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Which Is the Most Ergonomic Chair? – Kneeling Chair VS Standing Desk Chair Comparison

Chairs are an essential commodity in a room and are excellent and well-understood furniture pieces. Sitting in chairs is as simple as sitting down, and they are not very much complicated. However, there are different types of sitting chairs with different features and sitting styles.

Some chairs are not adjustable; hence have a fixed sitting style. But other chairs are adjustable, and you only need to identify the most comfortable sitting style for you. Therefore, in this post, we’ll compare two types of chair, the kneeling chair vs standing desk chair. We’ll also look at how to sit on these two types of chairs. But before that;

What Is Kneeling Chair?

Before we compare the kneeling chair vs standing desk chair, let’s take a look at what kneeling chairs are.

Kneeling chairs are a type of sitting chairs designed to ensure that our thighs, generally at an angle of 90 degrees in regular chairs, drop to an angle of between 60 and 70 degrees, shifting some of the body weights to the shin. The kneeling chair wasn’t designed to counter the sedentary lifestyle but to ensure that prolonged sittings don’t result in lower back pains.

The kneeling chair assists in dividing the weight between the shins and the buttocks. However, some research recently conducted on kneeling chairs brings contradicting results. Some regard it as useful while others still prefer the ergonomic chair.

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What Is a Standing Desk Chair?

When you compare the kneeling chair vs standing desk chair, you need to know what chairs are for standing desks.

Standing desk chairs, also known as stand-up desk chairs, are a type of chair typically made for writing, reading, or drawing while standing on a stool. The desks are generally standing desks that substitute your current existing desk or converters, which transforms your existing desks to standing desks.

The standing desks currently manufactured are adjustable by height, allowing you to electronically or manually alternate the height of the desk for standing and sitting.

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Similarities Between Kneeling Chair And Standing Desk Chair

If you compare the kneeling chair vs standing desk chair, you can notice that these two types share some similarities.

The main similarity between these two types of chairs is that they are both used for sitting purposes. The main objective of these chairs is to ensure that you are comfortable, and the risks of body pains such as back pains or sciatica while sitting are wholly eliminated or limited.

However, since maintaining a good posture is an essential factor in having excellent spinal health, many standing desk users also prefer to use a kneeling chair or perching tool when resting their legs.


Differences Between A Kneeling Chair And A Standing Desk Chair

After comparing the kneeling chair vs standing desk chair, we found these two categories had the differences as follows.

Standing desks are thought to reduce the sedentary lifestyle effects by challenging the sit and work concept. However, the kneeling chair is formulated and asserted to benefit in decreasing lower back strains.

Standing desks completely replace your existing desk or change the way you use it. Kneeling chairs change the way we see it.

It is very risky standing for prolonged hours. But modern standing desks adjustable by height can be used in both standing and sitting.
Kneeling chairs are designed for sitting. Therefore, you are still exposed to health risks if you are doing desk jobs on a kneeling chair.


Benefits of Kneeling chair

Your core muscles and back gradually strengthen when sitting on a kneeling chair. This happens because you engage your back muscles and abdominal due to the lack of backrest.

Unlike the 90 degrees thigh angle provided by the traditional high back office chair, the kneeling chair provides an extra thigh angle of 10 degrees. This new angle reduces the pressure to the disc inside your spine when sitting.

Your hips slide forward when using a kneeling chair. This is important as your weight is evenly distributed, and your back, shoulders, and neck are aligned. Therefore, this prevents signal compression because your lower back doesn’t have much stress

The kneeling chair gives you the option of adjusting the height of your seat. You, therefore, adjust the slope. Therefore, you can control the pressure on your shin by doing so.

Alternatively, you can use both the traditional chair and the kneeling chair. Therefore, you can reduce the ailments you can get due to too much use of the traditional chair when you alternate between the two types of chairs.

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Benefits of Standing Desk Chair

Standing while working is considered beneficial and has a significant impact on your body, even if it’s only for 30 minutes. It’s an easy task when having the right equipment. Standing desks, also called sit-stand desks, are suitable for standing while working as they make it easier to stand while working.

Standing while working helps lower weight gain risks by burning 50 more excess calories in a single hour. Therefore, standing for 3 hours in a single working day burns 750 more calories in a week. Do you know what that means? More weight loss.

The risks of both depression and anxiety have been previously linked to both increased sedentary time and sitting for long. Therefore, standing would improve your mood and increase happiness.

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How to Sit on A Kneeling Chair

kneeling chair vs standing desk chair

If you decide to buy the kneeling chairs after reading the kneeling chair vs standing desk chair comparison, you may want to know how to sit comfortably on a kneeling chair. There are two steps involved.

Step 1: You start by sitting like you would on an ordinary chair. After that, move into a kneeling posture while placing your legs on the pads. You should note that your weight should mostly be on your bottom.

Step 2: Balance your torso and your hips: Doing this makes you feel the muscles in your core engaging. You’ll quickly find yourself slumping if you happen to relax your muscles, hence reducing the chair’s benefits.


How to Sit on A Standing Desk Chair


If you decide to buy the chairs for standing desks after reading the kneeling chair vs standing desk chair comparison, you may want to know how to sit comfortably on these chairs or stools. Below are tips.

  1. Alternate between standing and laying
  2. Modify your screen and desk.
  3. Change your keyboard as well as your mouse position when on a computer
  4. Support your arms using the available arms support.
  5. Always take breaks


FAQs About Kneeling Desk Chairs

Kneeling office chairs are not so widely used as common desk chairs in offices. They look so different. Therefore, you may have some questions about this special type of chair. Below are some of them and the answer you want.

> Is Kneeling on A Desk Better Than Sitting?

Kneeling at a desk is tiresome and uncomfortable compared to sitting. Sitting gives you much comfort and is also an advantage health-wise. Therefore, sitting is better than kneeling at a desk.

> Can You Use A Kneeling Chair All Day?

A kneeling chair also has its health benefits. However, sitting on a kneeling chair all day is tiresome and can make your knees sore if the chair starts to wear. Therefore, alternating between a kneeling chair and the traditional chairs during the day is a great idea.

> Are Kneeling Chairs Good for Hips

Kneeling chairs are suitable for hip pain relief because they help the hip muscles to stretch and be flexible. However, the hips get tired when using a kneeling chair.



The kneeling chair and standing desk chairs are the most commonly used types of chairs. From this kneeling chair vs standing desk chair comparison, you can know that the chairs are both comfortable and stylish in their way. However, both have different features as well as benefits. Therefore, the above mentioned are the different characteristics and benefits of these two different types of chairs.

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