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Is Sitting on an Exercise Ball Good for Back?

In this century, major medical problems originate from our backs. This is because we sit long hours, slouching to a position that creates discomfort for our backs. An exercise ball is one of the things that can help our bodies stretch in a not so strenuous way by ensuring that even when we are stretching or doing any other form of exercise, we have something holding us down.

They help us maintain a straight back helping us strengthen our core muscles and learn good postures. Exercise balls are made of strong materials that ensure to accommodate your weight while sitting on them. Without exercising, stability balls are also used as modern seats. Many people have turned their backs on normal chairs for stability/ exercise balls as they are more valuable benefits.

Sitting on them can be tiring but at the end of the day, you will have learned better on how to sit well and maintain a good sitting position. For expectant mothers, doctors advise them to sit on exercise balls often to reduce back pain and help with their posture. An exercise ball is also used by the mom’s to be to ensure the flexibility if their pelvic muscles when giving birth. With the many benefits that an exercise ball offers to the human body, it is good to look at the benefits and important factors to consider while buying one. This will ensure you don’t bring back problems or add into what you are suffering from already.

What Are They Made Of?

A long-lasting exercise ball is made of anti-burst PVC plastic that is designed for pliable safe, multifunctional use both during normal sitting and for exercise purposes. The PVC is very important as it ensures the ball is expandable, resilient, and bouncy enough. When you choose a ball based on your size, the stretchy material below you sit comfortably without worrying is the ball will burst as it creates room for you and the expanding air it.

Some exercise balls are made of latex and others are made of latex-free material. This helps one choose the best kind of material that is fit for their skin.

Significance of Sitting on Exercise Balls

An exercise ball is also called a stability ball.

This is because as you sit on it, you engage your core abdominal muscles to stay in balance and maintain an upright position. A stronger core ensures your lower back is protected and that you have a better posture. Sitting on a stability ball will ensure you are burning small amounts of calories when you are sitting. This is because as you struggle to find your posture, the ball keeps moving. It is not a chair that will stand still and thus every time you move you risk falling off and as such you always maintain a certain position you are comfortable with ensuring the ball is still. This takes energy.

Also, these balls ensure that you are flexible enough.

s you sit on it, you don’t have anything to lean your back to. This ensures you maintain an upright posture with your legs straight or folded at a certain angle. This ensures you are flexible enough to sit without any support. Your core muscles are strong enough to handle an upright position without the risk of slouching.

An exercise ball improves blood circulation through your body.

This ensures that there is good oxygen flow in your system reduces the chances of finding or cramped muscles.

It also reduces or relieves back pain.

This way you are able to sit comfortably without worrying of a back pains at the end of the day.

How to Choose an Exercise Ball Fit for Your Back?

ball chair benefits

While we like sitting on exercise balls, we have to consider that most of these balls are made according to the size and height of your body. This ensures that we can sit comfortably without hurting other parts if our body. In this regard, it is good to choose a good stability ball that can help you maximize its use for a long time. Some of the factors to consider while choosing an exercise ball include:

  • According to your weight and height, choose a ball that fits perfectly to your body. This way you can minimize injuries to your back e.g. falling off.
  • Make sure the ball is well inflated such that you can sit on it with your feet flat on the floor and a straight back.
  • While sitting on an exercise ball, it is good to ensure that the ball is well kept and in good shape. This way you will have a healthy back.
  • While sitting, ensure that you tighten your abdominal muscles and to give you a strong core.
  • While it is not advisable to sit on the ball all day, it is good to set out an alarm to help you sit in intervals while considering other options. This ensures your back is relaxed enough to handle another set of tough exercises.
  • Keep the ball away from sharp materials while sitting on it to avoid it being pricked and busting.


As we grow older, our backs continue to become weaker and frail. Our bones crack at any movement causing us to cry in pain. This is caused by unhealthy sitting while we work, watch movies, or just relax. Sitting on a stability or exercise ball ensures we get rid of future back problems. It ensures we are well set with a better posture, a stronger back, and a lifetime of flexible muscles.

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