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Latest X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair 5143601 Review – Why You Shouls Buy It

Gaming is one of the most exciting activities people like doing in their free time. Gaming nowadays is an experience. You make yourself comfortable in your X Rocker gaming chair, log on, and proceed with your games. Whether you are playing the adventure, fantasy, or the divinity original games, you are simply in a world where nothing seems essential to you apart from your gaming. However, In modern gaming style, for you to have a great gaming experience, you’ll need not only essential tools like headsets and controllers but also a functional, stylish, and comfortable gaming chair. And this is where the X Rocker II gaming chair comes in. In this post, we’ll look at the X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair 5143601, and it’s features plus the pros and Cons. But before that;

x rocker ii se 2.1 review

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What Is the X Rocker 5143601 II video gaming chair?

This is a type of an incredible gaming chair developed in 2015 with unique and fantastic features to help the gamers have a glimpse of elegance and comfortability while gaming. The developers of the Ace Bayou chair revolutionized the way gamers experience gaming by integrating new and exciting features into the chair.

These features are vibration generators, built-in speakers, and a well-crafted design that converts this incredible gaming chair into one of the best gaming chairs.

The Ace Bayou X Rocker gaming chair comprises all the features gamers believe in, just like the X Rocker SE 2.1 gaming chair does. Both the innovative features and outside-the-box thinking are incorporated into the chair. This is what makes the chair stand out from the rest of the gaming chairs. Like the main character in your favorite action movie, the Ace Bayou chair is on a mission. And the mission is to bring the great future of gaming straight into your home.

Now, let’s take a look at the features of the Video Rocker SE Sound Chair.

x rocker ii se wireless gaming chair review

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Features of the X Rocker II Wireless 5143601 Video Gaming Chair

1. Enticing Media Experience

The Ace Bayou Pro Series gaming chair has a wireless audio broadcast. It has a subwoofer and two speakers near the backrest positioned to throb your back with some sound full of heavy bass to keep you relaxed and entertained while playing your favorite games—the sound intensifies your music, movie or gaming experience.

The booming sounds set the tone when gaming and the availability of the subwoofers and two speakers in the chair make it even more exciting and increase the urge to play.

2. Headphone Jack

This great feature allows you to insert headphones or earphones and adjust the bass and the volume button for personal usage. You can either use the headphones to listen to music as you play whenever you get bored with the gaming sound or for any other particular usage.

3. Wireless Bluetooth Receiver

The Bluetooth receiver is built into the chair to enable playing audio wirelessly from any other nearby device connected to Bluetooth.

4. Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility, the Ace Bayou Gaming Chair is one of the most compatible gaming chairs in the gaming world. This is because the chair can be connected to various devices like the Xbox, Gameboy, PlayStation, MP3, DVD/CD, external speakers, and home theatre system.

5. Connects with Various Chairs

This is another great feature found in the Ace Bayou Pro Series Gaming Chair. The Control panel has solitary bass controls, volume, and input and output jacks for various audio source connections to allow various X-Rocker chairs to join multiple gaming modes.

6. Comfort and Design

The chair has an elegant black vinyl covering with the appearance of leather and silver accents in the arms. The covering gives the chair an elegant and classy look and, at the same time, offers comfortability. Even if used for more than a week, the average build quality remains strong, and the stitching is always tight.

se wireless video gaming chair

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It’s not a bad idea to spend on good quality, stylish gaming chair. This chair has great and unique features like speaker quality and high-quality construction. However, when it comes to price, the chair is cheaper than other X Rocker models. So, as you can tell, this chair is well worth the price.

Pros of the X Rocker II Wireless Video Game Chair 5143601

  • The chair is compatible with many devices such as the PlayStation and Xbox
  • Setting and assembling is easy
  • The soft vinyl cushion allows you to sit for a more extended period
  • The inbuilt vibration system adds new life to the gaming experience
  • The subwoofer is great for arcade games with lots of gunfire. Therefore, you can feel every shot and explosion near your character

x rocker pro series ii 2.1 wireless bluetooth audio chair

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Cons of the X Rocker 2 Gaming Chair 5143601

  • It seems designed for smaller and shorter people and doesn’t allow for adjustments.
  • The chair is weighing 44.09 lbs; hence moving it is slightly complicated than the lighter models.
  • The power cord is quite short, and so that means it needs to be placed near a power source because for a gamer to enjoy the incredible features offered by the chair, it needs to be powered.


Most gaming chairs have lounged in front of a computer or a big monitor while playing your favorite game or watching your favorite movie. This makes it impossible to use on a desk because of their low profile. However, the Ace Bayou chair developers also develop some gaming office chairs specifically for desktop use. This type of gaming chair is ideal for programmers, who sit in front of their desks for long hours. Therefore, when choosing a gaming chair, ensure to select the one that fits your set up.

The chair is explicitly used for gaming purposes only. This explains the many unique and incredible features that come with the chair.


A great and well-formulated gaming chair can make a significant difference when it comes to gaming. The type of gaming chair you use will determine whether you’ll experience sore back, shoulders, or neck in a gaming session. Therefore, the features mentioned above explain why the Ace Bayou X Rocker is the type of chair you’ll need for a lively and pleasant gaming experience.

x rocker ii se 2.1 review

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