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Saddle Chair vs Kneeling Chair – Pick the Best For Correct Postures

Did you know that there are some chairs designed to aid a person in maintaining an upright position? The majority of people are unable to maintain an upright posture when seated, and this result in back injuries on the lower back and the spine. Two of the most recommendable chairs to help improve the upright sitting posture are the kneeling chairs and the saddle chairs.

These two chair models do not have back for support, which, in return, pushes a person to maintain an upright posture while seated. This article consists of all information you need to know about both the saddle and kneeling chairs.

What Are the Kneeling Chair?

These types of chairs are made in a kneeling form. The kneeling chairs do not have a back section for support but rather, features a curve style whereby one is supposed to sit with the thighs dropping at an angle of 60 degrees. The kneeling chairs balance the body weight, including the shins. The chairs also help to strengthen the core and the abdominal muscles through upright posture.

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What Are Saddle Chair?

The saddle chairs function just like the kneeling chairs only that they have different designs. They feature casters for movements and a gas cylinder for adjusting the heights. Moving around while seated on a saddle chairs is easy since the casters swivel at 360 degrees, making them perfect for office use. The height adjustability ensures everyone gets a comfortable and perfect sitting position when working.

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Similarities Between Kneeling Chair and Saddle Chair

The kneeling and saddle chairs are closely related to the functionality and some parts. Here are the top similarities between the kneeling chairs and the saddle chairs.

Health benefits

Both the chairs require one to sit while the hips apart. This, in return, helps one to position the spinal in the right position to prevent injuries.

The lack of a backrest on these chairs enables one to maintain an upright position for a more natural posture; which in return strengthens the abdomen muscles.

Trains in sitting positions

If you are unable to maintain a natural upright posture when working in an office, the kneeling and saddle chairs can help you learn how to. These chairs have an angle of 135 degrees between the torso and the torso that gives a more upright style as opposed to the standard chairs.

Hard to use

The design of both chairs makes it super difficult to either sit or get off the chair. Thus, they are not recommended for older adults, or kids use.

Differences Between Kneeling Chair and Saddle Chair


When it comes to freedom of movements while seated, the saddle chairs offer more freedom to move around as opposed to the kneeling chairs. The kneeling chairs feature a style that requires one to keep the legs at an angle of 60 degrees. On the other hand, the saddle chairs feature casters at the base that allows one to swivel around the room. You can walk and access something from another desk when seated on a saddle chair, unlike when seated at the kneeling chair.


Kneeling chairs are designed without a back due to the angled legs area, while some of the saddle chairs are designed with a slightly raised backrest.

Is a Kneeling Chair Better?

If you are wondering if the kneeling chair is better for use in the office, then the answer is yes! But, the work you engage in determines the reliability of the chairs. These chairs are suitable for jobs that involve a lot of forwarding leaning or reaching such as art, writing, or sewing. The chairs also encourage movements in the office for better metabolism as they are uncomfortable to sit on for a long time.

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Are Saddle Chairs Good for You?

The saddle chairs are comfortable to sit on for long because they promote an upright sitting posture, which, in return, helps to minimize back pains and injuries. The saddle chairs come with adjustable height mechanisms so all people can achieve the perfect sitting positions.

These chairs are smooth to move around with as they feature base casters that swivel as well. So, in terms of convenience, safety, and comfort, saddle chairs are truly good for you.

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Why Are Saddle Chairs Good for Your Back?

The saddle chairs encourage free movements around the room or office as you cannot sit for long hours on these chairs. Also, the chairs require one to sit in an upright position considering most models do not have a backrest. Sitting in an upright posture relieves tension at the back area, including the spine, and the neck.

The upright posture straightens the spine to strengthen the muscles of the back area. Also, one requires utilizing the abdominal muscles to maintain an upright posture which in return impacts the lower back by strengthening it.

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How Should You Sit in a Saddle Chair?

The first thing to do when sitting on a saddle chair is to adjust the height to acquire the perfect sitting position. Other essential measures to keep in mind when sitting on a saddle chair include:

The thighs should be positioned at 45 degrees off the floor while maintaining an upright posture on the pelvis.
Make sure the feet are flat on the floor to be able to maintain and support the upper body using the core.
The knees should be positioned lower than the hips
If your work requires of leaning forward, tilt the seat of the chair for a better and comfortable pivoting position.

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Does Kneeling Chair Hurt Your Knees?

Sitting on a kneeling chair for too long before moving can hurt your knee cups. This is because the chair confines the legs at a standard position, which in return, results to slow circulation around the legs. Still, if your legs are taller, the kneeling chair may cause straining, which can even result in an injury.

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Can You Use a Kneeling Chair All Day?

The kneeling chair is one of the most reliable chairs to use in an office if you work for long hours as they encourage upright posture and ensures one is active and productive in the office. The kneeling chair can be used for a whole day, as long as you keep on standing to stretch the legs, and the knees also referred to as active sitting.

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Both the kneeling and saddle chairs are comfortable and convenient chairs that you can utilize in the office. The chairs help to exercise core by strengthening it and promote upright postures to eliminate back pains and injuries. Although these chairs have multiple health benefits, they are not safe to sit for a long time since they may strain some body parts like knees caps and reduce the circulation of the feet. So, you should practice active sitting, which involves constant stretching of the legs.

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