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Best Office Chair for Short Person – Top 11 Latest Reviews & Guide

Much as we have talked about obesity, due attention is not paid to the smaller group. People on the smaller side, however, are also having trouble choosing the best office chair for short person. So, here I will introduce some quality chairs for you.

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What Is the Best Office Chair for Short Person to Use on the Market?


The 11 Best Ergonomic Chairs for Short People


How to Choose the Best Office Chair for Short People?

Unfortunately, those who are short or petite have a limited choice when it comes to office chairs. However, the universal consideration that they should have in mind is adjustability. Below are the best criteria that you can use to select the ideal chair.

short person office chair

1. Seat depth

If the chair’s seat pan is too deep, this may cause circulation issues for the short people. That’s because as their legs dangle off the floor, undue pressure is applied to the thigh’s soft underside. The recommended seat depth for short people is about 18″ or less. The depth should also be adjustable to allow the user to personalize it further.

You can easily calculate your ideal seat depth. When you are seated, measure the distance from the end of your buttock to the end of your inner thighs. Between the seat’s back and the knees, there should be a 2″ of space. Therefore, the best seat depth should leave that space at the end of the edge of the seat the prevention cutting off circulation in your thighs.

2. Mesh back

A mesh back not only protects you back but also allows you to enjoy cold air. One thing about short people is that they sweat more than an average person; a chair with a mesh back cover is suitable for them. Also, most of the best chairs for short people have a mesh back.

3. Chair lever

The chair lever is a must-have feature in office chairs that are ideal for short people. It is one of the crucial factors that they check before purchasing one. This feature allows them to adjust the height of their chairs effortlessly. Most of the recommended chairs for short people feature a chair lever to ensure ultimate comfort.

4. Back height and forward tilt

Most of the office chairs have backrests. These backrests should be conveniently adjustable so that they can meet your height requirements. They should ideally have the ability to tilt forward as you do not have to precariously perch on the seat’s edge, which in the long run, adds pressure to your lower back.

5. Armrests

The chairs should also feature fully adjustable armrests, particularly width-wise so that you can bring them closer to your body. As obvious as it seems, it ensures they are ideally padded for more comfort. If they are hard, they may pinch the ulnar nerves in your elbows’ bony part over time and cause cubital tunnel syndrome.

6. Seat Height

Buying chairs of the proper height for you is the first step to good sitting postures. The right height is what allows you to sit in a good posture while matching the position of your desks. So what is a good posture?

Generally speaking, you need to place your feet flat on the floor and your arms naturally on the desktop or armrests. For shorter people, you may find it hard to place your feet on the floor if the seat height is too high. Sometimes your feet will even be dangling off. As you spend most of your day sitting, such discomfort will gradually develop into chronic pains like lower back pain.

The illustration below shows the ideal measurements of chairs and desks to promote good postures. These numbers are helpful even if you are shorter than 5’2″.

proper sitting postures

As the illustration shows, the angle that your calves and thighs form should be 90 degrees or slightly larger than that. If the seat height does not lower down for your height, however, that angle will be way smaller. In this position, you are sitting passively, thus placing more pressure on your spine. This is one of the reasons for back pain after long sitting hours.

Also, if you have to type for long hours, then you need a height that relaxed your eyes. The ideal position of the center of your computer monitor should be slightly lower than your eye level. So, consider this when you adjust your chair seat height.

7. Seat Size

Another factor of the seat you need to consider is the size. While big guys often look for extra wide and deep seats, you don’t have to confine yourself to small and narrow seats. A standard desk chair has a seat of around 20″W x 19″D. For shorter people, the depth is often 18″ or less and the width, is 19″ or lower.

Don’t look down on these one-inch differences. They also have a close connection with proper sitting postures. If the chair is deeper than the length of your thighs, then your knees will not be comfortably lying against the seat edge. Or you can sit on the front part of the seat to place your knees and calves in a more ergonomic position, but your back will lose support in that case. Both cases will give rise to leg pains in the long run.

What if the seat is too wide for you? Well, a proper position requires you to have your arms supported. You can gain such support either from armrests or from the desktop. Desktop support requires you to find desks and chairs that match in height and are also right for your height.

The problems with extra-wide seats lie in armrest support. Wide seats mean that the two armrests are also wider from each other. When your arms are shorter than average, you may find it uncomfortable to place them on the armrests. Therefore, extra pressure is added to your shoulders, and then shoulder pain arises.

8. Lumbar Support

Everyone’s spine has a natural curvature. The lumbar support on chair backs is often the bump that fills the gap between your spine and the chair. Many chairs come with fixed lumbar support that fits people of average height. But if you are shorter, you may find it slightly above the inward curvature of your back. So, a wise choice is to buy chairs with adjustable lumbar support.

There are typically two types of lumbar support. One is the detachable and height-adjustable lumbar pillows. The other is the built-in lower back support that may come with adjustable height and depth.

  Click here to buy the Best Lumbar Support Chair for Short People with Back Problems.

9. Budget

Before making purchases, the budget is always an important part. This helps you filter out chairs that are too expensive and those do not match your status. Also, it is a wise way of preventing yourself from squandering your money. Plus, once your budget is set, you can have a more detailed comparison of the chairs falling into your price range. This will further help you make an informed decision. I don’t want to go into all the details about the best chairs for different budgets. If you have any wonders, you can go and read our article about the Best Cheap Office Chairs for Your Budget.

High-cost chairs, like Neutral Posture 8500, often have more ergonomic designs that can support you during long office hours. Cheaper ones, however, can also protect you from severe back pains. Here I will directly list the best expensive and cheap chairs for a short person. Click and buy them, and you will get the chairs that worth every penny you pay.


Top-Rated 6 Best Office Chair for Short Person Reviews

1. Best Herman Miller Aeron Fully Adjustable Office Chair for Short Person with Back Pain

expensive lumbar support chair for back pain

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  • Seat: 14.75 – 19″H
  • Recommended for users: 4’10” to 5’1″ tall, 90 to 120 lbs

When buying office chairs for small and short guys, the most important thing is seat height. These Aeron chairs have 3 sizes, size A is specially designed for short people. According to the size-fit reference the manufacturer provides, A-sized chairs are for people 4’10” to 5’1″ tall and weighing 90 to 120 lbs. So, if you are slim and short, these chairs are the best for you.

Size A Aeron chairs use recycled materials in their production, which is beneficial to the environment. They are also beneficial to your well-being. They have fully adjustable arms that allow you to customize your arms support. Plus, they have PostreFit SL mechanism which provides support to your back even when you vary your positions. Though these chairs are more expensive than many other pieces, they are worth the investment.

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2. Best Steelcase Amia 300 lbs Capacity Office Work Chair for Short Heavy Person

300 lbs limit chair for short person

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  • Seat size: 19.25″W x 15.5 – 18.5″D
  • Seat height: 16″ – 21″

Being short doesn’t necessarily mean you are slender. If you are troubled by obesity or if you are lean because you exercise a lot, try these heavy-duty chairs that hold up to 300 lbs.

Aside from the high weight capacity, these chairs boast many ergonomic designs that make you comfortable during long ditting hours.

The LiveBack mechanism contours your spine curvature and is supportive when you vary your positions.

Plus, the flexible seat edge is good at reducing leg pains from consecutive sedentary hours. It can also reduce pressure on your back when you recline. More surprisingly, the seat depth is adjustable. This allows you to find the most comfortable seat depth to support your thighs. The seat height, sure, is adjustable down to 16″ so that you won’t suffer from poor circulation for placing your feet on the chair base.

Also, the armrests are fully adjustable in 4 ways: up and down, back and forth, side to side, and side pivoting. Such ultimate adjustability is hard to find on other chairs.

So, though these chairs come with a higher price, they are capable of doing you a power of good for years to come.

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3. Best Gaming Chair with Head and Lumbar Support for Short Adults Under $100

petite gaming chair for short adults

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  • Seating area: 18.5″W x 18.5″D, 18.11″ – 21.6″H
  • Backrest: 30″H x 20.6″W

Most gaming chairs for adults are big and tall to provide comfort. Such a quality, however, might be unsuitable for small and short people. Extra-large chairs may fail to give you adequate support and thus give rise to back pain after long hours of sitting.

Like most other gaming chairs, these picks have different colors with a black base, including white, gray, camo, blue, and red. Also, there is a pink and white option for ladies. The rocking function allows a range of motions when you are sitting on them. And the padded flip-up arms can support higher arm positions. They also make for an armless version of this gaming chair. So, no more hesitations. Go ahead and take them home. They are right there for short people like you and me.

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4. Best Petite Ergonomic High Back Reclining Leather Executive Chair with Footrest

high back chair for short person

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  • Seat: 18.5”W x 19”D, 19 – 23”H
  • Back: 19”W x 25”H

Reclining chairs are the best bet for people who work and nap on the chairs. These reclining chairs also have a footrest to further enhance comfort. With this design, your feet can also enjoy adequate when you recline all the way back to take a nap. Then, you can improve your productivity at work.

Also, these chairs have some other features for comfort. One important component is LeatherSoft upholstery. Its name has spoken for its functionality. This type of leather is softer and thus comfier. And it is more durable than other kinds of faux leather. The 4 different colors, black, white, brown, and burgundy, all make the covering look simple but elegant. Plus, the back, seat, and footrests all have thick padding. So, no worries over comfort.

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5. Trideer Low Height Office Active Sitting Exercise Ball Posture Chairs for Short Legs

trideer stability ball

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  • 38-45 & 48-55 cm balls are best for short person
  • Active sitting makes you work more efficiently.

Trying to combine work with exercise? Then buy these exercise ball chairs. Yes, they are the same as the balls you use in a yoga class. So, their ability to do you a power of good is self-evident. These balls come in different sizes, varying from 45 cm to 95 cm in diameter. Courtesy of this, you can buy the most suitable one size whether you are tall, short, or of medium height.

Studies have shown that sitting on these chairs will burn more calories than on normal office chairs. The difference is not that significant, but this is an energy-saving way of building nice body shapes. Also, since these balls encourage good postures and improve your core strength, back pain will no longer be a trouble for you. The risks of cardiovascular diseases will even be lower.

Additionally, these ball chairs are even recommendable to pregnant ladies, so they have another name as birthing balls. Sitting on them and doing some simple and mild exercises can help with your delivery.

For more information about ball chairs and more recommendations, hit the jump to and read Best Balance Ball Chair Reviews.

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6. Best Varier Variable Short Person Kneeling Desk Chairs for Back Pain Relief

ergonomic colorful kneeling chairs

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  • Seat: 15.5-16.5″W x 11.5″D x 2″H
  • A customer 5′ tall says he/she has used this chair for 5 years.

If you have been troubled by poor sitting postures and cannot help sitting cross-legged, then go for kneeling chairs. Once you sit on these chairs, you can feel immediate posture improvement. This is like magic.

This Varier Variable kneeling chair has a long history and has won a reputation in the process. With a higher price than other kneeling seats, these picks use the strongest and most flexible type of wood you can find on the market. Courtesy of this, this chair is unprecedentedly comfortable and durable, which speaks for the high price.

Kneeling chairs on the market come either with a rocking base or with casters. Such rocking bases are more fun to me. They make me feel like riding the rocking horse as I did in childhood. So, I’d highly recommend this high-quality, ergonomic, and fun chair for you.

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Very Petite Chair For People About 4’10”-4’11”

One of our friends emails us, saying that she needs to find an office chair for people about 4’10” – 4’11” tall, and special comfortable for long hours of sitting use. I check all the chairs again and find the chair for this need. If there is some model that just fits your needs, it will be a great pleasure.

1. Alera Etros Series Petite Mid-Back Multifunction Mesh Chair for 4’10” People

  • Seat size: 20″-14″
  • Seat height: 17.5″-21.5″

Customer Reviews:

  • I’m 4’10” tall, and I can make it fit me! Everything is adjustable–height, back, lumbar support, seat, tilt, arms, etc.
  • I got this for my mom, who is 4’11” and wasn’t able to keep her feet on the ground and leaned forward on her old chair. She would get an awful crick in her neck and headaches as a result. She plays online games most of the day, so, along with a new desk where she can adjust the height, we have eliminated her neck and headache problems. 🙂

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2. ApexDesk ALSC2533-BL Little Soleil Children’s Height Adjustable Chair


small office chair for kids

  • Seat height: 12″ – 21″
  • 3 colors: green, blue, and pink
  • Pink and blue covers are also available

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What Are the Different Types of Office Chairs for Short People?

Those who are short or with petite bodies sitting on working chairs may experience an interruption in their circulatory systems for an extended period. Therefore, they should equip themselves with an ideal office chair specifically for short people not only for robust health but also in maintaining a long working regime.

Technological development has aided in the manufacture of various products that feature beautiful functions to respond to the users’ demands. Below are the different types of office chairs for short people. Each kind contains specific characteristics that make it unique.

ergonomic office chair for short person

Ergonomic chair

These chairs are specially designed to fully support the customer’s body, including lumbar support, standards of posture, health, and comfort. These are made with health professionals that have thoroughly researched to assure the customers quality of the products.

Also, since recently, some famous brands have incorporated some of the outstanding elements of ergonomics in their products to enhance comfort. Some ergonomic features are ideal for short people, and we have listed them below for you. The more adjustable a chair is, the more ergonomic it will be in the long run.

Seat height

Manufacturers have provided office chairs with high ranges between 20″ and 40″ following petite people’s heights. Fortunately, seat height is not as important a factor as seat depth is. That is because you have a footrest option if the chair cannot be lowered enough for you.

You can also calculate the proper seat pan height. In a seated position, calculate the distance from the backs of your knees to the floor. Ensure you factor in your shoes’ thickness as it may affect the measurements. If the seat is too high, it may create some circulatory problems in the lower legs.

Seat tilt

Health professionals advise the office workers to protect their pelvis as it is usually the most affected part of bodies. Therefore, ergonomic chairs should be equipped with a tilt tension for support. They should be able to recline so that you can prevent spine diseases as it contains pressure on your lower back.

They also allow you to lean back quickly as well as stretch your legs. The tilt function in office chairs varies between the model and manufacturer. You can have a tension-based tilt and can be securely locked in place or the free moving option.

Conference chair

For conference chairs to be ideal for meetings and offices, they should be well equipped and with traditional designs that accommodate short people. They should feature quality functions such as lumbar support, armrests, soft cushions, and swivel ability.

Standing chair

Standing chairs are designed for dynamic tables and high tables. They are engineered with a higher cylinder that works to lift the body off the ground. Therefore, standing chairs have incorporated a foot ring to create a comfortable foot placement option for the customers.

Low back, mid-back, and high back

These chairs are designed to support different spine positions. The low-back type is well suited to offer protection to the lower back and prevent pelvic diseases. For efficient protection of the spine, you can never go wrong with the mid-back product. The high-back recliner comes in handy to keep your spine straight the entire time.

Who Makes the Best Office Chairs For Short Person? -Brands Compare

#1. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics is one of the best brands available according to lots of customer reviews. The brand offers lots of products, typically from all categories. As a part of Amazon, it has a custom pool with complete trust in what they offer. When it comes to office chairs for short people production and supply, the brand is the best offering for various office chairs. What’s more, they offer the chairs at an affordable price without compromising quality and comfort.

#2. Herman Miller

Herman Miller is another most trusted office chair for short people brand available. According to the company, it offers problem-solving designs inspiring the best in people. It’s a reliable brand with a list of awards for ensuring customers stay satisfied and efforts in saving the environment by the looks of things. According to their customers, their products ensure reliability and unbeatable durability.

#3. Boss Chair

Boss Chair, a company that began as an importer who bought chairs from Taiwan and distributed to the dealers and retailers in the United States, is now one of its reputable brands. Today, it’s the top-reliable, high-trusted chair distributor of office chairs for short people. It offers a wide selection of seating and desk options and is best known for comfortableness and coziness.

#4. Hbada

If you’re looking for budget-friendly office chairs for short people, you may want to consider Hbada. It’s a well-known brand that offers budget office chairs with exceptional durability and comfort. The brand is also known for its versatility and style. Besides that, their office chairs are praised for being of sleek design and with simple adjustments.

#5. SmugDesk

The last on the list is the SmugDesk. The brand is the leader in creating a variety of healthy and comfortable office chairs. Customer ratings have placed the brand in the map of the most trusted companies you can buy office chairs for short people. Their products have creative, innovative work-style chairs with highly-praised sustainability.

How to Assemble an Office Chair for a Short Person?

best ergonomic office chair for short person

The Assembly of an office chair for a short person is a simple task. Once you have bought the item, you need to unload all the elements of the office chair.

Ensure that you carefully read all the instructions and check with the things to determine the next step. Please start with the casters as they are the easiest to assemble. Remove the entire wheels from the package and then fix them on the base.

Look for the most suitable position for the gas strut, where you will go ahead to fix the gas strut cover. The gas strut is now ready to be put in the chair’s base. You need not worry about it being a little loose – it will tighten over time as you sit on the chair.

The next step is to bolt the mechanism. Thankfully, the package comes inclusive of these bolts. You can now put the back of the chair onto the already assembled tool. Ensure that you align the four bolt holes and tightly bolt them.

Here, you can start attaching the armrests and tighten them with the help of a hand screw. Once you successfully assemble all the other elements, carefully put the chair on the gas strut. Finally, you can attach the headrest, and you are good to go.

Remember that you need to observe the tiny objects such as the bolts when you assemble the chair, so you do not miss or lose anything.

How to Clean and Care?

The two main categories of office chairs are leather and mesh products. One of the factors that you should consider when purchasing an office chair for a short person to use is that it should be easy to clean and maintain. There are different ways of cleaning and taking care of each type of chair. We shall work with these two.

For the leather recliner, damp clothes are recommended. Wipe the surface of the chair and gently remove dirt on the cushions and the frame. Since it is the leather material used, you cannot use a lot of pressure to avoid sloughing.

The process is even easier for the mesh chairs than all the rest since you can effortlessly disassemble each part. The essential features that you need to pay keen attention to are seat cushions, armrests, headrests, and many more.

Unlike the leather office chairs, you can use a soapy solution or water to clean the mesh chairs and remove the odors comfortably. Also, remember to sunbathe the different parts of the chair in the sun. That is important to remove the water altogether and for the prevention of bacterial proliferation.



#1. What Does ‘for Short People’ Mean?

It is common knowledge that people have different views on heights to be considered short, depending on the geographical areas. A good example is a well-known fact that, on average, the tallest people live in Scandinavia. However, generalization is not always accurate- so let us take a safer alternative. We shall consider someone short based on popular opinion.

Worldwide, most people consider anyone shorter than 5’9 feet to be short. And this size applies to men. When it comes to women, the average height is around 5’7, so anyone below this is factually considered temporary.

Even so, the world’s height range varies in a wide range, and so does the conception of “shortness.” With the standards stated above, you can reasonably consider women under 5’7 and men under 5’9 short.

#2. Since I’m a Short Person, is It Necessary to Have the Lumbar Support?

The ideal office chair for short people should efficiently support your work thanks to the optimal features. It should protect your health as well as promote a better working environment. Buying a chair with lumbar support is right for your health.

Therefore, lumbar support is necessary even for short people as it prevents pain on your lower spine. They naturally curve to your spine and overall improve your posture.

Many office chairs are designed with a fixed support cushion that may not align with short or petite sitters. This standard feature can be incorporated into two types. Some chairs feature built-in lumbar support to the cushion and are usually height-adjustable.

The other common way is the use of detachable foam pillows that are height adjustable as well. If the office chair you intend to buy lacks lumbar support, you can always purchase one online.

The backrest should also adjust to offer support to your lower back. The varying seat depths may necessitate lumbar supports that are depth adjustable so that they can fully meet your back for optimal support.

A backrest with an ‘s’ shape is an ideal design as offers the ultimate support to the back and spine. Some brands integrate a soft pillow on the backrest to prevent slumping or fatigue on the spine and pelvis.

#3. Does Weight Matter when Buying a Chair for Short People?

Yes, weight does matter when it comes to purchasing a chair for short people. Often, people go for the fancy-looking office chairs that work optimally mostly when it comes to comfort, but unfortunately for the short person, they have to contend with whether they can carry the chair.

Also, if you are below 5’6″, it is even harder to disassemble and move the chair. Therefore, it is advisable that short people, especially those who change their workplaces frequently, go for lightweight options.

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