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Leather vs Mesh Chair – Which Material Is the Most Comfortable for You?

The two of the top-selling as well as popular seating solutions in today’s market are the leather office chairs and mesh office chairs. The leather style chairs are one of the most traditional types of chairs for your office while on the other hand, the mesh chairs offer a modern design with great ergonomics. The mesh chairs have become more popular due to their unique look. In this article, we will provide a comparison of leather vs mesh chair to help you choose the type that best suits your needs.

What Is A Leather Office Chair?

Before the leather vs mesh chair comparison, let’s look at what leather chairs and mesh chairs are first.


Leather office chairs are characterized by a leather construction. It is not entirely made of leather but instead the backrest, seat and the armrest. The frame and also the feet are made of sturdy construction material such as heavy-duty plastic or metal.

You might think that all leather is made of cowhide. However, this is not true. Cowhide is mostly used in the manufacture of leather but still, other types of the animal hide can also be used. For instance, the sheepskin is a common alternative to the cowhide.

When you compare the sheepskin leather with the cowhide, it is lighter with a small and less-noticeable grain. Regardless, leather office chairs are made of leather. You might be unfamiliar with the leather office chairs, but you have probably seen them. These chairs have become a preferred choice with most if not all businesses and consumers.

Either you are working in your home office or in your commercial office, you will not go wrong if you have high-quality leather office chairs. Below are different types of leather that are used in office chairs.

1. Full-Grain Leather

This is a type of top-grain leather that is prized for its supple and soft texture. It has intact grain and ages more gracefully with time compared to other low-quality leather.

Best Real Leather – Zuri Furniture Reclining Executive Chair

2. Corrected-Grain Leather

This is another top-grain leather that will not feature any imperfections with the grains since they have been buffed out during manufacture. The leather production companies use a sanding device that makes the raised grains more uniform and smoother.

3. Faux Leather

This kind of leather is also known as bonded leather and eco-leather. It is a unique fabric for your office chair that comprises real leather scraps that are blended using more synthetic fabrics.

Best Faux Leather – Leatherette High Back Managers Chair

4. Nubuck Leather

Similar to the corrected grain leather, this kind has a modified grain. The grain side is carefully buffed so as to develop a soft and velvet-like texture.

What Is A Mesh Office Chair?

mesh vs leather office chair

The mesh office chair is made of a mesh fabric as the name suggests. Just like the leather chairs, it is also made of other construction materials such as heavy-duty plastic and metal. The backrest is the only part that is made of mesh fabric.

“Mesh” is not a special type of fabric, but simply any fabric that features multiple strands of connected fibers that result in a web-like appearance. The individual strand fibers are joined or otherwise woven to create a mesh fabric that is breathable. The fabric is then stretched out and thereafter secured to the backrest of your office chair.

There are exceptions, but most mesh office chairs will be made of one or more synthetic fabrics such as nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene. The individual strain fibers are thereafter connected so as to create a mesh fabric that will be used to make the backrest of your mesh office chair.

Best Mesh Fabric – SPACE Seating Ergonomic Desk Chair

Leather VS Mesh Chair Comparison

Since both chairs are a top product, so in this leather vs mesh chair comparison, we shall compare their different features to find out which comes out as the best.

1. Comfort

This is the most important factor that you will consider when choosing your chair. Both designs give an assortment of attributes that will compare according to the aspect of comfort.

First, we will look at the features of the mesh chairs. They are designed to remedy your office seating needs. Earlier when the mesh chairs made emerged, there was a wind of the aesthetic controversy since most office chairs were filled with foam stuffing and also looked bulky but the mesh chairs had the latest style innovation. Its skeletal look, as well as mesh fabric stretched across the frame, made people think that it will be uncomfortable due to the lack of a foam seat but they were wrong. These chairs feature excellent back support as well as a firm construction that will allow different kinds of chair shapes. With the breathable mesh back, you will stay cool while working.

On the contrary, are leather chairs. They offer great elegance as well as an impression of comfort. They have a thick padding of the leather office that is supportive of your crucial regions including your seat bones and the lower back. This perfect amount of padding can feature memory foams. However, during summer they are disadvantageous since they can make you hot if you work for long hours.


Both chairs have an ergonomic design and with features that are friendly to provide maximum comfort all day. The issue with leather chairs is that they tend to use memory foam hence a huge difference if you spend more hours seated. In this round of leather vs mesh chair comparison, mesh emerges as the winner based on comfort.

Most Comfortable – AirGrid Breathable Mesh Chair for Long Sitting Hours

2. Durability and Longevity

The lifetime of your chair is also an important factor that will need your serious attention when picking the right one. The leather chair is a great investment with most commercial businesses since it is made to last and will require minimal maintenance. Leather will easily withstand wear and tear.

When we discuss mesh chairs, we find out that they feature durability. They have unsupported fabric that will get torn or sag after a few years due to wear and tear. Once the supportive fabric is gone, you will be required to buy a new chair since continued use will result in injury or muscle strain.


When it comes to durability and longevity, the vote goes in favor of the leather chairs since they are more sturdy and durable.

Most Durable – Leather Rolling Chair with Thick Padding

3. Maintenance

The feature of maintenance matters so much whether it is your leather or mesh chair. The mesh chairs are lightweight hence easier to lift as well as move around compared to the leather chairs. On top of that, they are easy to clean and also maintain. You can vacuum your seats to remove all the crumbs and then remove the strains using soap and warm water. If the stain is persistent, dab with your spot cleaner, and your chair will be perfectly clean again.

Leather chairs, on the other hand, are heavy and they give limited elasticity. This means that if you will stretch them, they will not return to their original shape. You cannot expose leather chairs to direct sunlight for long hours since their colors will fade due to the sunlight.


According to the maintenance point of view, in this round of leather vs mesh chair comparison, the mesh chairs are your preferred option since they are easy to clean.

Low Maintenance – Adjustable Mesh Desk Chair for Lower Back Pain

4. Price

Price is another thing to consider when buying your chair. You have to stick to your budget when purchasing your home or commercial business chairs. The price of your chair will depend on the features that are on board. However, keeping all the things constant, you find out that mesh chairs have a slight edge since they are cheaper compared to their counterparts. Leather chairs are a bit pricey due to their upholstery though with a good budget you can definitely go for them.


When comparing leather vs mesh chair on the basis of price, mesh chairs emerge as the winner since they are less expensive.

Best Low Price – Cheap Mesh Computer Desk Chair Under $100

5. Easy to Move

You will be required to move your chairs occasionally when cleaning floors or due to some other reasons. This feature is therefore important when you are comparing the two. As said earlier, mesh chairs are lightweight hence easy to move. You can move them from one place to another without any problem or trouble.

On the other hand, leather chairs are quite heavy and when placed in their designated area, it will be quite hard to move them.


In this round of leather vs mesh chair comparison, the mesh chairs emerge as the winners since they are lightweight hence easy to move them from one area to another.

Easy to Move – Lightweight Mid-Back Mesh Desk Chair

6. Design

Both leather and mesh chairs have ergonomic designs that ensure a longtime sitting for you. However, it is a matter of fact that the mesh chairs come with limited designs. They are not stylish compared to leather and hence their popularity is affected due to the limited choice of their designs. Their design will not blend with every decor hence the feature will affect your decision.

When it comes to leather chairs, they provide a huge variety of their designs. Ranging from the color scheme to the designs, you will get plenty of designs making it easier to select a chair that will match your office decor or your interior.


In this round of leather vs mesh chair comparison, the vote goes to leather chairs due to their wide range of designs and elegance.

Best Style – Bonded Leather Swivel Rolling Office Work Chair

7. Availability

When comparing the two chairs on the basis of availability, mesh chairs beat their counterparts. They are easily available in many places since they are cheaper and easy to access.

On the contrary, leather chairs are more pricey hence not easily available in the market. Not everybody will afford leather chairs.


When comparing leather vs mesh chair on the basis of availability, the vote favors the mesh chairs.

Fully Adjustable – Ergonomic Mesh Computer Chair with Headrest

Leather VS Mesh Chairs – Which One Should I Choose?

Since this leather vs mesh chair article has already given you a detailed comparison between the two chairs, the right choice will depend entirely on your employee preference or your office requirement as well as your budget. But still, we are going to give you a general guide on which one may better satisfy your needs.

Both types, actually, can have many benefits only if you choose the best-reviewed models. Therefore, when you want to choose between the two, there are two main factors, who uses the chair and what your budget is.

1. Depending on Who Uses the Chair

When comparing leather vs mesh chair, it is important to know who uses the chair first and then decide which one is better.

If you are a boss or a manager and want to buy a chair for yourself or top-level leaders, then leather executive chairs are capable of showing your high status. But this is not a rule that you must follow. Herman Miller chairs, as you may know, is the best at providing an ergonomic sitting experience. Therefore, you can also try this premium model if you care more about ergonomics.

But if you are looking for chairs in a room where many employees share, then mesh chairs are more recommendable. Mesh chairs are more breathable, so the office people are less likely to sweat on them. When working more comfortably, people can be more efficient and more willing to work.

2. According to Your Budget

In the comparison of leather vs mesh chair, your budget is an important factor.

Generally speaking, mesh chairs are cheaper than leather models. So, if you have a limited budget, then mesh ones can be your priority. It is true that there are some nice and cheap leather office desk chairs. However, mesh chairs may provide you with a wider range of choices, and thus you have a larger chance of choosing the models that match your needs the best.

If you have a big budget, then leather chairs are a better choice as they are more durable. And there are many gaming office chairs that are designed for long sitting hours. This specific type may even come with a lumbar massager, which can be a huge relief as many are suffering from lower back pain. Plus, leather is easier to maintain than mesh material.

If you are still not sure, below are the pros and cons of mesh chairs and leather office chairs. They may be of help.

Pros and Cons of Leather Chairs

You already know that nothing is perfect hence advantages and disadvantages. When comparing the leather vs mesh chairs, such information is very important.

– Advantages of Leather Chairs

  • They offer a classy look to your decor with a great image that cannot be matched.
  • A chair that is made of pure leather will last long hence a wise investment.
  • They provide you with great comfort and hence ideal for long hours seating with any trouble.
  • They guarantee great hygiene since if you sweat on this chair you can wipe with a wet cloth to get it clean.
  • Little maintenance and also protection.

– Disadvantages of Leather Chair

  • They are costly when compared to mesh chairs.
  • Leather is prone to scratches hence it cannot be roughly used for sitting.
  • They will make you hot when you use them for a longer time.
  • The color of the leather fabric is prone to fading when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • It is difficult to differentiate fake and genuine leather.

Best Leather Computer Desk Chair for Home and Office Use

Pros and Cons of Mesh Chairs

Also, mesh chairs have their pros and cons. Knowing these can help you better compare leather vs mesh chairs.

– Advantages of Mesh Chairs

  • The chairs have open structures that will facilitate ventilation during use hence keeping you cool.
  • They are lightweight hence easy to maintain them.
  • They are readily available in the market.
  • The chairs are cheaper compared to the leather chairs.

– Disadvantages of Leather Chairs

  • The chairs give limited designs.
  • They are known to create cloth or skin abrasion sometimes.
  • The fabric of upholstery is not durable like that of leather chairs.

Best Selling Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair for Long Sitting Hours

FAQs About Mesh Office Chairs

Above are the comparisons of leather vs mesh chair. Below are some frequently asked questions. Please read on to find out the answers.

– What Are the Common Problems Associated with Mesh Chairs?

There are a number of problems that are associated with mesh chairs and the reasons that you might not prefer them.

1. Abrasion to Your Skin And Clothes

Mesh upholstery is a bit rough when compared to leather. This gives a possibility of clothes and skin abrasion due to the rough surface of the chairs. This may result in your body feeling itchy or damaging your clothes.

2. Too Stiff And Sag Padding Seats

This is a common issue with these chairs. It proves difficult to make a mesh chair that will be comfortable and supportive at the same time. When the seat is much comfortable or with extra padding, you will feel like floating over it when seated. Your weight will be unevenly distributed and this will result in the seat sagging. On the other hand, if the mesh chairs are without padding, they will give you the feeling of sitting on a wooden floor hence uncomfortable.

3. It Is Not Versatile

Designers will not like mesh since they are not versatile and do not look stylish. Even if the market is loaded with their kind, they are very similar to limited colors to choose from.


– How to Clean Mesh Chairs?

Below are steps to follow when cleaning your mesh chair:

clean leather office chair

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the solid residue from your chair. The hose attachment will enable you to clean along the crevices and cracks where the debris piles up.
  2. This step involves the use of soap in liquid form. Pour it on a piece of cloth and then put it in warm water. Twist the cloth to remove excess water.
  3. Use the damp cloth to rub against the dirt or the stained part of your mesh chair. Clean the seat pads, backrest, and armrest and do not forget the wheels since it gathers more dust compared to the other parts.
  4. In this step, you will need a cotton swab or something similar. Deep it in warm water and use it to clean the smaller cracks that are hard to reach.
  5. The final step is to dry the mesh chair with a clean and dry piece of cloth or place the chair where dry air will reach.


– Tips on Choosing Your Mesh Office Chair

If you would like a cooler and more breathable design, then below are the things that you need to know:

Pay attention to the backrest to ensure that it provides ideal lumbar support. It should be stretched in a manner that contours with the shape of your back when seated.

The mesh chairs come with the rolling and non-rolling models. The rolling models have been designed with casters on the bottom hence you can roll when seated. The non-rolling models have fixed legs that will not roll. Most office workers will prefer rolling models since they result in increased productivity.


– Are the Mesh Chairs Ideal for Your Back?

The answer is yes. These chairs are good for your health. The primary benefit is that the chairs offer great ventilation. The design of the chair’s back allows airflow along your back hence keeping you cool as you work all day.

Most Ergonomic Herman Miller Aeron Chair with PostureFit SL Support


– Are the Mesh Chairs Perfect for Gaming?

Mesh chairs are an excellent way to stay comfortable while you are gaming. This is because they are comfy and supportive and will keep you cool with their ventilated design.

FAQs About Leather Desk Chairs

Here are some questions people often have about leather chairs and the answers. Hope they are helpful.

– How to Clean Leather Chairs?

Below are tips of cleaning leather chairs:

clean mesh office chairs

  • Clean your leather chairs using a dry cloth and preferably microfiber cloths. It is important to do it on a weekly basis otherwise dust will build up and it will be difficult to make your leather shine.
  • You can use your vacuum cleaner and a soft-bristle brush and vacuum it from all sides with much ease.
  • Clean your spills as soon as possible and with a dry cloth. Do not wipe it since it will spread more.
  • Do not expose leather to direct sunlight since it will fade the color of leather hence bad looks.


– Tips on Choosing A Leather Office Chair

When choosing a leather office chair, you need to check to find out the kind of leather that it is made of. There is a wide variety of leather each with its unique features. Full-grain leather is sturdy and comfortable and on the other hand, faux leather is less expensive.

Additionally, consider ergonomics when choosing your leather office chair. If it is not ergonomic you might experience some discomfort when using it. Consider an adjustable armrest as well as an adjustable seat and a proper backrest.

You should also consider a chair that blends with your workstation. Most office chairs will be brown or black. Brown is more traditional while black is the latest design.


In conclusion, from this leather vs mesh chair comparison, we understand that both are perfect for sitting. The mesh chairs are more affordable and easily available. They are also lightweight hence easy to move. Leather chairs give your decor a classy look and are also more comfortable. It will depend on the features that are your preference and also your budget.


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