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How to Pick Colors of Bar Stools For Kitchen Island And Living Rooms

Finally, you have found the bar stool of your choice to add to your kitchen cabinet or any place you prefer it can work best. Now it is time to find out the best frame colors that will perfectly blend with your current furniture and interior décor to bring elegance and class. It is always essential to choose colors depending on the type of materials used to make the frames of the bar stools you choose. They can be made from wood, aluminum, stainless steel, metals, among many other materials. Here is everything you need to know when picking colors for your bar stools:

choose colors of bar counter

Check on the Colors on the Area You Will Place the Bar Stools

Before making any step of picking colors, look at the colors around the area you are planning to use the bar stools in the perfect color for your bar stools can be confusing and daunting, especially when one has zero knowledge concerning the whole issue. Color plays an important role, and it also reveals a lot concerning occasions or even the general atmosphere of the living area.


How to Pick Colors of Bar Stools in the Kitchen?

If you want to use the bar stools in the kitchen, here are the things you should focus on:

The kitchen cabinet color

designs on kitchen counter stools

Be keen on the colors of your cabinets in the kitchen; in most cases, cabinets can either be off white, blue, or brown. All these colors are not bright, and therefore they will perfectly blend with other neon-bright colors such as brown, navy blue, among different colors of your preference. Avoid going for more brilliant colors such as yellow and red in the kitchen.

The colors in your kitchen island and table

cabinet colors with bar stools colors

Most people always prefer earth tone colors on their islands and tables, beige, jet blue, grey, or white. If your island is beige, you can correctly blend it with blue or grey; white on the other side can perfectly go with white bar stools or cream-colored ones.

Your kitchen floor color

cooperate with floor colors

The color of the floor is among the most important things always to consider when picking your bar stool colors. Most people prefer white, grey, and brown floors; if your floor is white, then it probably needs white, cream, or brown furniture. For brown, you can go for white or blue bar stools.

The countertop colors

pick colors of counter tops

When in the process of picking colors for your kitchen, the color of your countertops and try matching them, whether they have metal or fabric finishes. For instance, if your kitchen’s countertop is a little black, the bar stool base frames should be made black, and the cushions should be made with a lighter color.

Bar stools in the kitchen can be used for a wide variety of purposes; they can be for dining, coffee, or watching your favorite television programs from the kitchen comfortably. Considering that bar stools can be used in many different places as they serve many purposes, one can also use them in the living rooms or the bedroom as side tables.


How to Pick Colors of Bar Stools in the Living Room?

If you are planning to use bar stools in the sitting room, here are the things you should consider before picking a color:

The lighting fixtures in your living room

choose colors of bar stools for living rooms

In some instances, the lighting fixture above the area or the center you want to fix your bar stool determines the color and style of the bar stool you will pick. If your lighting fixture is metal-dependent, then you will be required to choose a metal-dependent bar stool; ornate dependent ones will need an ornate stool to bring about the perfect match. The color of the metal bar stool should match that of the lighting fixtures, especially the finish of the stool.

Find contrasting colors with the living room floor.

bar stools colors for living room

It is always vital to contrast the colors of your furniture with that of the floor. If your floor color is white, you should not pick all white framed bar stools; consider contrasting them with colors that blend well with them. If they tend to look the same, they will be too blended, which is not right; for them to bring the best atmosphere and comfort, the colors should contrast.


How to Pick Colors of Bar Stools in the Bar Counters?

If you are looking for bar stools to use in your bar counters, you should consider picking dormant colors; however, the materials always determine the color match; some colors won’t fit in bar counters because of their materials. It is still recommendable to use plastic made bar stools in bars with wooden frames since they ensure the total safety of everyone drinking. Acrylic is not recommendable because, in case of violence, their damages are hilarious, and therefore, the colors that perfectly suit acrylics and the feeling they bring about cannot be easily found in bars.

choose classic designed bar stools

1. The design of bar stools

This might not sound more crucial, but it is one of the most vital things one should always put in mind when picking colors for their bar stools. Different bar stool designs have been made to fit in other places and serve other purposes; therefore, their colors should as well match the situation and where they will be likely to be used. For instance, the bar stools one can use in the kitchen cannot be used in a bar or in the bedroom. The following considerations should guide you on the colors to choose, depending on the designs you want:

Classic designed bar stools

black classic bar stools review

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If you are on the look for classically styled bar stools, then you should consider choosing black bar stools for they do not get old fast and they are also resistant to marks and stains. One can choose from the many ranges of classic designs with plain black seats or the satin painted unique finish designs.

For contemporary looks in your place, you can pick white or more cream seat colors from the materials of your choice. Cream colors can be the best since they can perfectly contrast and characterize each other.

Therefore, if you have a brown setting, you can contemplate it with cream bar stools, and if the scene is cream, choose brown bar stools to achieve the most beautiful room environment.

Modern retro-designed bar stools

modern retro bar stools

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Today, everyone wants to achieve a modernized style in their homes, offices, and other places; if you are one of them, then you should consider choosing grey and silver-colored bar stools. These colors help to bring about a retro feeling and a sense of class. However, some other colors can substitute the grey and silver tones, such as red and pink, which can glamorously boost your bar. Some purple designed bar stools have been found to have the same impact too.

Red, green, orange, and yellow bar stools made from acrylic have also been found to have the same modern impact on a living room. Especially when they are all purchased and used together, mostly in bar areas, these eye-catching colors are vibrant and can quickly brighten any room they are used in with funky tones and great looks. Acrylic materials are known for their super ability to catch and significantly reflecting light, making them always shiny and new.

2. Color Maintenance and exposure

It is an essential thing always to consider before picking the color for your bar stools; it is critical to know that maintenance and exposure determine the durability of your stools. Some colors fade easily when exposed to sunlight or high-temperature areas, while others fade and shed off when exposed to highly moisturized areas. Therefore it is always essential to choose the colors of your bar stools depending on their exposure.

Wooden bar stools

natural wooden bar stools

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If you are planning to buy wooden framed bar stools, you should know that they need special attention, especially when cleaning. Most wood materials colored should not be exposed to damp environments or used in places where they can get rained on since too much rain affects the wood appearance as it also sheds off-color. Furthermore, colored softwood bar stools should not be exposed to high temperatures; the color and paint chips and start cracking, affecting the appearance and quality.

Even though wood is not able to tolerate either water or heat, other colored wooden bar stools can tolerate heat, especially those made from hardwoods. They do not easily crack when exposed to high temperatures. Some advancements have been made when painting the wooden bar stool frames to prevent them from fading off when exposed to water; they include painting with non-sticky paints, which does not allow the wood to absorb or hold water.

Plastic bar stools

long lasting plastic bar stools

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If you are looking for colored bar stools that require very minimal maintenance, then you should consider the plastic-framed ones. Many colored plastic bar stools can survive in many unfavorable conditions and still maintain their original looks. Cleaning different colors of plastic bar stools does not need special attention, and it is also cost-effective. However, plastics easily get scratches if exposed to too harsh conditions or when extremely scrubbed.

It is easy to maintain the original looks and color reflection for your plastic bar stools. When cleaning them, you do not need too many or special tools, you will only need lukewarm water and soap, and in some cases, you can use a wet cloth to wipe the dirt off. The color cannot be easily affected when the bar stool is exposed to high temperature; however, plastics can’t stand too high heat; they can melt off and damage their shapes and designs. Despite plastics not needing intensive maintenance, they still need regular care.

Acrylic bar stools

pick acrylic bar stools

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They come in various colors, including transparent ones. Acrylic needs some special attention when cleaning and maintaining them; it is vital to understand that even a tiny scratch on these bar stools can completely change everything about them. However, they are the best bar stools that give elegance and beauty to your living area. If you are looking for an acrylic bar stool that can tolerate scratches, then consider the transparent one; maintaining this is relatively easy. However, if you are looking at the different acrylic bar stool colors, then you should be readily prepared to keep them with unique features.

To avoid discoloration or staining, you should place your colored acrylic bar stools away from environments that can stain them, especially in the kitchen, dining areas such as restaurants and bars. Cleaning acrylic is challenging since one should be gentle enough to avoid scratching any part. In case of stubborn stains, you will be required to follow special instructions, but you should avoid scrubbing them as this will damage them

3. The desire to remain neutral or go bright

People have various tastes and preferences; some people find neutral colors to be the best for their décor, while others prefer bright colors. Here you can understand when and how to use either the neutral or bright bar stools.

Neutral bar stools

white and wooden neutral color bar stools

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Currently, neutral is becoming the major attraction to many people, especially to the interior décor; bar stools are an exception to this. Going for a neutral shade bar stool for your living area is one way of amazingly updating your interior; neutral are colors which are also known as the earth tone colors; they include black, beige, grey, and cream. Neutral bar stools are categorized into two, that is, monochrome and cream bar stools; the monochromes are grey-black, and white while the cream is majorly the organic colors, which are; off white and beige.

If you are indecisive and find it hard to pick a color, you should go for the neutral bar stools; they are also attached to many other benefits such as durability as these are the colors that do not fade quickly, they do not get of fashion easily, and most of them are not limited to the colors they can be contrasted with. Another benefit about the neutral bar stools is that; they can be used to soften bolder designs, especially for the most sophisticated aesthetic.

When it comes to choosing bar stool colors, versatility is something everyone wants. If you wish to have versatile bar stools consider picking the neutral ones, they are capable of suiting traditional and modern interior designs. These bar stools can also be used alongside similar but muted tones, or they can betone the brighter colors. These colors bring about a long-lasting style that does get old or outdated with time.

Bright bar stools

bright yellor color bar stools

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Traditionally, many homeowners liked to match the colors of the bar stools with those of their kitchen cabinets, which brought about a neat and highly consistent look. Currently, it is not common for one to find kitchens highly contrasted with rich, bright colors; today, most people use bright colors to add energy and freshness to a room, thus bringing a sense of life and character.

Bright bar stools are still outstanding even if they were traditionally used; the colorful appearances they possess and their ability to naturally bring fun in the places they are used keep them on the top list. If you want a bar stool color that will quickly enable you to create a festive mood and atmosphere, consider bright colors such as pink.

Pink became the first color to make to be embraced with bar stools. The color pink can be described to have effeminate and playful features together with calming qualities; this is why it is recommendable to use it in the kitchen environment, which is quite chaotic. Other bright colors that are becoming outstanding in the bar stool industry include purple, green, and orange. Pairing the four colors can bring out the most fantastic feature of zest and depth mix.

pink bar stools for modern home design

Most of these colors are used in the kitchen; if you are looking for bright bar stools to place in your overrated or underrated kitchen, consider picking from purple, green, and orange. They automatically give one encouragement to freely express themselves and offer a perfect accent when they are placed in the kitchen. For instance, you can easily combine a red bar stool with various appliances in the kitchen, and you will be surprised by the effect it will bring out in your general home area.

purple stools for kitchen island

However, yellow has been found to more stimulating and vibrant to be used in kitchens. The color is believed to brighten an entertainment and lively mood for your day kick-off. Generally, bright color bar stools are made unique by polished chrome finishes, which gives them a funky and classic look. If you want modern design colored bar stools, you can still find them quickly and at affordable prices. Bright colors define every place; they are placed differently. When placed in smaller rooms, they show boldness and strength, while in large spaces, they represent attraction and attention.

yellow bar stools for kitchen


Color is an important thing to concentrate on when picking your bar stools; however, it is vital if one also focuses on checking on other color accompaniment features such as the materials used to make the barstool, their practicality, and prices. Finding the best bar stool color that matches your interior décor and furniture is the most outstanding achievement anyone would want to get through. The color durability is entirely dependent on the core material used to make the bar stool. Some materials will allow easy and quick chipping of color while others will maintain.

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