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What Height Should Kitchen Island Stools Be?

A kitchen Island stool is a type of tall chair that has a footrest to support your feet. Its height and narrowness make it ideal for your kitchen but still versatile for placing in restaurants, bars, and pubs. They are made of different construction materials, models and the common materials are wood and metal.

When it comes to models, there are those with and without backs, armrests, or upholstery on the seating surface. The stools can range from the basic wooden designs to those that are more complex and have adjustable heights. There are also extra short and extra tall so it is upon you to choose your preference.

Before making a decision on what height of the kitchen island stool to purchase, consider what you need the kitchen seating for. You can have a large family and need a dining space that is formal. Whether you love entertainment or you just need a perch for your morning coffee. After working out on these aspects, then you can decide on the height.

When in your Kitchen island, it is necessary to have a stool with a height that allows you to sit comfortably. Kitchen counters, tables, and bar tops all have varying heights and thus require varying seating heights. Below are the common kitchen island stools that will best fit whatever dining surface in your house.

Counter Height Stool Height Stool Type:

35-37 inches. 23-28 inches – Counter stool. (Check here)
41-43 inches 29-32 inches – Bar Stool. (Check here)
33-36 inches 44-47 inches – Extra-Tall Counter/Bar Stool. (Check here)

what are suitable height for kitchen island

What Height Should Kitchen Island Stool Be?

Standard Counter Stool Height.

This kitchen island stool measures between 23 and 28 inches from the floor up to the seat level. It is mostly used with 35 to 37 inches countertops. Most of the kitchen tops have this height so as to fit the standard kitchen appliances.

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Standard Bar Stool Height.

The standard bar stool height averages between 29 to 32 inches and it is paired with a table height of between 41 to 43 inches. This is an average bar-stool and it is compatible with most home bar and kitchen islands that are built for dining. It is good to leave a space of between 6 to 10 inches for each bar stool.

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Extra-Tall Bar Stool.

This stool is also known as the spectator-height stool and it measures between 33 to 36 inches from the ground to the seating surface. It is compatible with table heights of between 44 and 47 inches.

Most people tend to make mistakes when determining the height of their kitchen island stool. It would be frustrating to find out that the stool you just bought is too low or too high. When the stool is too high you lack any room to cross the legs under the counter. This happens when the stool is mismatched with the standard counter. It can also happen the stool or the counter is non-standard height.

These errors are easy to prevent. When choosing a counter stool, ensure you measure the counter height. The ideal height is that the seat of the stool ought to be 12 inches below the bottom side of the counter.

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Best Features That Should Come With a Kitchen Island Stool.

– Padding and upholstery.

To get the utmost comfort, choose a stool with a bit of cushion at the back and on the seat. You can also consider a material that can be wiped in case of spills. It can be leather, Crypton fabric or vinyl. Fabric is also comfortable if your room is sticky, hot, or chilly.

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– Footrest.

This is a feature you should consider unless your counter has an in-built footrest. Most people are not able to rest their feet on the floor when they are seated on the counter stool. This makes them feel uneasy when their feet are dangled thus a need for a footrest to ensure comfort.

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– Stool back.

Backless stools have their advantages since they are perfect for a minimalist look. They also tuck perfectly under the counter. If comfort is your priority, get yourself a stool with a back. A stool with a back is good for kids seems they give some of grounding mostly for the wiggly little ones.

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– Seat size.

For most adults, having a seat that is wider and deeper ensures more comfort. However, this comes with some constraints such as:

– In a case where your countertop overhang is small, a deep seat will result in the knees bumping the underside.
– If the countertop width is small then it will accommodate fewer wide stools in that space.

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In conclusion, when choosing the height of your kitchen island stool, it is best you practically take the measurements to avoid buying high or low stool than the standard size. it is also advisable to ask yourself the kind of activities that will take place in your kitchen island. These may include entertainment since it will help you to consider the other features.

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