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Why Buy the Best Mesh Office Chair – Top 14 Reviews

Choosing the best mesh office chair for you and your employees will make your workstation ergonomic and comfortable. Such chairs can bring about good ventilation so that you can feel cool even after long sitting hours. So, here I would like to recommend the best mesh chairs for desk-bound fellows.


Advantages of Mesh Computer Chairs

In comparison to leather and fabric chairs, mesh chairs have many advantages. Here I will talk about some of them.

1. Low Prices

Real leather chairs are expensive because they are made from whole pieces of animal skins. Mesh chairs, by comparison, are much cheaper. Whether you set your budget at $200, $150, or even $50, you can find some nice picks with large sales.

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ergonomic mesh chair with lumbar support

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2. Cool Sitting Experience

If you are the sweaty type, you must have suffered from sticky leather chair backs after sitting for hours at a stretch. The majority of the leather materials for chairs, though claiming to be breathable, does not allow good airflow. Therefore, when you sit on such chairs, the heat let out from your body will stay on the chair back and seat. Gradually, you will sweat a lot on account of the overheated chair.

So, if you are a sweaty guy I would strongly suggest you buy a mesh chair. These chairs often have a grid design so that air goes in and out more freely. If you are searching for the best brand for mesh office chairs, I’d recommend Space Seating. They have the AirGrid® technology that makes you feel cool even if you have to sit in one spot for hours on end.

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Nylon Base Executives Chair

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3. Various Colors Available

The most common mesh chairs are black ones. However, you can also find many colorful and ergonomic chairs on the market. They look fancier and will enlighten your office rooms. If you have some decorations matching the color of these chairs, then your office will be the most charming one ever. The picture you can see below is a good example. You can buy some purple desktop bookshelves if you have purple chairs. They will look refreshing and keep you motivated. Meanwhile, they can help you keep your desktop tidy.

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FAQs About Mesh Office Desk Chairs

Among all the materials available for desk chairs, the mesh is the most popular in office settings. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about this trendy type of chair.

1. Are Mesh Office Chairs Better?

If you have read about the advantages of mesh chairs, I bet you have your answers. There is no fixed answer to this question. So, you need to decide which type of material is the best on the basis of your purpose. Here I have listed some occasions.

  • When looking for chairs for office rooms that many people share, the mesh is better considering airflow.
  • For the sweaty guys, mid-back mesh chairs will make them feel cooler. And they will make for a larger range of motion, which is quite comfortable.
  • If you have a limited budget for a large purchase, then cheap mesh chairs will be your best bet.
  • When you have to sit in one spot for long hours, mesh chairs are the best at cooling you down.
  • If you are buying an executive chair and want it to look luxurious, then get leather ones.

These are simply some common circumstances for your reference. Make sure to think before you act. Only then can you make the best choice.

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hon vl705 big and tall chairs

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2. How Do You Clean A Mesh Office Chair?

The top-one pick for mesh chairs for me is the Aeron chairs from Herman Miller. They come with many ergonomic designs and therefore a higher price. So, many buyers have been asking about how to clean these mesh Aeron chairs. And this is why the manufacturer gives detailed instruction on how to maintain these expensive chairs. From this guidance, we can learn that cleaning mesh chairs is not a hassle.

Mesh chairs are popular because of the ventilation they offer. The airflow on their backs allows you to stay cool even if you sit for long hours at work. And thanks to this, you sweat less often and the chairs need less cleaning. But they still need some maintenance since you may leave some crumbs and the like on the seat and back. And here is a brief guide on how you do it.

  1. Vacuum your mesh chair to collect all the crumbs you happen to leave on it.
  2. For the remaining dirt, remove them with warm soap and water. In this process, remember not to scrub or rub, or your mesh cover will fray.
  3. If there are still some stains persisting, gently dab them with a spot cleaner. Again, don’t treat them in a rude manner.

Follow these 3 easy steps, you will find your mesh chair brand new again.

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best office chairs for posture

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3. Are Mesh Chairs Good for Your Back?

Sure. Mesh back and seat chairs with ergonomic designs will help you relieve back pains. They will make you cool even if you sit for hours at a stretch.

Mesh chairs often come with built-in lumbar support. Different from the detachable lumbar pillow you see on gaming chairs, this type of support can be adjusted front and back. Also, they have an adjustable height as the lumbar pillows do. The combination of these two adjustments allows you to find the most comfortable position of the lower back support. With it mimicking the curvature of your spine, you can feel optimal support from the chair back. Then, back pain will be less annoying.

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Features of Best Mesh Office Chair

The most important features of mesh computer chairs include:

  • Breathable mesh back and fully back support
  • A locking or tilting control mechanism
  • A pneumatic seat height adjustment
  • Enough padded arms
  • A heavy-duty chrome base
  • Dual-wheel casters

One of the reasons that make mesh office chair a preference of many people is that it is reasonably priced and can be bought for the entire staff. In addition, the chair has a contemporary look, is comfortable, and comes with back support meaning that you can work for long hours without experiencing the fatigue associated with other types of seats.

The mesh office chair is easily adjustable and can confirm different desk sizes. This feature makes it possible for one to customize it so that it can be used by those who are physically challenged and those looking for seats that are comfortable and easy to move.

The chair is made from a flexible leather material making it an ideal seat in an office where the user makes regular movements while serving clients. The buyer has an option of choosing colors that rhyme with his office and enjoying other benefits that include spending less and receiving service for a very long period of time. Buying this chair is an ideal way of modernizing your office or living room.

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel Tilt Chair

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Multifunction Chair, Black
Mesh Chair Reviews: attractive, flexible settings, arms are adjustable in both height and width.
Fit for petite/short person or with sciatica or back pain.
Comfortable for long-time sitting.

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SPACE Seating Professional Managers Chair

SPACE Seating Professional Dark Air Grid Back

Mesh Chair Reviews: leather seat cushion, arms adjustable, really nice office chair promotes good posture. Its mesh back is responsive and comfortable, excellent chair for 17 hours sitting.

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Mesh office chairs remain the greatest option for people who remain in the seating position for a longer time. They come in a variety of fancy colors although the brown and black colors are the most preferred. The chairs are ideal for contemporary homes and offices. The swivel types provide quality comfort at unbelievable prices and are designed to accommodate all your essential needs whether it is at home or in your office.

The mesh chair features a breathable mesh back that comes with a padded mesh seat; its height can easily be adjusted.

Executive High-Back Chair Mesh Fabric

Lorell Executive High-Back Chair Mesh Fabric
Mesh Chair Reviews: Fully adjustable, arms removable, mesh seat and back.
This chair has a nice smooth curve to the back that supports the full back through the mid-upper spine.
Notes: Not fit for people who are too tall.

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