to go for backless swivel bar stools because they have modern features that make it easy for guests to turn around and make themselves comfortable.

Best Convenient 34″ Extra Tall Swivel Barstools without Backs

3. Durable Seating Materials

Buying a quality backless bar stool means that it has modern features and durable seating materials. In most cases, wood is a common material for bar stool seats and frames. Most people consider choosing seats with wood because they are durable, and they offer a traditional look.

Best Durable Wood 29.5″ Bar Height Stools No Backs


Counter-Height Backless Swivel Bar Stools

The counter height backless swivel bar stools are not common in the market, but they have unique features that can help you change your mind. To some extent, they bring much convenience to your life, and they also help you save a lot of energy. Before purchasing yours, you need to understand that some are equipped with high, short backs to offer you support when sitting. However, others are backless, and they can suit you, depending on your needs. If you want to choose the best counter height backless swivel bar stool, the following are the factors you should consider.

1. Footrest

As mentioned above, counter swivel bar stools are a bit different, and it is essential to ensure that you identify the right tips or factors that you need to consider before making your selection. It is advisable to choose a counter swivel stool with a footrest if you aim at finding comfort in your bar. Unlike a dining room chair, most people will not be resting their feet on the ground once they sit on a counter stool. Therefore, aim at buying one with a footrest.

Best Counter Height Adjustable Backless Bar Stools with Footrest

2. Seat Size

In the process of purchasing a counter backless swivel stool, make sure that you consider the seat size. In other words, seats should match with your bums. However, for adults, it is advisable to get deeper and wider seats. If your countertop width is narrow, it is crucial to note that wide stools will fit the available space. But when the countertop is shallow, avoid going for a deep seat.

Best 24 Inch Backless Swivel Counter Stools with Padding


Top Benefits of Using Counter Height Backless Swivel bar Stools

Swivel bar stools offer a lot of benefits to users. First, with every twist and turn of your torso, the seat moves with you. Due to this reason, most people want to purchase these stools. However, since this stool turns while a person is sitting on it, falling form, this type of seat is easy.

That is why people opt for swivel bar stools with backs. When you are using this type of seat, it is advisable to ensure that you are careful to avoid causing accidents that can cause severe injuries. The following are the benefits of buying these counter swivel bar stools.

1. Sturdy Materials

When buying a swivel bar stool, one of the essential factors that you need to consider is the materials used. In most cases, most manufacturers consider using wooden materials. However, since every person wants to purchase a quality stool, most manufacturers and suppliers ensure that they are selling modern and durable stools that will last for an extended period.

Best Sturdy Backless Leather & Chrome Bar Stools 250 lbs

2. Easy to Assemble

Buying a unique and complex bar stool can be hard for you when you want to assemble it. A unique bar stool has different sections that can be a little bit challenging for you to join. But when it comes to swivel counter height backless stools, they are simple in design, which is why they are easy to assemble.

3. Extra Modern Features

It has been discovered that most swivel counter bar stools come with extra features, unlike others. With this type of seat, it will be easy for you to relax at your favorite place, doing what you like most.

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Types of Backless Bar Stools

You can decide to purchase backless bar stools depending on your lifestyle and your needs. However, before buying them, it is crucial to ensure that you know the available types. Read more.

1. Backless Swivel Bar Stools

If you like visiting bars during your free time, you have come across a swivel bar stool. It is mostly used in clubs since most people like rotating it at 360 degrees. In other words, while seated on this bar stool, you can move around and face different directions.

Hot Selling Round Swivel Backless Bar Stools

2. Backless Metal Bar Stools

As mentioned before, most backless bar stools are designed with various functions using different types of material. As the name suggests, metallic backless bar stools are made out of metal. These types of seats are seen mostly in restaurants and hotels.

Best Stackable Outdoor Metal Backless Bar Stools

3. Backless Wooden Bar Stool

If you are planning to install a wooden bar stool in your home, make sure that it matches your house’s interior design. In most cases, when homeowners purchase wooden bar stools, they tend to look for the perfect type that can match with the décor of the house. But they are widely used because they offer a straightforward and aesthetic appearance.

Best Walnut Wood 24 Inch Backless Counter Stools

4. Adjustable Backless Bar Stools

It is critical to understand that some bar stools are adjustable. In most cases, these stools are mostly used to provide a 260 view. With an adjustable backless bar stool, you can quickly adjust it into a comfortable height, depending on your preferences.

Best Adjustable Bar Stools without Backs


Functions and Features of Swivel Bar Stools

There are various types of swivel bar stools that you can get in the market with different features and functions. The following are some of the services and features that you need to know.

1. Good for Photo Studios

If you want to open a photography studio or center, this is among the first sitting tool that you need to have. With this stool, people can quickly turn around in many directions to get nice captured photos. Therefore, it is the perfect stool that can suit different places due to its features.

2. Convenient for Make-Up Artists

counter height stools

For those individuals running a makeup studio or center, swivel bar stools will be an ideal option. If you have customers sitting on this type of seat, they can turn themselves around comfortably and quickly. Doing this, you will be checking how the makeup goes when the light comes from various directions.

3. For Social Receptions

For those individuals who enjoy inviting many friends over for a party, there are chances that you may lack seating options. In a scenario where you want to host a party, make sure that you use bar stools.

They will be the perfect solution and a swivel function will be an added bonus in such situations. In other words, with these stools, your guest can sit in whichever direction they want to.

Best Versatile Adjustable Height Swivel Backless Barstool


Final Words

With this guide, you must have known something about how to choose backless bar stools size. Once you pick the stools of the best size for your place, anyone visiting there will enjoy the benefit. So, here we list the top 3 best quality backless barstools of varying sizes. Don’t miss their benefits!

Top 3 Best Reviewed Backless Bar Stools

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