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How to Pick Comfortable Outdoor Bar Stools?

Bars tools are the best furniture options if you want to create a good and cool chill spot outdoors. However, other than choosing the right barstools for outdoors, your comfort and that of your guests should be paramount. In this article, we will give a guide on how to choose the best comfortable outdoor barstools and the best materials used for making the outdoor barstools.

How to pick the most comfortable outdoor bar stools

Check out the materials

Although the outdoor barstools require strong materials that can withstand the outdoor elements, you also need to consider how the materials affect your comfort. For example, the metal barstools are the best for outdoors, but again, the metal seat is not comfortable to sit on for too long.

So, as you select the barstools that have weather-resistant materials, make sure the stools are comfortable as well. In this case, choose barstools that have paddings on the seating area. Cushioned bar stools are great to sit for too long and look great as well.

The design

The outdoor bar stools are crafted in two styles. Some are equipped with a backrest and footrest, while others are designed with a backless style and footrest or without. The barstools designed with backrest and footrest are comfortable to sit on for too long since your back will not strain than when you sit on backless barstools.

Remember, for the backless barstools, and one needs to support their back using the body muscles, which can be uncomfortable. Also, the barstools made with backrest provide support to the lubra section; hence, ensuring even people with back problems can sit on the stools as long as they want. On the other hand, a footrest provides a good balance to the bodyweight by preventing the feet from dangling when one sits.

The height

The height of the barstools is highly determined by the tables you use with them. A good barstool should be high such that when you sit, your hands can rest on the table comfortably. So, you must measure the table’s height to help you choose the right barstools to use with the tables. If you are not sure about the right height of bar stools to buy, consider the ones with adjustable heights.

The size

In this case, we are talking about the size of the seat and the backrest. Comfortable barstools should have a large and wide seat that can accommodate multiple people who may sit on it. A barstool that you can comfortably sit on without hanging your legs is a win too.

Swivel or none?

Swivel bar stools are a great choice for creating a large area for the bar or a relaxing section. Swivel barstools rotate around such that you don’t necessarily need to get up to access something behind you or have a conversation with someone behind you. Note that not all bar stools are crafted with a swivel mechanism.

Some stools have all the above-discussed features but do not have a swivel design. So, if you are looking for a barstool with this design, make sure to check out the style.

What materials are the best for comfortable outdoor bar stools?

Wooden with upholstery fabrics

These are the warmest and comfortable material combo for outdoor barstools. Wooden barstools do not trap cold as the metal ones, and thus you can comfortably sit on them even without a cushion on top. But, if you want extra support on the back and the seating area, consider the barstools made with padded upholstery materials for comfort purposes.

Leather barstools

The other common material used for making comfortable outdoor barstools is leather. First off, leather is a quality material that is resistant to outdoor climates. Thus even after long exposure to rain, they cannot get easily damaged.

Most people prefer leather barstools because they are easy and comfortable to clean than any other material. Also, all the barstools that are made with leather materials have great paddings or support and comfort.

Chrome materials

Chrome materials are classy yet comfortable as well. The majority of chrome barstools are made with round bases and swivel mechanisms. The chrome materials are stable as well, one of the reasons they are recommended for outdoor areas.


Outdoor barstools come in different styles with varying materials that are comfortable and durable. So, you don’t have to compromise your comfort when buying the outdoor barstools since there are still good models with both features.

So, if you plan to set up a bar area on your patio or garden, use the above buying guide to help you choose the best comfortable outdoor barstools. Also, consider the stools made with the above-discussed materials.

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