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X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair Wireless Review

Besides choosing a video game that you enjoy playing, what else helps you have fun when playing the games? Well, the chair that you sit on does play a major role in facilitating the fun. The best gaming chair can offer you enhanced stability and comfort so that you can focus on the game at hand. There are multiple gaming chairs models on the market, which differ in terms of features, the style, and also the design. In this article, we will provide X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair Wireless Review to take you through the best video rocker that pro gamers love.

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series

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X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair Wireless Review

This video game chair is one model of the X Rocker II Wireless video gaming chairs. It is ideal for all home settings because you can easily fold to put away when not in use, or if you wish to save the space in your gaming room. The chair is also comfortable to fit both adults and teens that enjoy gaming. Other outstanding features of this video gaming chair include;

1. Multifunctional Chair

Whether you need a chair to use when playing video games, listening to music, relaxing in the house, or even for reading, this right here is the perfect chair. The style and the materials of this chair provide excellent support for all these activities. The chair has great padding, so one can relax while seated, and the leather cover of the chair is easy to clean to endure constant use.

2. Smart Design

Unlike other video gaming chairs with minimal parts and features only to accommodate games; this chair is perfect for all entertainment needs. The X Rocker 51396 Pro gaming chairs have other parts like the two speakers, audio force modular technology, and even ported power subwoofer. The excellent sound system can further fuel your gaming experience. These inbuilt features ensure one gets full theatre experience when playing games or listen to music.

X Rocker Gaming Chair 51396

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3. Vibration Motors

This is another classic feature of this gaming chair that ensures the user gets the full movie theatre experience when playing video games. This chair has an inbuilt vibration motor that works in conjunction with the audio from the game, or music to bring out the best body sensation. Imagine the vibration that comes along when playing shooting games with the chair. It is a must-have a chair for movie enthusiastic as it makes one feel like they are part of the movie.

4. Pedestal Base

The wide pedestal base of this video gaming chair provides total stability to the user to comfortably sit and move around freely when playing. The base’s pedestal style adds stability to prevent the chair from swinging around in case the gamer moves as well.

5. Excellent Padding And Ergonomic Back

Comfort is one of the crucial factors to consider when choosing a gaming chair, and this model offers all that. The back of this game chair has ergonomic back that contours to the back to offer excellent support. It has padding that supports the entire back from the lower back section to the neck to prevent straining. The seat of the chair also has a cushion that supports the body for total comfort while seated.

X Video Rocker Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Wireless Audio Gaming Chair Black 51396

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6. Wireless Radio Receiver

The wireless radio receiver on this chair works simultaneously with the two equipped speakers. The receivers have wireless transmitters that work with the RCA stereo outputs to capture and process the audio waves. The waves are later transmitted to the desired frequencies to play them in the speakers. Note that you can also use the RCA cables for connection if you need to.

7. High Compatibility

Some of the video games that you can use with this gaming chair are the Xbox, PlayStation, and other gaming systems. This means that this is a reliable gaming chair for both modern and traditional gaming boxes.

Pros of X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Gaming Chair

  • This video game chair has high compatibility with play stations
  • It has excellent padding to provide support and comfort
  • The chair is ideal for both kids and adults
  • The gaming chair is foldable to keep away
  • It is quite stable
  • The chair has an ergonomic style

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Review

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Cons of X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1

  • The armrests of the chair are quite fragile and may easily break if heavy people lean on them.
  • The chair does not have footrest and thus, hanging the feet for long on the floor may feel uncomfortable
  • This chair is not suitable to use as an office chair

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Specifications of X Rocker Pro Series Pedestal Video Gaming Chair 51396

  • Dimensions: The chair measures 28.5 x 23 x 23.5 inches
  • Weight: The chair weighs around 52.8 pounds
  • Price: This chair is sold under 300 dollars
  • Materials: The material crafting of this video game chair consist of vinyl, foam padding, subwoofer, and metal.
  • Color: The chair has black vinyl color material
  • Brand: X Rocker
  • Style: Modern

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair Review

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Usages of X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

This video game chair is versatile to accommodate all the entertainment needs. You can use it to play games, listening to music and even for reading. The chair has ergonomic back, multiple smart gadget parts, and great padding that support both music and gaming needs. The thick foam padding and cushion of the chair offer ample support to the body such that you can use it to relax at home when watching TV or when reading a book.


X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair is a durable and quality gaming chair at home. Storing this chair after use is easy since it is foldable and only weighs around 52.8 pounds. The design and material crafting of this gaming chair fit multiple activities apart from using it when playing games. It has speakers and other digital settings that facilitate better audibility when playing music or games.

The chair is easy to maintain as it features a vinyl cover that is easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth. Although the chair may have some drawbacks like the weak and low armrests, it is a perfect chair for any game or music enthusiast who needs a durable chair for home theatre use.

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series

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