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Why Are Office Chairs So Expensive? – Several Factors to Consider

Office chairs have a wide range of prices brought about by the level of features and adjustments involved in the research and creation of the chair. A high-quality chair is an investment to your productivity, health, and comfort. When you work in a comfortable office chair offering you the right support, you tend to maintain the proper posture and reduce workplace injuries. Buying a quality chair is expensive, but worth it in the long run. The following are the factors that go into why office chairs are so valuable.

expensive office chairs

Features and Factors You Should Know on Picking Expensive Office Chairs

The design

The office chairs design attributes to the cost involved making them expensive. The final finishing design of office chairs fit people with all body types and offer the needed support for workability. The craftsmanship and designing of office chairs take a lot of effort and time, which render into part of the cost. These seat designs mimic the natural spine curve providing a healthy sitting position. A well-designed quality chair will serve you for longer, making the price worthwhile.

Extensive ergonomic features

One of the main factors you should consider when looking for a quality office chair is the ergonomic features. An ergonomic chair is more expensive than the one that isn’t, but the price is worth it. Sitting long in an uncomfortable chair has adverse effects on your body, such as leg disorders, muscle disintegration, or organ damages. The companies that manufacture office chairs invest in extensive ergonomic features that are approved to offer the correct support and long hour seating. An ergonomic chair encourages a proper posture, combats the danger of neck pain, and reduces pressure on the hips.

Cost of research and Development

The making of quality office chairs is research-backed to ensure the provision of excellent support needed to the user that is healthy and comfortable. Making a good office chair involves researchers, engineers, doctors, and scientists working together to ensure the creation of sturdy and comfy chairs. The resources allocated in the research and development of an office chair attribute to the high price tags. But with the support and the comfortability they offer makes the chairs worth the money.

why are office chair expensive

The quality material used is expensive.

The materials used in making an office chair influence its cost making it expensive. Mainly office chairs finishing significantly affect the price. The materials primarily used are leather, vinyl, or polyurethane. There will also be the extra cost of stitching, padding, and many other adjustments.

More Adjustments more money

An office chair has many features and adjustments that take the company tons of time and money to perfect. The companies recoup these costs in the price tag of the chairs, making them expensive. They include quality foam seat cushions, multi-surface dual-wheel casters, and tilt lock control. The essential features in office chairs are as follows.

  • Adjustable Seat Height – A proper seat height offers comfort and is essential for blood circulation.
  • Adjustable Back And Lumbar Support – Office chairs can adjust the backrest to align with your body, allowing a healthy sitting position.
  • Adjustable Seat Depth – It allows the user to move the chair forward or backward. The adjustment enables proper circulation throughout the legs and reduces pressure on the thighs.
  • Adjustable Arms – Your arms need to be at a 90-degree angle while resting on the armrest. Adjustable arms accommodate users of all sizes and shapes.

Durability has a price.

Buying a quality office chair is a substantial investment. The chair’s design and valuable features offer the necessary support for a long time without the need for a replacement. The companies develop quality chairs and even provide a limited lifetime warranty to their customers. The durability of an office chair is guaranteed, and you pay for it through the chair’s price.


You spend a lot of time in an office chair, making it worth the extra money. An office chair offers comfort by supporting the body and spine in the right position. The development of an office chair is research-based, attributing to a fair share in the final cost. Also, it entails ergonomic features that promote workability while sitting on the chair for long hours that influence the final price. Its durability, customizability, and the materials used are finishing attributes to chair’ price tag.

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