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How to Make a Kitchen Step Stool for Children?

Most homeowners often prefer having a kitchen step stool that is friendly to your kids to access the kitchen tables and chairs easily. However, these kids-friendly step stools are flooded in the markets, but if you compare them with building your own, you will realize that having your preferred size and design will eventually satisfy your taste. Uniquely, you can easily make it as it does not require many supplies and tools; therefore, we will guide you throughout the process and maintain it.

Why Do You Need a Kitchen Step Stool for Your Children?

Since kids are growing up, they love participating in kitchen activities such as reaching the kitchen shelves, washing hands, accessing the kitchen tables, and sitting on the kitchen bar stools, thus requiring a step stool. Therefore, there are benefits that you will enjoy by making these kitchen step stools for your kids.

make kitchen step stools

1 Enhances children’s balance

With kitchen step stools for children, your kid will probably learn good balancing since they will climb on the kitchen stools without any help. However, you don’t have to worry since our guidelines on making these kids-friendly step stools; we have focused on your kids’ safety; therefore, it will offer an appropriate opportunity for them to learn good balancing. If they require support, they will grab the railing as they stand on it for support and balance.

2 Enhances the independence of the children

Making a step stool for the children will ease your work since the kid can easily access the sink, kitchen tables, and other places, and therefore you won’t have to carry your kid to wash their hands or reach the kitchen shelves. Also, they will be glad to offer help with kitchen activities. However, such kitchen activities can be harmful to your kids if you don’t have a step stool since they will constantly hurt themselves when trying to reach the tables or sit on the kitchen stools.

3 Help builds your kids confidence

If you normally help your kids reach a height out of their hands, they won’t develop confidence, but with step stools, it will help them gain confidence since they can easily reach any height they want. Similarly, confidence is a basic character that your kids should develop at a younger age; therefore, step stools also plays. Don’t hesitate to make one!

4 Facilitates kid’s activities

Your kid will probably enjoy other additional benefits such as washing hands, playing games, brushing teeth, among others; therefore, you work on taking care of your kid’s activities will be catered for. Also, activities such as potty training are dependent on the step stools as it will help them in the potty position and their health.

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How to Make a Kitchen Step Stool for Children?

What makes these kitchen step stools for your kids unique is that you can easily design them without requiring many skills. Therefore, you can easily do it on your own, provided that you follow each step. So, to land on an amazing kitchen step stools for your kids, then be sure to acquire all the required materials and follow each step slowly. These steps are;

Tools and supplies

how to make kitchen step stools

Measuring tape
Cordless drill
Wood glue
Sanding block square
2-inch wood screws
52 inches length of the pine board
28 inches length of the pine board
24 inches length of the pine board

1 Assemble all the woods and modify them

It is the first step where you must assemble all the pieces of the woods to be used. But it will not guarantee you a perfect fitting; therefore, you will be required to make cuts to obtain the appropriate shape. So, we marked half of the 14-inch board of the longer side, and you are also required to mark 6 inches across the 14-inch board from the top.

2 Obtain the L shape and mark semi-circle cutouts

Cut the section you had marked at the first step using the jigsaw to create the kitchen step stool sides. Use the can to make the base legs and then draw the circles using a pencil. To generate the leg’s half-circle marks from the step stool front and when you are done, ensure that the half-circle should not be more than 7 inches.

3 Cut out the half circles and apply to sand

Use a jigsaw to cut along the outlined area of the half-circle while holding the workpiece securely. Once you have obtained the pieces, use a sanding block to sand the surfaces and the edges of the kid’s step stool. As a result, you prepare the bodies and the boundaries for the painting to adhere to it.

4 Attach all the sides to their respective positions

Once you have finished sanding, attach the boards and drill the pilot holes at the corners or the edges of the kid’s step stool, then place the wood glue on the sides for proper attaching, and you can then secure screws using a driver bit to hold the boards together. Be sure to choose a fitting screw appropriately.

5 Attach the front, back, and the steps

Fit the fitting-sized board into the bottom and secure it using the wood screws, and for the front side, you can use wood glue to hold it in place. For the bottom step, drill the holes along the sides, then use the glue or the screws to secure it in a good position.



When it comes to making a kitchen step stool for your children, it is essential to consider making it yourself, and it will probably save on the cost of purchasing the new one. It is also important to expose your kids to do things independently, and you will probably enjoy a lively family. From our guide, it is evident that you will reap a lot from the kitchen step stools for your children as they will easily access the kitchen shelves without your help.

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