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Who Invented the Swivel Chair?

Since the invention of the swivel chair, its use has become very popular that it’s almost unusual not to find one in any contemporary office.

And after its invention, various manufacturers have produced different shapes, types, and functions of the swivel chair.

The swivel chair is a 360-degree revolving chair with a single stand that allows it to move to the left or right around the room or office without moving your legs or getting up.

The swivel chair has adjustable height features to increase or reduce the height to suit your purpose.

The swivel chair is commonly found in almost all offices and homes worldwide. It’s a beautiful masterpiece that adds aesthetics to your space.

modern swivel chair


Who Invented the Swivel Chair?

Several names have been touted to be the inventor of the swivel chair. The first swivel chair was invented around the 1800s.

Why won’t the invention of the swivel chair be in contention, seeing the innovation this excellent piece of furniture has brought into the office or work arena?

Among the major contenders for the invention of the swivel chair, one name is unanimously and conspicuously mentioned. It’s no other than Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson was a one-time US Congressman and later the first President of the United States.

Noted for his capability for innovation and invention, Thomas Jefferson was said to have invented the swivel chair due to his desire to move from one desk to the other in his office while purportedly working on the US Constitution.

It was reported that he needed to move around the office to work on numerous files and documents. He needed something that could aid his movement without leaving his seat, which can cause fatigue.

Jefferson was said to have purchased a stationary wooden Windsor chair which he removed the legs, put rolling casters at its base, and produced a swivel chair.

Why is Swivel Chair Invented?

why is swivel chair invented

The story of the swivel chair is woven around the legendary Thomas Jefferson. He was said to be working on several documents and needed to be able to navigate easily from desk to desk to access files and papers.

He knew that the assignment was too demanding and time-consuming. He needed to reach out to files quickly and maintain concentration and focus. His aim in inventing the swivel chair can be summed up as follows:

– To provide more comfort to users. To make users more relaxed and confident to work.

– Designed to keep you active and get work done conveniently

– The rotation allows you to move 360 degrees around your workspace without standing up. This saves time and energy while working. It also allows you to maintain focus and concentrate on your work.

– For those who have to sit all day at work, a swivel chair helps prevent back pain associated with sitting on hard and stationary seats for hours.

– To recline in pleasure, you can lower or raise the seat to your desire.

History and Development of Swivel Chair

The swivel chair has evolved over time. From a humble and simple design in the early 1800s, it has become one of the world’s most cherished office chairs.

who invented swivel chair

Stories had it that in the late 1700s, Jefferson once produced (or purchased) an English-style Windsor chair. The Windsor chair was a wooden stationary chair. He found the chair too rigid for his work. He decided to construct something that could allow him to move freely around the office.

Meanwhile, he was saddled with the task of working on the American Declaration of Independence Speech that led to the Independence of America.

Not comfortable with the Windsor chair, he decided to modify the Windsor to make it rotate and move freely.

Jefferson is said to have a penchant for improvement and innovation. And knowing that a lot of research and paperwork had to be done, he needed something that could give him room to maneuver from table to table.

He was said to have introduced an iron spindle between the top and bottom of the Windsor chair and added rolling casters at the chair’s base to make it roll and move freely.

Swivel Chair Today

If you’re admiring the wonders of the swivel chair today, you would not believe that what you’re seeing today started from a simple design from the mind of one who is desperate for innovations. A picture of the first designs of the swivel chair looks like what is from the museum.

The swivel chair has undergone a lot of transformation that it now functions not only as a chair but also as part of our interior décor.

Designed to be very comfortable, convenient, and supportive, the swivel chair is now customized, ergonomic, and a delight in the home or office.

With multi-functional and multi-dimensional features, the swivel chair can tilt back to give you a quick relaxation when you need a little rest during a task.

Most executive offices, conventional offices, and homes with gadgets can boast of at least one swivel chair in its fold.

The swivel has become a household utility equipment that cannot be wished away. Some offices can have as many swivel chairs as they can afford.

For any office that does not have a swivel chair, the chances are that they can’t afford one. Fortunately, swivel chairs are available in various designs, including budget-friendly ones.

Why is the Invention of the Swivel Chair Important?

The swivel chair has come to stay. It has changed the way we work. The swivel chair can make you work on various tasks at different angles within an office or room space without jumping out of your chair.

The swivel chair’s invention is as important as having a chair in the office or home. The swivel invention makes work easier, quicker, and more comfortable.

With a swivel chair, you can easily and quickly hop from place to place, access file cabinets here and there, and make notes on a piece of paper while working on your computer without getting up from your chair.


The invention of the swivel chair is a blessing to the world. One wonders what the office would look like without it. If you do not have any in your office or home, it’s time to get one.

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