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Restaurant Bar Stools

In the market are different types of bar stools that are ideal for different locations. Among them are restaurant bar stools that are perfect for bars, living rooms, dining rooms, and bars.

Although it might be challenging to identify the best restaurant bar stools, however by following the right channel and information you can get the right seats for your restaurant.

Below are reviews of the best restaurant bar stools and more information to help determine what is great for you.

Our Top Pick:

#1. Best OverallFlash Furniture Hercules Series Restaurant Stools
“Black vinyl seat brings comfort while adding classic design, metal legs add sturdiness and stability in use .”

#2. Suitable for Outdoors Furmax High Backless Bar Stools
“Stackable design saves around 30% space for small restaurants, and square seat makes it easier to accommodate any corner.”

#3. Best ValueDHP Fusion Metal Industrial Bar Stools
“Antique gun metal with wooden seat fits industrial and modern restaurant perfectly.”

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What Types Of Restaurant Bar Stools Are The Most Comfortable?

-With backs.

restaurant supply aluminum bar stools

These kinds of bar stools are way comfortable and a great solution in tighter eating spaces as they have back support and are found with vibrant designs. Mostly, the bar stools with back support usually are upholstered to make a great sitting area for relaxing. Besides, the backrest gives your client all the comfort they can ask for. This is why bar stools with back support are used in bars and restaurants to give the client the needed comfort to last them meal up to a couple of beers.

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– Swivel

metal restaurant bar stools

The swivel bar stools come in a variety where it can be backless, wood, metal, or armchair. This kind of barstool in restaurants is very functional and most popular in bars and restaurants today. Most seats are usually topped with a soft fabric cushion where when you sit, you feel comfortable.

Also, they are termed to be most comfortable as they do not have any limitations. They can rotate in any direction thus very convenient. This means that if you want to do an action around, you can easily join. The comfort they give the user enables them to have the freedom to move around and converse and way better if you are trying to get the clients to stay for an extended time.

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7 Best Restaurant-style Bar Stools Reviews.

1. Flash Furniture HERCULES Series Restaurant Barstools.

restaurant counter stools

Are you looking for a long-lasting yet stylish bar stool for your restaurant or bar? Flash Furniture HERCULES Barstool is your best choice.

The barstool is made with a design where it fits commercial spaces so that it may not take up much space. The ladder back metal bar stool oozes a chic and stylish appearance thus compatible with your kitchen or dining room. The barstool comes with dimensions of 17 x 18 x 42.25 while due to the material made from it, it gets easier to clean.

Flash Furniture HERCULES Barstool offers comfort to everyone who sits on it as it’s made of 2.5” thick cushions with a curved back to ensure the best relaxation. The seat is durable as it’s made of high quality it can hold a weight of up to 500 lbs.

It has welded support bars for a footrest to minimize hanging lows while eating and it has a powder-coated frame finish which makes it appear elegant. It has protective floor glides to prevent scratching your floor.


– They are comfortable.
– Durable.
– They are sturdy stools that accommodate much weight.


– The plastic parts feel cheap.

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2. Furmax Metal Bar Indoor-Outdoor Stackable Kitchen Stools.

restaurant quality bar stools

Perhaps you are looking for barstools for both indoor and outdoor purposes yet have a finish that complements both scenarios, Furmax 30 Inches Meta Bar Indoor Outdoor Stool is what you are searching for.

The barstools are made out of metal which means they are durable and will serve for a long period while the excellent polish finish makes them ideal for complementing your home décor. These barstools are greatly used at home or in restaurants mostly on bistros, patios, cafes, or restaurant chairs.

When Furmax Metal Bar Stool arrives from shipped, it comes fully assembled and ready to use. Besides, to ensure that you are comfortable and more stable, the X-brace under the seat ensures that part is handled. You don’t have to worry about saving space because they are stackable which minimizes the usage of space.

The double varnish painted water and rust resistance ensure that even with harsh weather the seat remains in its best condition.


– Their looks complete the room décor.
– They save on space.
– Comes when already installed.


– No backrest.

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3. DHP Fusion Metal Backless Bar Stool.

restaurant swivel bar stools

The DPH Fusion Metal Bar Stool is a 30-inch stool made of steel material to ensure its durability. The stools are sold in a set of 2 with the industrial loft appeal when used at the counter.

The stool made from DPH brands is made with a sturdy steel frame and plastic foot caps that prevent the damaging of the floor due to scratching. This stool is specifically designed for homes and commercial use thus perfect for usage in restaurant cafes and more.

The stools come with dimensions of 16.5”l x 16.5”w x 29.5” H inches while that of a seat of 12 x 12 inches. The seat material is made out of wood for improved comfort while they are compact, lightweight, and stackable to ensure that there is easy storage.

The seat can accommodate up to 200 lbs hence suitable to be used in any location around. The stool follows ANSI/BIFMA standard, a certification of their performance and durability.


– It is made of great quality.
– They are lightweight and stackable.
– Have a stylish look.


– Pricey.

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4. HAOBO Home 30 Low Back Barstools.

restaurant bar stools

When you are looking for a modern stylish, perfect counter height stool, HAOBO Home Low Back Barstools is your best option. The stool is made with a multi-purpose style where it can be used in kitchens, homes, business bars, or party stools while being an all-around bistro patio, café, and restaurant chair.

The frame and seat materials are made of metal thus super durable. The cross brace that is located under the seat ensures that when you seat, you gain extra stability and they can hold a weight of up to 250 lbs.

The barstool is made with features like non-mar rubber feet which prevent scratching of the floor while dragging a certain location or sitting while the metal frame is a solid design that gives your assurance about the safety from breaking down. The seats are easy to assemble and store as they are compact and stackable.

If need be, you can remove the backrest for easy stacking, this, in turn, will save up space altogether. Once you buy them, they come as a set of four, and ensure the height of your stool to that of the counter to match the space.


– Our sturdy metal chairs.
– Has a cross blade for extra stability.
– Are durable and effective rust-proof.


– None found yet.

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5. TAVR PU Leather Bar Stools.

restaurant bar stools for sale

Are you looking for a simple modern bar stool that is durable with super easy installation? TAVR PU Leather Bar Stool is your ultimate answer. The barstool comes with a dimension of 18.6” W x 21.6” D x 39.1” H and the seat is made with Pu Leather and a durable metal frame.

The stool has flour protection feet that prevent slipping or scratching. It can allow a capacity of up to 300 lbs while its sturdiness gives you more security.

The barstool is ready to prove to be multifunctional as it is compatible with usage in pub bars, homes, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and offices.

It possesses a faddish and simple design style with brown leather softback and black footrest. Due to its design and color, you can put it wherever you desire as it blends with the scene perfectly. The stool comes with an easy-to following the instruction manual that guides you through the installation process.


– It has an anti-slip protector.
– It is sturdy and well made.
– Comfortable and easy to clean.


– No swivel function.

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6. Lisuden Vintage Industrial Bar Stools.

restaurant bar stools near me

Are you looking for a safe, reliable, and adjustable barstool? The Lisuden Vintage Industrial Bar Stool has got you covered. The swivel stool which comes in a set of two is made of metal and solid wood that ensures that it is more durable and sturdy.

The stool is adjustable in height from 24.4 inches to 30.3 inches. This assures convenience as you can sit on any counter height low or tall to meet your needs. These counters include kitchen islands and bar height where you can sit to eat or enjoy your cold beer. It can also be used for extra seats for guests at parties.

The seats have paint environmental protection, safe and reliable, easy to clean, and can be used for the long term. It retains the original texture of the wood with a curved design and is ergonomic to reduce the compression of the leg’s nerves.

It has a built-in footrest that is durable and stable to offer a comfortable place to rest your feet. The rubber feet adjust to the height of the stool to ensure more stability and protect the floor from scratches and noises. It is easy to assemble.


– Saving cost due to easy installations.
– Its convenience is due to its adjustable height.
– Looks great.


– Availability of a stopper would be better.

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7. Flash Furniture Commercial Grade 30” Indoor Outdoor Barstool.

restaurant bar stools

The Flash Furniture Commercial Grade for Indoor Outdoor is a durable industrial style barstool made from Flash Furniture brands. The barstool comes with dimensions of 17″W x 17″D x 30″H and a seat size of 12″W x 12″D x 30″H. This backless bar height stool can be used in restaurants, hotels, and bars while they come with a glossy colorful finish.

They are used both indoors and outdoor thus they feature galvanized steel which prevents rust and the seat drain allows rainwater to pass through.

The barstool is made up of galvanized steel that provides it the strength and sturdiness to carry up to 500 pounds. It comes while fully assembled thus ready to use and still, it’s stackable 4-8 high which is ideal for spare seating, and plastic caps protect the frame when stacked.

Once you acquire this piece there is no disappointment as it will complement your house due to coming with a variety of colors that you choose according to your preference.


– Has a drain hole to allow water to drain thus preventing rust.
– Can be used outdoors.
– Built to last thus great value for your money,


– No swivel.

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Are Restaurant Metal Bar Stools Long-lasting?

restaurant counter height stools

The metal bar stools are long-lasting. This is because they are durable and mostly even when they fall they are unlikely to break or crack. The material is unlikely to catch stubborn stains or dirt that is easy to clean.

Getting a metal bar stool for your restaurant is an advantage as you will rarely spend money on breakages as the welded material remains intact. This means that they only require a little maintenance to last you a couple of years in the business.

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Features Of Outdoor Restaurant Bar Stools.

An outdoor restaurant bar stools, their features may differ from the indoor stools, so that they may fit perfectly into the surrounding. Among the key features of outdoor is stool include:

restaurant bar chairs for sale

– Weather-proof resistance.

Due to placing them in a location with harsh weather conditions like rains, snow, and scorching sun, the stool has features to ensure that they are not affected by them. For example, double coating of paint to ensure that it will resist rusting. Besides, some stools have hole drains that are specifically made to drain the water from rainfall that makes it preserves the seat from water damage.

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– Durable materials.

It’s a feature where the material made will last long without requiring any replacement. For instance, materials like steel and metal are regularly used for outdoor bar stools as they cannot be ruined fast and in case of any occurrence the stools fall, and they are unlikely to break down.

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– Styles and designs.

The stools should have the best design and style that will complement the environment around them. The manufacturers in the market make bar stools with elegant finishing with an attractive color that blends with the surrounding. It’s upon you to choose the best design for your location.

restaurant counter height bar stools

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– Storage.

Most of the bar stools used outdoors like the gardens and patios need to be stored in a room and taken out just when in need at home. Thus there should be features to ensure they have to be stored easily. For example, the ability to stack them and detach the backrest for storage purposes.

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– Weight capacity.

People vary with weight, you have to ensure that even with a weight of 450 pounds and fit in the seat without wobbling or breaking it. These outdoor bar stools should be sturdy to accommodate much weight.

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Buying Guide Of Restaurant Bar Stools.

Selecting and buying a restaurant bar stool may be more complicated than you would think. There are factors that you need to consider to arrive with the best bar stool matching your area perfectly. Below, we will focus on how factors to consider before making the last decision.

– Height.

restaurant supply counter stools

The height is a great determinant of the bar stool that you are going to buy. It is critical to note the height of the countertop so that the bar stool height goes hand in hand with it. However, depending on the different heights of the countertops you may go for adjustable height bar stools to accommodate people of different heights and ages. When selecting a stool that will be at a fixed location get that of fixed height as it’s more stylish.

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– Comfort.

It is important to note that a comfortable stool makes the customer happy in turn guaranteeing the customers’ return. Therefore, despite going with a stylish bar stool, you should highly consider comfort.

When looking for bar stools for your restaurant, go for padded seats. They give an incredible experience to your customers who will be sitting painlessly for long hours as they take food.

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– Style.

Style is one of the things you cannot afford to forego if you are a fanatic of interior design. The cosmetic properties of the new seating arrangement will have you put a lot of effort into your home or restaurant.

So to match your interior décor in the restaurant or any other location you want, you have to look for bar stools that match perfectly your style.

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– Swivel option.

According to where the seat is going and who will seat on them, make a decision if the seat should rotate to a 360 swivel function. Having a swivel bar stool can at times be continental since the customers won’t have to drag the seat from its position but will move from side to side to maneuver.

Also, for sake of taking breakfast in your home, they are the best choices as you won’t pull or push them but either in and out of them easily. Also, for a position where you don’t have enough space around, they are great accessories to acquire.

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– Positioning.

The first thing you have to consider is where you are going to place the bar stools. This is a factor that helps you to consider which style and color are best for your room.

For instance, a light color may be suitably placed near a window while the dull colors fit well in the back near the bar area.

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– Footrest, armrest, and backrest.

Though the additional features might seem of no concern, they matter a lot in keeping your customers streaming in your restaurant.

The footrest can be used in ensuring that the legs do not dangle painfully all along when sitting thus giving more comfort. The armrest is comfortable and looks good while the backrest brings extra comfort that can make your customers return.

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– Space and numbers.

This factor allows you to go practical because you can only buy several seats that will fit your space without straining it. Therefore, measure up your space properly to balance the aesthetic placement of your seat and the one who will sit there.

With knowledge of the space you have and where to place them, you will have an idea of what your stool will look like.

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How Much Spacing For Bar Stools In a Restaurant?

restaurant bar stools

Despite how beautiful the bar stool is, it will be of zero use if you don’t account for the legroom. Thus when looking for a seat size take the one that accommodates the legs comfortably between the bottoms of the countertop and bar stool to a space of 9 and 11 inches.

Also, the space between the stools is of great importance, this will make maneuvering from one point to another. After measuring the width of your counter or are to determine how many stools you will need.

The next step is to note how much space you will leave when placing the stools. For a good thumb rule, leave a space at least 6 inches between the seats and 8-10 inches for a swiveling seat between them.

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How to Plan How Many Bar Stools Fit at the Restaurant Bar?

When you are considering having a room as a restaurant or dining, it’s important to put the bar stool in the right spacing. This will enable the right fitting of your room. This is the point where you need to make a plan of how many barstools will fit since too many squeeze stools will create inconveniences while the extra height and space will ruin everything.

It is key to note the wide range of designs and styles are available in the market and from your decision to check the specific measurements of the restaurant bar stool you plan to buy. Make you measure every room and for confirmation purposes, have a second party check on the measurement. Get a wide range of layout tools and floor plans from businesses online to help you plan a simple bar and restaurant.

For a standard restaurant bar stools are 30 inches high as the bar counter can be between 40-and 42 inches. A counter bar stool should go around 24 inches as the countertop ranges up to 34 inches. The space between the bar stool and the countertops should go up to 10 to 12 inches to accommodate the user’s legs. Also, when planning the layout, maintain a distance of at least 6 inches between the stools for easy movement.

This will enable you to know how many stools you need before buying them for accuracy. However, if you are going for swivel stool ensure to keep a distance of 8-10 inches. Let the floor plan be the first thing to do before buying the bar stools.

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How to Install Restaurant Bar Stools?

Installing a restaurant bar stool does not have to be complicated as many may presume. This is an activity that you can do at home without requiring professional help. Below is how to install an adjustable swiveling bar stool in the comfort of your home.

Parts of Bar Stools 

– Support bars.
– Base of the bar stool with rubber cushions.
– Footrest.
– Round cap
– Barstool seat.


-Remove the protective cover from the package and put the base of the stool on the floor.
– Rest the supporting bar in the base of the bar stool.
– Place the round cap through the supporting bar to make it stable.
– Then take the bar stool seat and screw it together with the footrest.
– Once screwed, connect the upper part of the barstool to the bottom part.
– Apply a little force to stick them together and you are good to go.

In case you want to increase the height, press the handle under the sea upwards while it’s reducing the height, press the handle a bit longer and it will go down.


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Acquire a bar stool with a great design and for your restaurant with the comfort that you deserve. From the above information, we have discussed more on how to install, what features and factors to consider when getting one, and their reviews. Go plan and get the best restaurant bar stool without any strain.

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