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How to Make a Saddle Bar Stool Taller?

Sitting too low or having a saddle bar stool that doesn’t match your table or counter is awkward and uncomfortable. However, changing your counter or the table’s height might be costly hence inappropriate; therefore, you will need to change your saddle bar stool. Apart from changing the height, it is essential to determine the right height before undertaking the process. That’s why we have researched and provided you with the essential information regarding saddle bar stool height adjustment.

saddle bar stools height

How Tall Should a Saddle Bar Stool Be?

Before you begin to adjust the saddle bar stool’s height, it is crucial to figure out the appropriate height you require based on your table’s height or the counter. It is a simple task that will only involve talking measurements. Similarly, If you know the height of your counter, then you are good to go, but if you don’t have the measurement, then you should follow these steps;

  • Obtain the measurement of the counter or the table by measuring the height from the top to the floor and note it down
  • Measure the height of the saddle bar stool before changing its height.
  • Compare the height of the counter or the table with that of the saddle bar stool and record the difference.
  • Generally, the saddle bar stool should be approximately 10 inches shorter than the counter or the table.

But for our case, we want to make it taller. Therefore, you should note the difference between the saddle bar stool’s height and the counter should be 10 inches. And from there, we will use the difference to determine the height added to the saddle bar stool to achieve the recommended height.


How to Make a Saddle Bar Stool Taller?

Making your saddle bar stool taller is not a complicated task since you can easily do it yourself without any assistance. So, assemble the required tools and materials. We will use leg extenders to make our saddle bar stools taller; therefore, depending on the saddle bar stool’s design, you can choose to buy leg extenders or design them on your own. Please note that you can only design the leg extenders if your saddle bar stool has crossbars at the lower part of the legs. Here is what you should consider raising your saddle bar stool safely:

  • Check if the saddle bar stool joints are in good condition and, if not, try to fix it immediately.
  • Ensure that you have the right height measurements
  • Check the leg extenders if it has a maximum weight limit to prevent injuries

Here are the steps;

  1. Gather the saddle bar stool leg extenders based on the manufacturer’s directions.
  2. Check whether the extender has the spacer pieces and if there are, insert these spacer pieces inside the leg extender.
  3. Once you have inserted the spacer pieces, fit the leg extenders on the bottom of the saddle bar stool on each leg one by one while ensuring that they are well anchored, especially if the leg extenders have a locking mechanism. However, some leg extenders are designed to fit differently; therefore, ensure that you follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.


How Do You Space Your Saddle Bar Stool?

Spacing is a critical part that should not be taken lightly. However, we will focus on the spacing between the saddle bar stools, counter or the table, and the wall. So, you will have to consider the space available so that you can facilitate the following;

Spacing between the saddle bar stools:

When spacing them, the width and the style of the saddle bar stools often the determinant factors. However, an adequate spacing should range between 26 to 30 inches between the stools’ centers—this spacing offers adequate space for turning and eating without feeling squeezed.

Spacing between the saddle bar stool and the counter:

For easy maneuvering, you will need a clearance of about 18 inches, which means that the space between the back of your saddle bar stool and the edge of the counter should be 18 inches. So, avoid squeezing them, and since they are not fixed on the floor, your guests can also adjust to their favorite position.


How Do You Pick the Best Saddle Bar Stool?

There are various considerations that you should consider when looking for saddle bar stools. These are;

what are the height of saddle bar stools


It is essential to consider the style of construction based on your home décor requirement. Your section should match with your home interior design. Also, check whether your home interior design accommodates the color.


once you have decided on the style, you should also consider comfort. You should ask yourself who will be sitting on it; therefore, adults will require a more comfortable saddle bar stool than the kids.

The saddle bar stool height:

if you are not conversant with changing the saddle bar stool’s height, it is wise to consider having an adjustable one. This is because sitting too high or too low is exceptionally uncomfortable. However, you can also go for the one with a fixed height provided that you know all the dimensions of your table or the counter.

Adjustable saddle bar stools for different persons

The budget size:

The saddle bar stools’ price is a guiding factor such that you should sample out the best saddle bar stools and then check on their features. However, since there are various markets, you are guarantee a good saddle bar stool regardless of your account.


you should also pay attention to the type of design since some designs are prone to damage. Also, check on the customer’s reviews to hint at what you are about to buy.


What Are the Best Saddle Bar Stools that Worth Buying on the Market?



Making a saddle bar stool taller, is easy and thus, you don’t have to spend a lot while buying other bar stools. Similarly, learn to maintain them, and I am confident that they will last longer than you expected. What makes the saddle bar stools unique is that the home décor can easily accommodate it, so, Consequently, arm yourself with the necessary factors that you should consider to land on a good brand.

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