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What Can I Do with Old Bar Stools?

If you have questions, like, what can I do with old bar stools? Then you are in the right place to find the most helpful suggestions.

Repurposing, or upcycling an item is trending hot these days. When you repurpose or upcycle items, you’re not only giving the items a longer shelf life, but you’re also saving yourself money as well. In fact, did you know that people go out of their way to find items to repurpose?

That’s true. There are flocks of people to spend their weekends at flea markets, thrift stores and garage sales looking for furnishings to upcycle. After all, it doesn’t take much time or expense to purchase some paint, sandpaper, and brushes at the local dollar store, and that’s usually all you need to get started.

repurposing barstools

Once you get the hang of it, you’re off to the hardware store for supplies. One of the easiest items to start your upcycling journey is the humble bar stool. It’s cheap to get started, and there are plenty of them around. Below we’ve tossed a few hints your way, to help get you started, and always remember, let your imagination be your guide.

1. Turn It into A Night Stand

tips on repurposing barstools

If you’re a newbie at this and wondering what you can do with your old bar stools, wonder no more, as our first project is perhaps one of the quickest and easiest. This project involves turning your old bar stool into a nightstand for your bedroom. This will take very little effort, as it requires a simple paint job in order to match your bedroom decor. Once the repaint is complete, just top it off with a reading lamp, a glass of water, and some good books or a tablet. If you have some crafting skills, you can go a bit further by adding pieces of wood across the stool rungs. But, of course, if your bar stool has a wood finish, then you don’t have to do this. These will serve as extra shelving for family photos and such.

2. Use It in the Tool Shed

For anyone with a yard to take care of, you know how gardening tools can be difficult to stow away. However, there may just be a solution, and that’s your old bar stool. All that’s needed is to simply flip it over, and add your gardening tools in, handle first, and store it in your gardening shed or garage. This way, they’ll be out of the way, for the most part. To add mobility, you can also consider adding wheels or casters to the stool seat before you turn it over. This way it can be easily moved around both in the shed, or in the yard while you garden.

best bar stool for outdoor garden

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3. Make A Back Yard Bird Feeder

This is a great solution for individuals who want to feed their wild birds, but have a hard time reaching up to fill a bird feeder. Simply search for a nice size bird feeder online, one large enough to sit comfortably on the seat of the bar stool, and attach it to the seat. The bird feeder should be covered, so no rain collects. On the other hand, you could probably also use it as an economical birdbath, by attaching something as simple as a shallow dishpan to the seat, using Gorilla Glue, to keep it secure. In fact, some people have used it as an adorable birdhouse! They purchase or build a large birdhouse, and attach it to the seat, where it makes a charming addition to your garden space. If you have an outdoor bar stool, this method is highly recommendable.

4. Create A Sofa Table or Writing Desk

This is probably the easiest upcycle for a couple of barstools ever. All you need are two bar stools and a piece of finished wood, that’s it. Space the two bar stools so they are the proper distance apart, enough to support the wood from each end. Take the wood and place it on top and there you have it, a sofa table! Of course, you can also use this as a cute writing desk, which is great for smaller spaces. And if your bar stool is cushioned, then you can use them as a comfortable sofa. If not, you can also try and cover your stools with fabric.

backless bar stool with cushion

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5. Umbrella Stand

If you’re sitting there, pondering, “what can I do with my old bar stools?”, and happen to live in a wet climate, then this one is for you if you have a backless bar stool. Another quick and painless upcycle project, start by painting your bar stool to match your decor, if necessary. Next, take it to your entranceway, flip it over, and start stacking your umbrellas. You could also take advantage of the four upturned legs for a place to hang your winter or rain-soaked hats. This trick is recommended for the stackable bar stools as these products often come with four legs and footrests that can support your umbrellas. If you have bar stools with backs and do not mind cutting off the back, then you can try this too.

6. Mobile Craft or Gift Wrapping, or Wall Paper Station

repurpose old bar stools

What makes this mobile, is the fact that you’ll be attaching 4 wheels to the seat of the stool, so when you flip it over, it rolls across the floor. But first, the stool may need to be painted. Once that’s done, you turn it upside down, so the wheels are on the floor, and proceed to place those unruly, tall rolls of wrapping paper or wallpaper rolls. You can also go further by hanging bags on the rungs of the stool, to hold any craft or do-it-yourselfer supplies, such as scissors, brushes or paints.

Final Words

As you have read, there are many ways in which you can deal with your used bar stools. It does not take much time and meanwhile can offer you much fun in the process. But after that, don’t forget to buy some new bar stools for your place. After all, as a person who has used bar stools, you must know how versatile and good-looking these chairs are.

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