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What Happens if Your Desk is Too High? – How to Choose Suitable Height?

A comfortable workspace is ideal to make you feel good and improve productivity at work. But this has not been the case as so many office employees are complaining of discomfort in the office setup. With further research, it has come to our attention that some of the major problems are the desk height. The shocking answer, desk heights sounds like a petty issue but I kid you not it’s not. The wrong desk height has resulted in the wrong body posture. This in turn has been the major cause of the common back pain this individuals complain about and also the cause of up to a good percentage of spinal cord injuries. Hence it brings us to the question, what happens if your desk is too high?


How High Are Our Desks?

Most desk heights come constructed with the standard height of about 29 inches a standard height that is being used in almost every part of the world. I know you might be thinking that this is suitable to fit a majority. But then what happens to the individuals whom these desks are too high to allow a comfortable work station? Some of you will be quick to say that they should adjust their chairs. But then will they do that and suspend their feet on the air? This will obviously cause a lot of discomforts. Some people might argue that seat manufacturers that incorporating footrests but we all know nothing beats the comfort that comes with resting your feet on a flat ground surface.

Desk height is determined by a number of things. One of the main important thing that people forget to consider is the compatibility between the desk and chair. They should be well incorporated in order to work as a cohesive unit. The seating unit should be able to fit perfectly below the desk. On the other hand, the space below the desk should be ample to allow the chair to be adjusted to the maximum height upwards without causing discomfort to the individual occupying the seat. When such a case is not considered, this is where you start getting complaints of knee accidents and uncomfortable office set up. Not only have that but also lower back pain as a result of an uncomfortable seating position.

Have You Ever Considered That a High Desk Position Would Have a Great Impact on Your Line of Vision?

cons of sitting on high chairs

With a too high desk, your body will automatically adjust in order to get a better line of vision. This will basically entail overworking your neck by elongating it to a posture that with too much seating tends to be uncomfortable. With time, the seating posture brings about an imbalance on your upper body. The resulting factor is the start of a painful journey that might take ages and ages to recover from.

Recent research states that seating deformities and postural abnormalities have become rampant. The sad thing about this situation is that some of the cases have been caused by too high positioned desks. Let me explain how. With a too high desk, your upper body is inclined to overwork itself. This is through overworking your arms, shoulders, and neck that are forced to assume a ride up and stiffened body posture. With time, your body adjusts and becomes accustomed to this posture a factor that leads to an abnormal seating posture.

Some people might suggest that we adopt a standing work station. Especially in office works that support working while standing. But have you considered the standing desks might be too high for our comfort? We would still face the same problems experienced when using a too-high desk in a sitting work station. Those who will argue incorporating foot support might be correct. Even so, imagine standing on stool support for hours. That won’t be an ideal working position. With time it will become uncomfortable and still lead to the problems we are trying to alleviate.

What is the Alternative of Our Desks?

  • The question that must be lingering in your mind is what’s next?
  • What the solution to all these problems?
  • What will ensure we don’t keep knocking on our doctor’s door in need of a solution to our constant back pain and other related problem?

The answer is simple to go back to the online sites and market and shop for a well-fitting desk. Alternatively, you can request for a custom-sized one. You must be thinking that I am out of my mind as the customized options tend to be expensive or rather its expensive to invest in another set that you might have not budgeted for. I know and I understand the related costs that are as a result of this situation. What you need to remember and consider is that your health is more important than the extra costs you might not be willing to spend in order to acquire a favorable work station.

Another good alternative is the adjustable desks. As much as they might be expensive, they come with a lot of comforts. Whether you are short or tall, they are convenient and are easy to adjust to a perfect height that is fit for you. The only thing you need to consider is the material incorporated. Nobody wants a poor quality material that easily subjects to wear hence early disposal of the desk unit. Instead, invest in a good quality material that will ensure its use over a long time.


It’s clear that the height of our desk plays a major role in determining our comfort when working. As we have seen from the above article, adopting the wrong pain can be hazardous to our health. Besides that, it reduces the work output and quality as human beings generally tend not to be creative when in an uncomfortable situation. So what the point of using them in our spaces? Let’s all take necessary measures to ship out the bad desks and incorporate the right ones and ensure we enjoy the benefits they come with.

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