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How to Choose Best Backless Bar Stools Types?

Do you want to restructure your kitchen island, dining room, or your bar? Or do you want to open your new bar with stylish and comfortable stools but budget-friendly and space-saving? Then backless bar stools are your thing. Generally, sitting on a barstool feels good and fun, this is due to the high height and the change from the normal chairs.choose backless bar stools

Backless bar stools are designed for comfortable sitting at the bar countertops. Ideally, the activities that are done in a bar mainly involve sitting and standing. Generally, bar stools are designed to allow comfortable conversation between those who are seated and those standing, by ensuring that the eye level of both parties is almost equal.

Backless bar stools boast several ideal features that make them ideal for several uses, both indoor and outdoor, and both commercial and residential uses. Backless bar stools can be divided into several types including backless swivel bar stools, adjustable backless bar stools, wooden bar stools, round backless bar stools, among others.

But the biggest question by most individuals is, which is the best backless bar stools? This article will provide you with different types of backless bar stools and their advantages, to help you determine the best backless bar stools.

What Is the Best Backless Bar Stool on the Market?

Why Choosing Backless Bar Stools?

However, before embarking on the types, let’s first have a look at the general advantages of the backless bar stools.

1. Visual space.

Backless bar stools consist of fewer materials, hence the most streamlined bar stools among all the others. This enhances minimal visual distraction, as well as better air circulation within the room.

2. Smaller feces.

Backless bar stools boast a small and compact design, thereby occupying less airspace. This makes them ideal for limited and tight spaces without looking overcrowded. This also provides an aesthetic appearance.

3. Cheaper.

Backless barstools feature a simple construction involving the use of fewer materials. This means cheaper cost of production, hence cheaper prices compared to other bar stools.

4. Lightweight and portable.

The fact that they have a small and compact design, and made of fewer materials, these stools have a lightweight, hence easily portable.

5. Keeping you alert.

Taking of alertness, backless bar stools cannot be compared with other backrest bar stools or those comfy couches.

Which Types of Backless Bar Stools Should I Choose?

#1. Backless swivel bar stools.

Backless swivel bar stools are one of the versatile types of backless bar stools. Generally, backless swivel bar stools are those stools that you will never miss in any bar. These stools feature several features that enhance comfort and customizable user experience, in your kitchen or bar. The main feature of the backless swivel bar stools is the swivel function, which makes them the most ideal for bar use. The backless swivel bar stools are heavier than other backless bar stools, this also makes them more ideal for bar use.

The swivel function enhances easy rotation and better view all around the bar while relaxing with your beer, or at the kitchen island while taking your breakfast. However, backless swivel bar stools can be divided into two categories, based on the type of swivel mechanism: the degrees of rotation of the swivel function. The two types are 360-degree swivel and 180-degree swivel or memory-return swivel.

KKTONER Round Swivel Pub Kitchen Backless Bar Stools

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The following are the differences between the two types of swivel backless bar stools.

Differences between 360 degrees swivel and 180 degrees swivel 

1. 360-Degree swivel allows complete rotation of up to 360 degrees in either direction while sitting on the stool, while the memory-return swivel only allows rotation of up to 180 degrees, or 90 degrees to the right and left while sitting on the stool. This is the main difference.

2. With a 360-degree swivel, the stool remains at the position where you were sitting even after standing up, unlike the memory-return swivel where the stool springs back to the center after standing up.

3. Finally, the 360-degree swivel is more comfortable than the 180-degree swivel.

Hillsdale Furniture 360 Degrees Swivel Backless Counter Height Stool

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Advantages of Backless Swivel Bar Stools

The following are the advantages of the backless swivel bar stools.

1. Easy to sit.

Backless swivel bar stools allow you to easily sit on the stool or to get up compared to other bar stools without swivel function.

2. Easy to rotate.

With backless swivel bar stools, it is very easy and quick to rotate. The swivel function allows you to easily rotate up to 360 degrees while sitting on the stool. You don’t have to stand to rotate the stool, unlike the backrest bar stools without swivel function. This allows you to easily interact with people from different sides as well as viewing all around you without straining your neck.

COSTWAY Contemporary Hydraulic Leather Swivel Backless Bar Stool

adjustable swivel bar stools

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#2. Square backless bar stools.

Generally, bar stools are designed in many sizes and shapes, and just like the bar stool heights vary, so is the shape. The shape of your backless bar stools effects or determines the entire interior décor of your space. Generally, the appearance of your interior furniture can have a meaning to the mind of your viewers. Therefore, it is important to consider the shape of your bar stools.

The square shape has different effects compared to other shapes. Generally, interior design with angled shapes builds some energy to the viewer, and can also create tension. However, the energy can be either positive or negative depending on other elements. To balance the energy and reduce the tension, then you can consider square backless bar stools if your interior decor consists of other lofty designs. With this, then the square shape will create an appealing interior decor.

Square backless bar stools are designed for both formal and informal settings, thus more ideal compared to round backless bar stools, which are only ideal for informal sitting. Also, square backless bar stools tend to have a bigger seat size than other shapes, for instance, round shape, hence more comfortable.

Furmax Metal Indoor-Outdoor Square Backless Stackable Bar Stools

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Advantages of Square Backless Bar Stools

The following are the advantages of square backless bar stools.

1. A square shape or an angled shape helps in building energy to the viewer.
2. They have relatively bigger seat sizes than most round backless bar stools.
3. They are ideal for both formal and informal settings.

Christopher Knight Leather Seat Backless Square Bar Stools

square leather bar stools

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#3. Tall backless bar stools.

Bar stools vary in height and can be divided into different categories based on height. Basically, different bar stools are designed for different bar countertops, hence varying heights. The standard height for any bar stool typically ranges from 29 – 32 inches high.

These bar stools are designed for bar and kitchen countertops with 39 – 42 inches height, hence ideal for both kitchen and bar usage.

29 – 32-inch backless bar stools can be considered as tall backless bar stools. However, there are other backless bar stools with extra-tall heights. The extra-tall backless barstools have their height ranging from 33 – 36 inches high. These backless bar stools are designed for extra-tall bar countertops with 44 – 47 inches high. They are mostly ideal for bars and a few kitchen countertops.

Winsome 29 Inch Bar Height Tall Backless Stool

bar height stools

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#4. Backless adjustable bar stools.

When you hear of the words backless adjustable bar stools, what should come into your mind is stools whose height can be modified to guarantee ultimate comfort. There is a great height variation between people which makes it hard to design the perfect height backless bar stool. A backless stool that is adjustable is the perfect way to accommodate different people with different heights.

Considering that the barstool is very flexible and can be placed in different spaces and rooms including bars and restaurants, kitchen island, and other outdoor spaces, adjustability is an outstanding feature. All these spaces come with different countertops and you already know that there are specific seat heights meant for specific countertops. This feature prevents situations where the seat is too high leaving no space for your thighs or rather your legs and also being too low making it hard to reach the countertop easily.

Backless adjustable bar stools work well with kids. This is because kids tend to play a lot and risk falling when seated on backless bar stools. Beings adjustable ensures their safety since you can adjust the height of the barstools. This minimizes fatal injuries in case of a fall compared to barstools that lack the adjustability feature.

Adjustability is very broad which means that the adjustable bar stools also feature a swivel. Revolving bar stools ensure that you have a 360 degrees view of your surroundings. This is a feature that is common with barstools meant for bars and restaurants. You get a perfect view while enjoying your drinks on the countertop. Backless adjustable bar stools that feature a swivel allow you to interact with your friends and have a great conversation without the need of turning or dragging your stools. The conversations stay smooth and interesting.

COSTWAY Round Top Pub Backless Adjustable Bar Stools with Footrest

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#5. Round backless bar stools.

Round is a great shape with a classy design and elegance thus when designed for the backless bar stools, it makes your spaces have a modern and stylish appearance. Due to their shape, the round backless bar stools are very common in bars and restaurants as well as kitchen islands. Another good thing that adds to their charming appearance is the absence of angles and solid shapes.

Furthermore, the round backless bar stools can be placed anywhere, where informal sitting is appreciated and this is in bars and pubs. In your home, the informal setting is mainly near your kitchen. Most kitchens in modern homes are located within the semi-public area. Moreover, the kitchen countertops make the perfect place for placing or rather arranging your round backless bar stools.

Due to their round shape, these stools lack edges which is great news. It is easier for you to turn around without worries about being hurt by the edges. This limits floor scratching since the need to drag your stool to catch a conversation is eliminated. Most of the round backless bar stools are heavy and users find it quite challenging to move them from one place to another, the reason you will find them in bars to avoid seat movements.

You can also arrange the round backless bar stools close together since there are no edges to inconvenience your movements. This makes them space-saving for your small rooms and allows you to invite a bigger number of guests compared to when using square backless bar stools.

Ravenna Home Round Backless Kitchen Bar Stools with Swivel Seat

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#6. Modern backless bar stools.

When the term modern is used in the design of backless bar stools, then it means that they are simple and reasonable. The modern design includes the latest materials with the best finish such as chrome or brass finish. The aspect of durability has to be included for backless bar stools to be categorized as modern and competing in the top market.

Therefore, the modern backless bar stools are made of powdered aluminum or galvanized steel to prevent corrosion and rusting. Simple designs that are realistic can make the modern backless bar stools. When your furniture or rather a design is applied, you ought to keep in mind the modern interior designing of your spaces. This is because the point of focus will be how the modern backless bar stools blend with your interior design.

If the modern bar stools do not match with your interior décor, the appearance will be disturbing to your guests and in turn, ruin the whole interior atmosphere. In the end, you will have a room that is unpleasant and no one wants to sit. “Modern” is a broad term that means the latest designs and features. These modern bar stools should ensure ultimate comfort with the best paddling, cushioning, height adjustability feature, footrest, and a swivel.

All these are modern features that ought to be present in your backless bar stools for incredible comfort. These stools should improve your overall performance be it in your workplace or in your comfort zone.

Angel Line Cambridge 24″ Modern Backless Bar Stools

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How to Pick the Best Backless Bar Stools?

Below are some of the factors that you ought to consider:

modern backless bar stools types

1. Size.

If comfort is your priority, then size is a factor that you ought to consider when choosing your backless bar stool. When you consider size, there are a number of things that you need to look at including height and seat width. Bar stools with height adjustable features are the best option since it is quite hard to determine the height of every person. The bar stool width will directly affect the number of stools that you can place in your spaces. Measure the counter width to determine the number of stools that will fit in that space.

2. Seat cushion.

Depending on the time that you will spend sitting on your barstools, you might be required to consider a seat that is cushioned or padded for ultimate comfort. The cushion materials are either natural or synthetic fibers and all have their advantages and drawbacks. You will just need to do your homework well to determine the materials that best suits you.

3. Style.

It is important to consider backless bar stools with designs that match your modern home décor. If you choose wood finishes, match them with your cabinets or your hardwood flooring for a uniform look.

In conclusion, backless bar stools are versatile furniture that can be placed in bars, restaurants, kitchen islands, and many other places. They come in different sizes and designs to maximize customer satisfaction. This article has reviewed the best backless bar stools, their benefits as well as tips to consider before making your purchase.

Top Pick 3 Best Backless Bar Stools with Different Types


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