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Why Is My Office Chair So Uncomfortable?

In today’s world, many people who work in various offices spend their long day sitting. Many complain of their chair not comfortable with some even developing medical conditions. When your chair is not healthy enough, you cannot withstand long hours of sitting associated with too many careers. Individuals who face situations like this tend to think that replacing their old chairs is a solution. But to their surprise, it is not. A good chair should be ergonomic and adjustable to help you withstand the long hours in the work station.

The following are some of the reasons that make your office chair not comfortable.

change your office chair into comfortable place

Lack of Adjustable heights

A good office chair should have height adjustability features. If this feature lacks, tall and short people tend to suffer a lot. It’s because the quick people will struggle to put their feet down while their counterparts who are tall, the chair cannot accommodate their tall legs. The Persons who sit on a proper height, it’s recommended that the knee and the hip-borne be within the range of the angle of 90 to 100 degrees. Before you sit, it is advisable to check if your knobs are working because they do wear out when used for a while.

Adjustable Lumber not working

When sitting in your chair, the lumbar support should be adjusted to support your lower back. Doing this gives you a natural posture and reinforces your Lumber to sustain you while you sit. If the lumbar support cannot be adjusted to provide you with customized natural posture support, then the chair is said not to be comfortable. For people with back pain, it is good to support your back with back support equipment.

Arm Rest Location

Armrest, when positioned in the wrong height, will change your posture. It also gives some people a habit of leaning on the armrest. The sitting position will put pressure on some parts of your body, making you tire quickly. A right armrest should be adjustable to support your forearm comfortably. It should also position your forearm parallel to the floor.

Lack of Mobility

To move freely within your work station, without necessary standing or straining while reaching out for files. A good chair should have small wheels that can make short distances within your workstation. If your chair lacks this wheel, you tend to get tired quickly and straining a lot as you reach out for files.

Seat cushioning materials

During the manufacturing process of a comfortable seat, the material used matters will determine the result of the user. They should ensure that padding materials should be thick and soft enough to support your pelvis and lower back. If this is not adhered to, and the chair has a hard surface, the user becomes uncomfortable working with it for long.

why is office chair not comfortable


You might be complaining and thinking that your chair is the problem. At any point when you are sitting and working with your computer, your feet should not hang. A right footrest gives your feet the correct posture and your back aligned properly. Nowadays, companies are making good, quality, and comfy footrest pillows. Research shows a combination of lumbar support and footrest improves your posture.

Adjust your table

Before you make a conclusive decision that your chair is not comfortable, it is good to check and reposition your working desk. Because many office desks use a standard height of 29-inch, it is recommendable to check whether the table is short or tall. Occasionally you will notice even the office table requires some adjustment.

Invest in a new chair

After you have worked on the changes above and you still are not comfortable, it is time to invest in a new chair with proper adjustments to offer you the right support and comfortability. Buying a good chair comes with its cost, but its benefits supersede all.


Having a good chair is one answer that solves the question, ‘‘why is my chair not comfortable?’’. Before you invest in a new chair, it’s advisable to try and improve on the above reasons that make your chair uncomfortable. A good chair is expensive and a worthy investment to make but also note that it is not a guarantee on a good sitting posture.

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