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Is an Exercise Ball Better Than a Chair?

A stability ball is a conventionally used tool in routine exercise to improve body balance, to do squatting exercises, and to expand a range of motions. Most of the people are using exercise balls in place of office chairs. Too much sitting on the chair slows down the metabolism function of the body, increasing the risk of diabetes.

Apart from replacing the too much sitting with walking, how many people use the exercise balls which provides active sitting. Your chair restricts your body to limited adjustments in the lower body, hence leading to more abdominal strength and proper posture before using the stability ball, it is essential to understand the pros and cons of sitting on it, and how to do it.

is exercise ball chair better

Benefits of Using Exercise Balls

Sitting on an exercise ball increases your body calorie burn daily by small amounts because the ball allows several posture movements.

The stability ball helps to improve your body balance and stability, because of actively engaging the core abdominal muscles and preventing the muscles from falling off, hence promoting better posture.

On the stability, you can carry out a routine exercise and stretch, which helps to relieve some pains like back pains.

The non-dependence on the back support, the core muscles are tone and strength improved. Because, you can grab the stability balls and use them for exercises like ball squats, shoulder curl and press-ups, and planking with forearms on the ball.

Sitting on the exercise ball induces the inspiration to stretch out, as it lacks comfortable back and arm supports.

Risks of the Full Day Sitting on an Exercise Ball

Prolonged sitting on a stability ball increases back pains and fatigue because it lacks support again, hence the engagement of core muscles. Also, it may lead to risks of obesity and diabetes.

Sitting for so long in a stability ball increases the tightness of the muscles at the hip flexors, which later affects the overall body posture, walking posture, and body balance.

As much as you can mind engaging the muscles and maintaining proper posture, neck pains and lower back pains may appear due to lack of back support, also wrist and shoulder illness due to the absence of armrest.

What You Should Do Instead of Sitting on the Exercise Ball the Whole Day

ball chair vs. chair

You can sit on the exercise ball on intervals, rather than a prolonged period to improve your core activating benefits during the working day.

As you start using the stability ball, it is like a routine practice, begin with shorter sitting intervals of five minutes. Improve the time slowly as the body endurance increases.

Set your alarm reminder after at least every hour to stand up the ball and move around. The movement will reduce the amount of time you spend sitting on the stability ball. The reminder is also to help you change your posture periodically to avoid pain build-ups such as back pains.

What Are the Precautions to Observe if You Replace an Ordinary Chair with an Exercise Ball?

1. Size

The angle, inflation level, and height of your ball make a difference. When sitting, your thighs should be sloping downwards other than 90 degrees. Moreover, the ball should not be too tall for you to balance your wrist on the table.

2. Gradual time build

It would help if you built time gradually to ensure your body endures. You can start with 1 hour sitting time and build up your time daily because you may want to avoid exclusive seated on a chair or the stability ball.

3. Create a safer space

You can place the stability ball in front of the wall to catch you in case you roll over at first use. An exercise mat is also safer because it can provide cushioning and support to the ball, to avoid rolling.


On an exercise ball, you spend time on active body balancing and stretching. The body forms better posture automatically, and this relieves any back pain, core straining that you may experience when sitting on a chair. Ordinary chairs can negatively impact your position when improperly sitting on them.

A drooping position as you sit in your office chair may lead to a decrease in core muscle strength. Typically, this can be resolved by replacing the office chair with an exercise an exercise ball better than a chair article helps you know when and how to use the exercise ball.

Although some research already is done, it has shown that sitting on a stability ball is quite undesirable. The people who sit on stability balls have increased spinal shrinkage. Therefore, it is advisable to balance the sitting hours on sitting shots for better results.

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