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Mesh Chair VS Fabric Office Chair – Which Is the Best for You?

When thinking about furnishing your office with new high-quality furniture, you have a lot of various decisions to make. Because of your comfort and that of your employees should always come first, setting an office is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll have to consider. The mesh and fabric office chairs are probably among the best material types for office chairs available. Have you heard of them? In this post, we will compare mesh chair vs fabric office chairs. But first;

What Is A Mesh Office Chair?

mesh chair vs fabric office chair

The mesh office chair is a type of office chair recently added to the office furniture and is becoming more popular in most offices. Mesh office chairs have been in existence and known in the average office for the last ten to fifteen years, despite Herman Miller Aeron chair being in existence since the early nineties.

The fast-rising of the mesh office chair is primarily due to the availability of the more affordable type of mesh being manufactured.

What Is A Fabric Office Chair?

mesh chair vs fabric chair

A fabric office chair is a common type of office chair that is manufactured using fabric materials. This traditional office chair has a cushioned seat and a backrest covered in various kinds of fabrics. The fabric office chair is one of the most used and well-known office chairs.

These chairs are recommendable as home office chairs as they come in a wider variety of colors. Plus, the fabric material will add a sense of warmth and thus blends with your home decor.

Mesh Chair VS Fabric Chair Comparison

Both the mesh and fabric office chairs have some unique features which make them stand out among the crowd. Being at the top of the office furniture set up doesn’t just come overnight. It means that the two office chairs have some exceptional features compared to other office chairs.

Below is the comparison of mesh chair vs fabric chair. We are going to compare the features that make the mesh and fabric office chairs to be considered the leaders in the office furniture setup.

1. Support

Both types of office chairs have excellent support, and hence you won’t need to worry when sitting on them. The fabric office chair has a good backrest. The mesh office chair has a good backrest too. So, in this round of mesh chair vs fabric chair comparison, both chairs are doing great.

Surprisingly, the main reason many people tend to migrate to the mesh office chair is that it will mold your particular body type and therefore providing excellent lumbar support.

However, mesh office chairs seem to be common for many apparent reasons. The level of support you get will depend on the fabric material used and the general style of the chair.

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2. Ventilation

The mesh office chair is open for the most part. This ensures that a large amount of air circulates while you are sitting on them. This means that you’ll generally be cooler while working for long hours, and you won’t get the annoying sweaty covering on your lower back or the back of your feet, especially during hot days.

However, with fabric office chairs, this is a problem. You may have whined your way off your chair and, no doubt, stuck to the material.

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3. Durability

Mesh office chairs are full of holes and are similar to fishing nets more than anything else. Therefore, it is vulnerable to wear due to constant friction and contact, and it will eventually lose its firmness over time. Most of the wear during its life cycle will be found in the sitting area, and since the chair is made of fabric, it will have less durability.

Fabric chairs are also not durable because they are made from the same material as mesh office chairs. Therefore, in this round of mesh chair vs fabric chair comparison, both types of office chairs are the same.

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4. Stylish

When it comes to style, it’s hard to beat the mesh office chair. The chair is designed in a great and simple way to ensure comfortability. It may not look comfortable, but its supportive nature ensures comfortability. However, it has the edge over the fabric office chair due to its fishnet-like design.

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5. Usages

When it comes to usage, the fabric office chair is more used because it has been in the market for long. However, the mesh office chair is also gaining much popularity hence increasing its usage.

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6. Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, mesh office chairs are a great fit. The chairs are generally lightweight and smaller in size hence easy to clean and maintain. Therefore, you’ll only need to wipe them down using a wet cloth and leave them to dry.

The chairs can be moved from one place to another with ease due to its lightweight nature.

However, fabric chairs are hard to move from one place to another because of the weight of the fabric materials used for manufacturing. Moreover, fabric office chairs can rip when it gets into contact with a sharp object; hence maintenance can be costly and tiresome.

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Mesh Chair VS Fabric Chairs – Which Is Better for You?

The better office chair between mesh office chair and fabric office chair is still waiting to be answered. Both chairs have their unique features, and the features will determine what type of chair you’ll go for.

The mesh office chair is more comfortable maintaining, whereas maintaining the fabric office chair may seem costly. It will depend on what you’ll be looking for in the chair.

Because of the stylish nature, it possesses, and how it’s fair and cheap to maintain, I’ll go for the mesh office chair. But again, it will depend on what you’ll be looking for in a chair.

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Having a comfortable and stylish chair is the primary aim when buying an office chair. The mesh office chair and the fabric office chair are two of the most sought after office chairs. In short, they are the best office chairs available. The chairs have different features and characteristics. However, it’s essential to know what you are looking for in a chair.

The features, as mentioned earlier, can help compare mesh chair vs fabric office chair and assist you in concluding the type of chair you’ll need for your office. Therefore, what you’ll purchase will be determined by what features you’ll need for your chair.


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