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What Is the Difference Between Counter Height And Bar Height Stools?

Generally, dining chairs, stools, tables are designed in different heights. The difference in height is not only based on the fact that they are from different manufacturers, but also to the type of stool, chair, or table. Generally, bar stools are classified into two heights: counter height and bar height. But what is the difference between counter height and bar height stools? In this article, we are going to take you through this question and help you find the best stools you need.

bar and counter height kitchen stools

Kitchen Stools Height Standards.

Whether you just need a stool for your kitchen or a new dining set, it is important to understand the type of stool that will best match your kitchen counter. For a versatile dining experience, it is good to get the right stool height. Usually, the height of a stool is measured from the ground to the top of the seat and not including the height of the seatback.

The very first and the main difference among kitchen stools is the height. Generally, like any other installation standards, these kitchen stools have different standard heights determined by certain design set standards agreed upon by the manufacturing industries for a long duration of time. Therefore, the difference in the height of the kitchen stools is not determined by the building codes.

The height standards were set based on studies done to determine the ideal height for versatile comfort in all types of home construction while considering the average population. These standards are used as the basis of manufacturing by most industries including countertops, doors, stock cabinet among others.


Counter Height Stools VS Bar Height Stools.

Counter height stools and bar height stools have many similar features and one main difference, height, making them look alike and one might confuse the two. There are many bar stools and counter stools in the market today, with varying heights, but still comfortable and suitable for their designated use. But despite this fact, there are certain set height standards for both counter and bar stools, for a perfect counter and bar solution.

Generally, most countertops and kitchen islands come with a height of 36 inches. This makes them suitable for a working surface or food preparation surface for average individuals while standing. The standard height for counter stools to use with these countertops are 24 inches high for a comfortable and perfect match.

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For bar countertops, most of them come with a height range of 40-42 inches high. The perfect bar stool height for these bar countertops is 34-36 inches high, respective to the bar table height. Generally, the height difference between counter stools and bar stools is approximately 5-6 inches with bar stools being taller.

More About Barstool Heights.

Generally, bars are designed to accommodate both sitting and standing activities. Hence the bar stools are designed to facilitate easy and comfortable conversation between those sitting and those standing. So the bar stool height is designed to allow the eye level of the person sitting to closely match the eye level of the person standing. This is the reason why there are no specific or hard standard heights for both bar stools and bars, but rather some general standards that can be classified as tall, or extra-tall. The general bar height rule is that the height difference between the top of the stool and the top of the bar should be 12 inches.

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The standard heights for bar tops are 40 inches and 42 inches from the ground/floor to the top of the table, which is quite higher than the countertops. Due to the fact that there is no hard standard for bars and bar stools, there are many varying heights in home bars and restaurants depending on the manufacturer. For bar tables, the height varies from 40-42 inches for tall bars and 44-47 inches for extra-tall bars. Unlike the bar tables, the bar stools height varies greatly as some stools meant for countertops are at times called bar stools. Bar stools designed for tall bartops comes with a height range of 29-32 inches, while those designed for extra-tall bars come with a height range of 33-36 inches high.

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In conclusion, both counter stools and barstools have most of their features similar, but they still have a difference between the two. In general, the height difference between the stool seat and the tabletop is 12 inches. This is to ensure anyone using either the counter or bar stools, enjoy a comfortable seat. The set standard heights for both stools are designed based on average-sized individuals to ensure comfort and enough space between the counter and the seat as well as not sitting quite low.

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