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50+ Modern Home Bar Design Ideas

For some time now, home bars have become something every homeowner embraces, and some people require large rooms to provide them with a more extended bottle collection and more entertainment space. However, other people prefer their home bars hidden and small, and it is essential to understand that home bars provide more than just wines and spirits storage and ensure that one prepares their drinks quickly and easily. The following are the major home bar designs you should always consider depending on your preferences:

50+ Modern Home Bar Design Ideas

1 The barn

The barn provides room for great vibes, conversation, good times, and the best companions, and a barn-inspired home bar is one of the simplest and cheapest bars one would set up. You need nothing more than a chalkboard wall, vintage wire lighting, bar stools, and a wood slab counter. Setting it up needs common knowledge; it perfectly suits basements and man cave settings, giving you and your friends enough space to have fun and lengthy conversations.

2 Cabinet bar

It is a portable bar that can be kept away from the scene when not in use and be brought to appearance when one has a party or any other entertainment event. It not only fit celebrations but also helps you relax with drinks before getting to bed or when you are off work and need some refreshments. You have to ensure that the cabinet is complete and filled with a bar cooler, shelves, and wine rack for proper storage.

3 Grey Elegance

It is one of the modest, elegant, and posh home bars one would ever want to set up in their homes, and it occupies very minimal spaces of about two meters of the average kitchen wall. Entirely designed and well-appointed with several bar coolers, storage drawers, adequate wine racks, service countertop, and shelves. With an understated light grey, you completely achieve the most luxurious marble splashback, providing a classy appearance to your kitchen area and the whole house.

4 Floating bottle storage

It is an amazing and highly creative home bar to set up in your house, and it gives your home the modern feeling that occupies the smallest spaces possible. It is an ideal design that doubles like a room divider, equipped with silver and chrome bars, which exclusively gives it an edgy look that cant be compared to any other home bar. If you want to achieve a rustic vibe, consider using wood bars, they are also a great idea. You can store as many wines and spirits safely and keep them easily accessible when you want to have fun.

5 The pallet bar

You should not have to spend all your cash on setting up a home bar; you can still spend the least you expected and come up with something great. The DIY pallet bar is among the easiest home bars one can assemble, having only the cost of pallets, several nails, and very minimal time in mind to set it up. You will only need to clean and buff the pallets, incorporate several colorful lighting, add the drinks, and there you are! Ready to through a party or a celebration.

6 Pull-out Drawers

It is a mini home bar design that has been rated to be among the best home bar idea as the design has been confirmed to be relatively more convenient. Pull-out drawers enable the use of the minimum spaces possible to achieve better drinks storage without struggling for convenience. It has two drawers and a shelf; the bottom drawer is meant for tall bottles, the top drawer holds shorter bottles, while the shelves hold glasses with other bar supplements. Moreover, it has a service and preparation counter to prepare your drinks or make cocktails for serving.

7 Under stairs home bar

As the name suggests, this is a home bar idea under the stairs; use the under the surface of the stairs to create a unique home bar. Incorporate a black granite countertop to set the moody vibe, and the red brick wall is responsible for bringing about a more charming and rustic look. Make your stair home bar complete by fixing shelves to hold the wine bottles, add mood lights, and finalize with a spacious cooler. You are going to love it.

8 Chic Nook

You don’t have to always go out to have fun drinking your favorite hard drinks and make your home one fun place with the chic nook home bar you would not want to leave. To set up the best chic nook home bar, you will need a marble counter, a brick wall, several black bar stools made from metal, and customized metal wall storage. With the chic nook home bar, you will be giving your home a modern look. Come along with your friends and have fun in a simple but classy way.

9 Marbled Opulence

It Is the best home bar for anyone who loves partying in the lights, and it is perfect, bright, and highly magnificent. There are white, grey, and various shades between the marble wall and the counters, which makes this home bar idea unique and sets the mood for partying. To achieve a more classy and luxurious look, finalize the whole thing with chrome bar stools together with crystal pendant lights.

10 Tuscan Cellar

If you want to achieve a peaceful, pastoral, and charming home bar, then consider this idea; it brings in the warmth that comes with the best wine brands. Equipped with a cool chamber responsible for creating Tuscan air, you only need wood shelves, cement slab walls, and a rustic wine barrel stand to make the magic go through. Beautiful lights get through the opening ceiling, the ceiling has been made with wood slats making it more modern, and there are metal bottle holders with clean carpentry that gives it the modern appearance.

11 All in the wall

It is an amazing home bar that not only serves as your drinks storage but also works as home décor; if you have a small home, you don’t have to eat yourself up thinking about how to set up a home; all a wall idea got your needs sorted. Install your home bar on the wall, and save adequate floor space; it works best for small man caves and bachelor pads. The box shelves are the main storage area. To get the best home bar for yourself, consider being creative to achieve what you want from the home bar.

12 Rustic industrial

It is achieved by combining the rustic charm vibe with the rugged vibe. It is made up of brick walls, wood-paneled ceilings, and bare concrete floors; this combination works perfectly together to give a strong impression of good times and hospitality. The industrial look is brought about by the vintage wood and the metal bar, the vintage light, and old-school bar stools.

13 Well-lit

Ever craving for a modernized, eye-catching, and opulent home bar? Then this is for you; the design of the home bar ensures efficiency as well as style achievement. Lighting the inside lights leads to brightness appearing against the black matte wall; turning the lights off will result from barring obscuration due to the tinted walls. The lower side of the bar has been made to be cooler, while the top acts as the counter for preparation and drinks storage.

14 Ice Bucket Add-On

Nothing brings the best feeling than an ice bucket full of ice and your favorite drinks for a party; you do not have to necessary transform your kitchen sinks into an ice bucket. You can simply install one quickly. You will need only a mirror splashback, several box shelves, edgy black drop lights, and a cooler. The box shelves will hold drinking glasses, the drop light adds to the party mood, and the cooler does it work, and there you will be serving the best for your party.

15 Garden bar

Everyone loves nature; nothing feels relaxing than the garden breeze through a unique garden party with an amazing garden bar. Pool party lovers understand what this means; convert your garden into a fantastic bar with only coolers, barrel buckets, box wine shelves, and cocktail herb or spice. Make it more real by adding colorful party lights; your friends will be amazed at how simple and perfect your work will be.

16 Great Divider

It is highly compact and easy to access; this is what makes it most preferable by many. Most people call it the kitchen home bar island since it enables one to enjoy their drinks very quickly and easily. The bottom half is meant for holding bottles, and the shelves have been made to be spacious to enable you to achieve the bar counter activities. It can suit small homes or even apartments; the space it occupies is minimal.

17 DIY Wall Bar

It is a small home bar that can provide you with everything you would need to prepare and enjoy your favorite drinks either alone or with friends; it occupies a very small floor space but serves you with everything at the same time. It is a great idea for a second or convenient home bar for the bedroom and the game room. Setting it up needs only several nails, sandpaper, and a few wood pallets; in less than two hours, you will be amazed at what you have put up.

18 Lounge with a View

As the name suggests, it is a lounge with a view bar, to achieve this, you can convert your verandah, balcony, or window room into a home bar. It is made by installing it on one side of the wall or room with a cooler, storage cabinets, shelves, and a sink; with the dark wood and black combi contrast, you will get beautiful brightness and an overall white theme from the window glasses. You do not have to need bar stools, simply use a sofa and set it against the wall to minimize space and get the view of what you were targeting.

19 Party in a barrel

How about a cool and novel idea of a home bar? Here it is, the best and simplest home bar for small homes and apartments, however, it can also fit big homes, but you will need more bars, unlike on smaller homes. It uses the rustic barrel to bring the feel of a home accent; you only need to open it up and pop the party with your favorite people.

20 The Racks

It occupies the smallest floor space possible but ensures that you achieve what your mind was thinking of. It is well designed, highly attractive, and functional such that one can fully depend on it to serve all their entertainment purposes. You will only need to pick the best nook for the bar and change your home design. It is efficient, and one can easily relocate it by moving the wine rack bar.

21 Between Planting and Winning

It is a garden-motivated home bar that is trendy, refreshing, and fun; it allows you to both enjoy your garden and your drinks at the same time satisfying your heart wholly. It has a cooler, a sink, counter space, and chic black metal shelves.

22 A Nook Bar

It possesses the features any party would love or want to see as they are having fun, a nook bar is very bright and highly charming, compact, and one can easily access it. It is achieved by turning a nook or a wall corner into a home bar. It is equipped with a drawer, wine cooler, small counter, cabinet, and several shelves. It has everything you will need to entertain your friends with drinks and have fun.

23 Cocktail Pantry

If you love home entertainment, then this huge cocktail pantry is something you should have; you can choose to build it in the basement, kitchen, game room, or hallway. The wine coolers are located below the pantry, while the storage shelves are on the upper side. The middle shelves are the preparation counters.

24 Kitchen wall

If you are worried about less space in your home to fix a home bar, you should now relax; you only need a kitchen wall to set up this mini bar at home. The wood counter will enable you to fold it down when not in use; the wall shelves provide enough space for wine storage; it saves on floor space and takes up minimal wall shelf space.

25 Coolers and dispensers

It is one of the most practical and efficient home bars to set up; it includes several coolers, a bottle opener, a wood slab counter, wall mounted liquor dispenser, and a couple of shelves. With the smallest space possible, you will have yourself covered over everything.

26 Sleek Minimalist

It has a modern, sleek, and eye-catching feel and looks; it is among the trendy and edgy home bars that do not need too much décor for captivation. With only pendant lights, metal bar stools, Black Island, a mirror-backed shelf, and a sleek wood panel, you are ready to set up a home bar for your drinks and party needs.

27 Glassed in Wine Room

Have you ever dreamt of a bright, posh, arresting, and ultra-modern home bar? Do you want to have a separate wine bar but not far from within your house? Then the glass-wined room bar is what you need. It has wine racks on both sides of the direct view of the room screen; one wall acts as the service counters, whereas the other is the storage area.

28 Party Lights

It is a corner home bar that efficient, well-appointed, and complete. It is equipped with an open box shelf, which acts as the storage surface and the showcase for your glassware and bottles. It includes various coolers and a sink. Make it complete by installing party lights to set the part moods on.

29 Enduring classic

It is a highly sophisticated and classy home bar idea to set at home; it endures almost all the styles that fit many home styles and satisfy almost everyone’s taste and preferences. It has been equipped with a black nook that has shelves, X bottle shelves, a cooler, drawers, and a preparation counter. Decorate the bar using wine glasses to brighten the look and general appearance; you can add silver buckets, trays, or even decanters.

30 Outdoor pallet Bar

An outdoor pallet bar is the best idea that can make your backyard party the talk for some time. Made from wood pallets, and has the following: a beer dispenser, a sink, a glasses and bottles shelf, and a wall-mounted liquor dispenser. It is highly flexible as you can easily shut it once your party or event s over until when you will be in need again.

31 The secret stash

Currently, people prefer hidden home bar designs; the secret stash home bar is easily accessible and very simple. It hides your home bar with fake walls that double the cabinet door; it manages to hide a full home bar that has several drinks, an elegant service counter, and adequate glasses for your guests.

32 Modern sidebar

It is the best home bar idea that fits in the dining rooms, small basements, party rooms, and even hallway. It features a cooler, several bar stools, a counter, and a bottle rack. On the wall is a highly notable wall accent made with cubes together with a black panel, all these highlighted with a perfect and bright spotlight.

33 Patio party room

You can convert your patio into a party room by simply adding a home bar. It involves a mini bar that can serve you the most favorite drinks you love without having to waste time all the way to your kitchen. The design has been picked from amazing floor detail. Decorate the home bar with wine glasses, mid-century chairs, and pendant lights.

34 Portable minibar

It is a personal mini-bar, designed adequately to only hold your favorite package of drinks; it is small in size to enable you to move it from one place to another as per your likes. This means you can use it in any place within your house, from the bedroom to the living room, or anywhere you find comfort.

35 Rustic Mancave

Do you want a rustic, impressive, and urban feel at your home bar? Then this is all you need, made with wood panel walls, vintage bar stools, galvanized iron sheets, and a massive wood beam. Moreover, the galvanized iron sheets provide strong lights that bring out the vibrant personality of the owner. The tile collage ensures that it showcases the décor creative part of the bar.

36 Add Spare Shelves

Add more beauty to your desirable home bar by decorating its shelves with artwork, plants, or cocktail recipe books. This spruces up the area making more than just a home bar. Using sleek dark bar stools, you will easily sharpen up the amazing marble backdrop. Occupying very little floor space in your house.

37 Simple sophistication

Your home should not completely depend on the industrial-style décor to be unique. Consider carefully choosing subtle nuances to make a perfect home bar. You will need a wooden bar that will showcase the beautiful panels and the unfinished counter. The industrial-style bar stools, together with chrome light shades, will enable you to achieve the perfect home bar for your party.

38 Unfinished concrete with exposed brickwork

The exposed brickwork is the main show of industrial interior design; incorporating it into your home party room or basement will make everything amazing. Brickworks are paired with highly refined wooden features, pairing the unfinished concrete with proper lighting and several perfectly-placed industrial furnishing results to a unique home bar.

40 Repurposed wood

Industrial interior designs have one purpose, that is, showcasing humble and functional materials; wood is one of the materials. You will need leftover materials to set up an entire home bar; mirror the cool wooden colors by selecting the best wooden bar stools and a more elegant cabinet to hold your drinks and glassware.

41 Industrial sophistication

It is a combination that only a few people expect to work out, but amazingly, it does perfectly; with a sophisticated home bar design, the industrial style can be completely refined. Blend this industrial design with sophisticated design works that are easily affordable and available; things such as the crystal chandelier can help bring about balance with the unfinished surfaces.

42 Bulky wooden seats

If you fail to have enough balance between raw materials and soft design elements, there will definitely be no warmth achieved. Consider channeling the interior design style for your home bar into a simple chic look by selecting simple and soft materials. Expose the metallic interior nicely with pure white tones together with welcoming wooden bar stools.

43 Farmhouse Home Bar

When designing your home bar, being careful in every small detail has a great effect; industrial interior designs depend most on raw materials like metals, weathered wood, copper aluminum, forged steel, among others, which can easily create an uninviting atmosphere, avoid this by compensating them with natural textiles and lighting.

44 Exposed Brick Walls

It is a unique style of setting up a home bar, where the brick walls are exposed a raw charm is exposed in the room. Neutralize the industrial look that may arise from metal lampshades, vintage bar stools, and ceilings; you can do that by covering the bricks with decorations but allowing a small portion of them to be visible.

45 Functional and stylish

The combination of white tiles and wood enables one to achieve a refreshing atmosphere. However, such home bars are somehow cold one can compensate for this with warm wooden panels to warm your home bar and keep it comfortable. Also, the hanging lighting can responsibly bring in more warmth.

46 A Home Bar for Two

Home bars are always easy to create; one can create them in the kitchen space where the floor space is minimal. Consider stripping your bar back that it can achieve its bare essentials, which can result in creating a chic industrial feel and atmosphere only for two.

47 Nuts and bolts

If you love stripped-down and minimal décor, then you should consider subtle detailing to be the primary aspect of your home bar. Do this by just showcasing the nuts, screws, bolts, and other metal hinges for a little flair. Contrast the color lighting to come up with an excellent unnoticed element. It brings about a neutralized industrial look to your home bar.

48 Repurposed old items

Industrial interior home style always consists of old and vintage items; you can use them to set up the best home bar idea for your house party and small celebrations. Repurpose all the necessary items such as bar stools and retro fridges; not only is it cheap to set up, but it also makes your industrial home bar unique and more desirable.

49 Garage-like cave

Most men and other party lovers always prefer the whole idea of sipping their wines and other breweries from concrete bliss and in open garage-like bars. Make this more fun by grabbing beautiful wooden tables and quirky ceiling hanging lights. It is a home bar that inspires many to have undisrupted fun at home.

50 Natural warmth

If you want to create a homey feel and highly inviting atmosphere, then concentrate mostly on intuitive and natural materials. Focus on using a range of different soft tones blended with various colors resulting in a highly welcoming vibe. It enables your home bar to achieve the desired atmosphere and also maintain the industrial style.

51 Sharp Classy Touch

When hardwood floors are used in bars, they expose a classy feature always; the hardwood luxuriousness sometimes neutralizes the harshness brought about by the industrially designed space—equipped with metal cage lighting, which creates an eye-catching contrast between the elegant wooden bar and the cabinets.


You will need to incorporate a little creativeness to achieve the best home bar design you prefer; most home bars require a few affordable materials to set up. The floor space they occupy is very small, making it possible to set them in both smaller and big homes.

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